Newbie Targets $1000 Profit Every Month! – Student Interview #4

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Today, I am featuring this interview of this gentleman who has a full-time job and he is targeting to make US$1000 profits per month so that he can move on. He is so determined that he is consistently sharpening his skills and working on his new blogs.

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>>>Start of interview>>>

1. Tell us more about yourself and how you got to know this course

Hi, my name is Colin Wang. I am an admin staff. I have been learning internet marketing for the last 1.5 years. But I was not successful. I came to know the blog flipping coaching class and John Yeo through his blog at

Through this blog I found John Yeo to be very sincere and honest. I study John Yeo blog before I decided to skype him and ask him more question. So I begin to skype him to find out more about the course.

2. Why did you sign up for the course?

After I skype him and asked him many questions, I discovered that John is a very patient man and he answered my questions straight to the point. Moreover, I discovered that blog flipping is one of the easiest method to make money.

Being someone like me who is not so smart, I decided that blog flipping could be my answer. I like John’s patience. As I slowly began to ask him more question, I found that he was still very patient in answering my questions. Soon I found out what I wanted to know, I felt I really should sign up for this course. When I saw the blog and his coaching students’ success stories, I was very convinced to sign up for his coaching.

After John told me the dates of the course, I was worried that I could not make it as I could have something on on that day. But Thank God that weekend I was free. And sign up I did.

3. Tell us what you learn from the course?

After I have signed up, I discovered what John has promised in the coaching was all true. The things I learnt from the coaching is something I can safely tell you that you will not find anywhere in Singapore. John together with 3 other trainers began to teach us all the basics and advance method of blog flipping.

The best thing is after you have completed the 2-days coaching, there is still a private members area where you can view the videos, notes and tutorial if you are still unsure or you want to clarify anything. A forum is also available for us where we can ask questions and often a reply comes very soon. Sometimes, within minutes, you will see your question answered. John and his team are this committed to make sure you succeed. There are also 2 follow up classes which prove to be useful

Blog flipping is one of the easiest ways to make money online if you put in the effort. I found this to be true and personally, I have done it. I sold my first blog within weeks.

The things that John shared are very clear, systematic and organised. And I believe that as one practises what has been taught, one will make money soon and again I have done it.

Well it surely will not instant, but with efforts it can be done.

4. What have you achieved so far? How much money have you made?

So far I have successfully sold 2 blogs. I sold one for US$31. I love this experience. This is my first time having listed my blog and this is my first time selling it.

I believe next time I will do better. I will surely make more money the next time. John told us at the start of the class that in order for us to succeed we must put in effort. I believe with hard work and more effort, I will be able to see more results in time to come.

5. What is your overall experience of the course and how would you recommend it to everyone else?

My overall experience in this coaching is very good. I love the experience at the coaching. John and the rest of the trainers and coaches really took pain to teach us all the stuff in a clear and concise manner.

The support from the private community is very strong and John did follow up with me and the other students very closely. He made sure we did our work even after the coaching.

Kudos to John and the team! The best part of this course is John never promise us that we will make a lot of money instantly from this coaching. Unlike other “gurus” who guarantees you will “make” millions of dollars overnight. John just promises us that if we put in effort, we will see results soon and earn money (and you have seen in the many success stories his other students shared…all working and making money from home.) That is the honesty I like in John. I will surely recommend this course to any of my friends that are interested.

To get sign up for my coaching, please head over to:



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