Is Blog Flipping Dead?

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from tatocid

Yesterday, a friend of mine asked a very insightful question when we were chatting on skype.

He said this:

Is Blog Flipping Dead?

Now if you’ve read my previous posts on how I and my coaching students have been flipping start-up sites and making a modest sum of money out of them, you probably might be thinking the same thing.

The truth is sales/bids in flippa for start-up sites have dropped significantly recently. A few months back, start-up sites could easily sell for 300-400 bucks a piece. Since these are sites where you could set up in 3 to 4 hours, generating a 3-4K income was drop dead easy. I mean anyone who knows how to setup a wordpress blog and some simple design could slap up a site and flip it for a cool 300 income day. In fact, I know some of you who were following my posts tried to do it yourself.

My guess is that NOW, you’re barely making 100 bucks a piece for your effort (no doubt it’s still decent income)… it’s not nearly as lucrative as before right?

Yes, these days, a more realistic target for start-up sites would be in the range of $50-$150. After the subtracting the costs (domains, listing fees, etc.) some of the sites would even struggle to get any profits at all. You see, competition has been fierce in flippa; just like any good money making opportunity that comes out, once the mass crowd hears about how lucrative it is… tonnes of people will jump on the bandwagon.

Will so many people slapping up start-up sites in the market place, supply will overtake the demand and prices are bound to drop. Not to mention that a lot of newbies are throwing up low quality sites with bad designs, lousy niches and sucky copies.

So is the honeymoon for start-up sites over? Is blog flipping dead?

Well, my answer is:

Yes and No.

Yes the honeymoon is over, period. No longer can anyone jump in with the same old strategy of listing a lousy new site and hope to quit your job (unless you have really low expenses or pay). What I’m about to say might shock you:

This is Good News.

Why you ask? This leads to my next point of why blog flipping is NOT dead.

As the amount of internet users grow (and it WILL continue to grow), the niches will grow. Internet Marketing will continue to grow and thus demand for sites will grow. It would be impossible that websites suddenly have no demand whatsoever as sites are essentially businesses as well. Demand would not cease as sites have almost become a commodity these days.

Now the only thing in question would be the supply. Now when it isn’t as easy for people to jump in, it’s great for serious business people in the blog flipping industry. Less of the low quality junk sites would be out there and sellers would be focus on quality as well. It is thus a better environment to create a real business.

So what makes me say that? The matter of fact is there are still serious sellers out there making a steady 200-300 dollars per site while others are earning less than half of that. Even for me and my students, we tend to make 200-300 dollars per listing; that is even if the winning bid of our blogs in flippa is less than $100. This is only possible if you know what to do. Treating it like a business instead of a get rich quick scheme has allow the serious people to thrive in this business.

The conclusion? I would love for the people who just wanna get rich quick think that blog flipping is dead. For the rest of us who are serious (like those who joined my Exclusive Underground Blog Flipping Coaching Program), blog flipping is alive and kicking! So if you want to make money out of blog flipping, you really need to be serious and treat it like a business.

Best Regards,
John Yeo

P.S.: For the people in my coaching program, I will be covering the business concept heavily in the workshop 😉

P.P.S: We’re almost full (pending payment) in this coaching program but if there are any dropouts, I’ll keep you posted.


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  1. Janice says

    Yeh. John. I truly agree. It seems that the start up sites are selling lower than before. I guess that is good start for those in the website wholesale. Buy low, beautify and pump with traffic, sell high ;p

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