Stay At Home Dad Made Money From Home – Student Interview #2

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Continuing from the previous interview of a 18 year old student of mine who made over US$1000 in 2 weeks, now I would like to share how a stay-at-home dad started making money from the comfort of his own home.

His name is Wilson Cheng and he is selling blogs from home while taking care of his 2 year old son.

1. Tell us more about yourself and how you got to know this course

Hi John

Basically I resigned from my last job before I knew about this blog flipping coaching. I get to know John Yeo’s Blog Flipping through the local news, newspaper and Internet from his blog.

I have already known that there are alot of Internet marketing methods and I did try out some but simply can’t really understand what they are trying to sell or market. So my first worry with John Yeo’s Blog Flipping coching might be if it is another similar programme that I had gone through before.

2. Why did you sign up for the course?

Luckily I contacted John Yeo on his msn and asked him for more information regarding his programme. After a few rounds of exchange of emails and MSN online chat, he told me that there will be a workshop coming up.

Of course there will be fees included. In the first place it took me a few days to consider if I should take up this package. I continued to make contact with John Yeo.

I must say he is like a friend and he is one of the most patient person who I have spoken through Internet. He had given me a clearer picture of what his programme is like.

After considering and thinking, I got the whole picture of his programme and I finally signed up with him.

On the first day of the coaching, I met other students waiting for the workshop to start and this is my first time attending this kind of workshop. After which I saw John Yeo in person. And I’m glad is not like a scam where people waiting long hours and no one come.

Sitting in the class, there are 9 other students like myself and they were also first-timer. And we were taught by 4 mentors in this workshop.

3. Tell us what you learn from the course?

Things that I learnt from this workshop:

a) What am I strong into this programme?

Ans: Creating from stretch, learn fast and learn to do less, have more time & make income

b) What is a Niche market?

Ans: Popularity in the market where people always search on it.

c) Why is a Niche market is so important?

Ans: Without understand the Niche market you would not where to start and why to start from a topic that you think is Niche market

d) What do I do after getting know the Niche market?

Ans: I followed the R.S.L.S.R model, step by step.

e) Knowing your classmates who they are and what they are strong at.

f) A way of sharing and ask to share of ideas is the best way you can get more in return.

4. What have you achieved so far? How much money have you made?

For now have past 6 weeks, I have made myself handy with the articles, images and theme that I need to do with. In the first place I very worry about my design skills as I do suck at that. I learnt alot from mistakes that I made.

I have achieved setting up my blog knowing what is the next step of every step. If I finalised my Niche market my setting up skills increase from 2 days now it can just take me 6 hours to create one slowly. And I think if I would need to be hurry and completing a blog within 3hours can be done. From the day I start I create my own blog till now I have sold 4 blogs total sales of US$216.

Overall, this Blog Flipping Business is very interesting and it keep you moving on from one blog to another. You will feel like you have to create 10 at one go but we should not do this. I have learnt from John and his team that knowing what I am strong at and believing that I can succeed in my Internet Marketing Business.

This is what I would learnt in a nutshell:

1) Interest in Internet marketing
2) Believe that Internet marketing business can earn revenue
3) At least have computer knowledge in word, design software, good in searching in Internet
4) Do not feel negative when facing problems

5. What is your overall experience of the course and how would you recommend it to everyone else?

These are my contribution on my own feeling and things that I have learnt from John Yeo and his Team-mates. I am glad he created this workshop and help us understand every step that we have been taught.

Last I would like to thank John Yeo and Team-mates for support that I needed most when I feel lost when creating my blog. Without their sharing I might not have gone so far.

Best wishes for all Blog Flippers

Wilson Cheng

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2 Responses to “Stay At Home Dad Made Money From Home – Student Interview #2”

  1. Joy says

    Please help me on how to start make my own blog and where will i start making my blog. Thank you

  2. John Yeo says

    We have more interviews and case studies coming up. Look out for them!

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