Full Time Housewife Started Her Design Business From Home – Student Interview #3

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In the this interview, I am going to feature a full-time housewife who sells blogs from her home after having attended and learnt from our blog flipping coaching. Now, she designs professional-looking blogs and her design is so good that she has been approached by a security seal company to revamp their company blog.

Starting home-based business is really easy as you have also seen it from my previous interview on a stay-at-home dad who works from home selling blogs.

>>>Start of interview>>>

1. Tell us more about yourself and how you got to know this course

Hi, I’m Vi and I’m a FULL TIME HOUSEWIFE with 2 kids both aged 5 and 3. Although I’m a housewife but I also hope that I could find a “flexi-hour” job that could fill my “career” desire. It’s really difficult to find a really “flexi-hour or place” job that can meet my daily schedule so I try Google online to see what I can do from home at my own pace of time. After sometime of sourcing around, I found John’s Yeo’s Blog Flipping Course.

2. Why did you sign up for the course?

At first I’m quit skeptical and kind of put off by the course fee mentioned. But later what attracts me more are the “FLEXIBILITY” and th short “working” hours mentioned. It’s just what I’m looking for to work at any time, place at my own will and pace.

3. Tell us what you learn from the course?

I’m surprised that John’s class comes with a team of coaches and not only John alone. It’s an eye-opening course to me as it is structured from creation to listing, selling and even what to do after each sale. It’s really an all rounder course and I’m touched by the commitment and effort that all the coaches have put in to make sure that we too can make our blog flipping a success.

4. What have you achieved so far? How much money have you made?

I’ve listed 2 blogs for sale and I have made over US$200. I’m quite confident that I will make my more sales and money soon. Now, I have been asked to do a site for a company and I’m currently working on it.

5. What is your overall experience of the course and how would you recommend it to everyone else?

I am thankful to John and all the coaches in the class. I’m also grateful for their support and commitment even after the class. If you are looking for a stream to earn an extra income with FULL FLEXIBILITY and CONTROL then this is one sure course that you shouldn’t miss.



To get sign up for my coaching, please head over to:

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