[Blogging for Newbie 101] Step 4: Publishing of Content & Hyperlinking the Text

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from artzyviv


I hope you have enjoyed the previous post on “Installation of Plugins” and learnt how to do it.

In today’s module, I want to talk about Publishing of Content & Hyperlinking the Text.

>>>Watch this Video on Publishing of Content:

– Go to WordPress dashboard

– On the left sidebar, go to “Posts” >> “Add New”

– Enter content

– Choose categories (or add new category)

– Add tags (also know as keywords – see keywords selection)

– Hit Publish or Change date for schedule posting and click Schedule.


>>>Watch this Video on Hyperlinking the Text:

– Highlight any word with your mouse

– Click on “link” (just above the text area)

– Enter the website addresss (https://xxxx.com) and Click on “ok”

– If you are keying affiliate link, you can hyperlink one keyword (related to your niche) at the end of the last paragraph so it sounds natural for someone to click on the link in order to find out more.

>>>Watch this Video on Adding Affiliate Links In WordPress Blog Posts Using TinyUrl.com:

Hope you have enjoyed the videos.

Now, you need to do something NOW!

In the comment box below, submit a post of your blog with hyperlinked words. I want you to apply what you have learnt in this module.

In the next module, I will talk about “Backlinking of Keywords from different free web2.0 platforms

See you!




7 Responses to “[Blogging for Newbie 101] Step 4: Publishing of Content & Hyperlinking the Text”

  1. patricia ramsawh says

    This is truly a great help to us newbies.
    Thanks a lot.

  2. luis says


    Thank you,this is what I have beeb waiting for, why so long? I have been getting upset about this. Good stuff Meat and Potatos



  3. nat says

    great as always… why do you share free?:)

  4. Michael Coleman says

    As a newbie I like your series. I came across something yseterday that might interest newbies. I use a WordPress blog hosted externally and my site was showing a message that a WordPress upgrade was available and suggested I upgrade. Being a good little newbie I was about to do what I was told when I realised that I hadn’t backed up my files or database etc. I suppose upgrading is only a problem if the theme you are using and any modifications you have made are not compatiable with the upgrade. Has anyone had problems caused by upgrading?

  5. John Yeo says

    You are welcome Patricia…

    Hi Nat..good question why I share free only for this series…many of the readers are so new to blogging and they had difficulty setting up their first blog…so this series should be helpful

  6. Rick Byrd says


    Are you suggesting to use TinyUrl.com to mask affiliate links or is there some other reason?


    – Rick

  7. Imman says

    This awesome John and it help me alot. I’ll change my posted blog again to make it professional but the problem is the 2nd video has no audio or sounds. Is this remain secret?


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