She Made Her 1st USD$50 from Blog Flipping!

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Thank you email from JY


I want to congrats a fellow subscriber of mine. Her name is JY and just following the simple steps in my Blog Flipping Case study, JY made her first $50 by blog flipping.

I know $50 is not alot but it is a big deal because she is going to make 3 to 5 times more for her next blog.

And that is US$250!

And if she sells one blog a week, that is US$1000 one month for 4 days of work!

You need to start some where and JY is going to make more money! =)

So what is the magic key here?

Take action, action and action!

The steps are all here in my blog.

And if you can afford and would like me to hand hold you so you can be successful faster, you can check out my blog flipping coaching program.


2 Responses to “She Made Her 1st USD$50 from Blog Flipping!”

  1. JY says

    Hi John

    Thanks once again!…


  2. Edward Han says


    Well, guess there will be more coming after the first sale as I have done it before. It is always the happiest time when the first sale comes in.

    Keep it up!

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