3 Easiest Blogging Ways To Fire Your Boss & Work From Home

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from leefly

Hi everyone,

2011 is coming and some of you might be planning on how to quit your job by then. It is going to be a new start for you and making money online has never been easier.

To help you make money fast and easy, I am going to share 3 shortest shortcuts you can take now to help you build a sustainable monthly income.

(Shortcuts do not mean no work is needed to be done. Lots of works still have to be done but they can be easily accomplished.)

So what are the 3 easiest ways to start working from home?

1. Website or blog flipping

Setting up websites is very easy. If you do not know how, you can easily outsource to people who do.

Startup blogs can be sold for at least US$500 each and for those blogs with huge traffic can be sold for at least US$10,000!

In “Super Traffic Rush“, I have shared many ways to generate traffic fast. The idea here is to generate huge amount of traffic and sell the site. Most website owners do not know how to bring in traffic. And you do!

Even if you don’t, you can outsource to freelancers at digitalpoint forum or odesk.com for a small amount of fee.

2. Offline business consulting

Most companies have their websites and the bottle neck for them is they do not know how to bring in traffic or manage their facebook fan page.

I notice most of their sites are very professionally done but it is just that. They do not have any squeeze page to collect their readers’ email addresses or any feature to interact with their readers.

In this social media era, readers want to interact with the companies.

So how can these make you LOTS OF MONEY?

Knowing what to do is already half the battle won. Knowing how to do it is a bonus. Knowing where to get it done is your trump card. (You notice that I did not share how you should do this and that.)

You see, you are the manager here. Bring in business and manage their sites. Get someone else to do the work for you and you pocket the profit.

It is very simple.

If you charge a company US$500 to manage their websites or blogs plus their fan pages, you just need 10 customers to have a recurring income of US$5000 every month. And you are working from home!

3. Leverage on what you do best and focus on ONE Blog

I am sure you can do something well. Even if you are working for someone else, you are trained to do your job really very well.

For instance, if you teach Maths in school, you can leverage it by being the best Maths teacher in town.

You can create a website targeting parents who need to engage Maths tutor for their kids.
Your website can provide content for parents on how to choose the right tutors based on their kids’ needs.
You can build a list of parents and market to them other related products or services.
One of them is a Maths workshop for parents and bring in partners who complement your service. They can be textbook publishers, stationery sellers, calculators sellers etc.

Sounds scary? If you do not know to get in partners, hire someone who does and give him commission.

I am creating a niche which will bring in US$10,000 a month. But for beginners, you can work around this range. For example, a workshop can bring in US$2000 profit. You just need to do twice a month to have a monthly paycheck of US$4000.

Again, I am sure you received more than what you get from your paycheck.

Just focus on one of the 3 methods and go deep.

Have a good year in 2011!

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6 Responses to “3 Easiest Blogging Ways To Fire Your Boss & Work From Home”

  1. Norene says

    These are excellent ideas, John! I like the variety — not every method is for every person. I like the third one — it allows my personality to come through more than blog flipping or offline marketing. But everyone is different and it is great that you give options.

  2. muirne says

    Hi John,
    Happy New Year !

    Your style makes it sound simple ( although it’s not easy, lots of work , I know).
    But you have encouraged and inspired me to be serious and get going on my
    internet business plans. I’ve been blogging for three years now, for personal reasons and glad to know that it can become an additional source of income, especially now that I am thinking of retiring in 2011 after 30 years of government service, which is not a financially advantageous place to be.

    I still have a lot to learn but 2011 is my year to finally embark on making money on line.

    More success in 2011 !!!

  3. Alessandro Zamboni says

    Hi John, your ideas are absolutely the best to start a successful 2011!
    I can confirm that business 1 and 2 you adviced are making me wealth day by day.
    And after you found a business, it’s fundamental to leverage it until you can get a growing income, each and every month.

    And when the orders are starting to come, you can always find a freelancer able to help you to do business. You will save time, to pass with your family and doing what you love more.

    Thanks John, happy new year to you and to all the blog readers and visitors!
    Alessandro Zamboni

  4. Roy says


    Thank’s for sharing, i’m still trying to learn more on how blog flipping works.
    Any suggestions

  5. Vince Fascio says

    Hi John..
    Thank you for being you, buddy..
    Your tips & advice are always personal & appreciated.
    I wish you nothing but continued success & happiness..
    (& I love the blog you created for your wife, for the life you have with her)

    Have a great new year,
    & thanks again John!


  6. John Yeo says

    @Norene, thanks! You are doing very well… =)

    @Muirne, yes! more success to you!

    @Alessandro, thanks Alessandro. I have seen you come so far within such a short time! =)

    @Roy, you can read my blog and search for blog flipping in the search bar

    @Vince, thanks for your compliment.

    Happy new year everyone!

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