[Blogging for Newbie 101] Step 5: Backlinking of Keywords

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from krish4u

Look at how time flies and you have learnt about Step 4: Publishing of Content & Hyperlinking the Text in the last module.

In today’s module, I want to talk about Backlinking of Keywords from different free web2.0 properties such as:
1. Wetpaint.com
2. Squidoo.com
3. HubPages.com

1. >>>Watch this Video on using Wetpaint.com:

2. >>>Watch this Video on using Squidoo.com:

3. >>>Watch this Video on using HubPages.com:

In the next module, I will be talking about more on backlinking… =)

Do leave a comment on how you will apply the techniques to your blog.

See you,



9 Responses to “[Blogging for Newbie 101] Step 5: Backlinking of Keywords”

  1. luis says

    The videos where good and bad, there is no pause button to puch the video, and the video was kind od blurry, sound was not to good, but the subject matter was good, slow it down a bit and explain was certain thing are done

  2. luis says


    The first video, backlinks, the sound is very terible, hard to understand

  3. David says

    I agree with the first commenter who points out that the quality of both the sound and video is inconsistent. With that said however, it is good to re-focus on the some of the basic ways of getting traffic and I appreciate John going back over them.

  4. Michael Coleman says

    Hi John, Yes the series is useful as it introduces techniques that sound difficult but aren’t when explained. But some of us do better with the written word rather than all visual. So would it be possible for you to also provide the methods as written steps. Like
    Step 1 Do….
    Step 2 Do….
    Step 3 Check … amd so on.

  5. Susan says


    I dont really talk much in John’s blog
    but I feel the blogging series is very good
    in the sense I get to learn alot…
    “spent a whole year of learning and i didnt
    even have a single blog up…till now…

    Thanks to John =)

    John’s blogging product has all the steps:

    Cant expect to get everything for free….lol


  6. John Yeo says

    Hi Luis,

    You have all my materials, posts, ebook, videos etc. I think those are enough for you. What you need to do now is to take action…

    All the best my friend…

    @David, all these videos are done in the shortest time in the midst of my very busy schedule so that my subscribers can learn more and move on, compared to where they are a day ago…

    As what Susan has mentioned, for better and higher quality blogging videos AND with step-by-step guide for every module, you can get them in our paid membership site at https://www.blogcashmentor.com/


  7. [Blogging for Newbie 101] Step 6: More Backlinking To Your Blog | Blog Simplicity - John Yeo's Work AT Home Blog says

    […] you miss out the post on “Step 5: Backlinking of Keywords“, you should start from there before continuing […]

  8. Kenney says

    John I am constantly amazed that this kind of simple information is of value…I appreciate your providing it & I find that maybe I should do the same on one of my blogs…Have a wonderful day…Kenney

  9. Bruce Blackwell says

    Great information! So much to learn – so much to do – years of compensation. Thanks so much.

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