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As I’ve said in the last post, I’ve decided to do something very special for you. As you know I have already coached many people to making an income from blog flipping in my previous coaching program (that I ceased some time back). Just take a look at the results that these people got:

=> https://www.johnyeo.name/category/testimonial-blog-flipping-bootcamp/

Previously, I closed down the coaching program because it was too time-intensive on me even though I knew there were people like you who are dying to learn how to earn an income flipping blogs. However, I realized that after coaching the previous batch of students, I had learnt how I can coach almost anyone to making their first sale online in less than a month.

In fact, I’ve developed a blueprint where I could get you to making your first sale in less than a month and generate your first $1000 within the 2nd month. All these while only working 2-3 hours per day.

Now some of you may not think much of it but I’m not someone who will tell you that you will start out and start earning 5 to 6 figures online because I know it’s almost IMPOSSIBLE for most people. But after coaching so many people successfully, I’m very confident that most of you will be able to earn at least 4 figures from blog flipping. It is possible to scale up but I want you to start with a more reasonable target.

With that being said, I’ve decided to run an Exclusive Underground Blog Flipping Coaching Program and these are what you will achieve in the program:

Make at least $1K – $2K USD per month – this is achievable in the beginning working part-time; I will even show you how you can double or triple this easily
Spend 2-3 hours per day – those that are technically incline will probably spend less time
Make your first sale within a month – (some achieve it within a week!)
Generate at least $1000 by the 2nd month – if you’re slightly more hard working, you could even do that in the first month!

These are in my opinion very achievable goals and I will personally GUARANTEE that you will achieve these in the program.

I know that this is a very bold claim for me to guarantee income and results but I’m very confident that you will be able to do it. However because of this, I cannot accept anyone (those people who says that ANYONE can succeed online is LYING). I only can accept people who are willing to put in the effort because I will be spending a lot of my time with you to MAKE SURE that you succeed. I will be need to talk to you over skype to make sure you qualify.

Also, to make sure that you get your desired attention, I am limiting this exclusive program to

These are the details of the program:
2 full days LIVE workshop – this is weekend where you get to meet me face to face and you get to see me go through the process live and show you all my underground tips and strategies. Laptops included.
Step-by-Steps Tutorials – I’ve created videos that will allow you to follow exactly through all the technicalities.
2 follow-up live sessions – even though some of you may not think this is necessary, I wanted to make sure that we are both liable for YOUR SUCCESS if we meet up face to face.
Exclusive Life-time support – this will be done in the forums where you will get exclusive attention from me.

All LIVE classes will be conducted in Singapore. For those of you outside Singapore who wants to attend, you may also apply if you can attend. I have plans to release this as an online course (recordings of the LIVE sessions) to help more people but will only do so after ALL my students have shown results. This would take an estimated of 2 months at least.

So the truth is this is a very REAL program and I will not slap you with some fanciful sales pitch or whatsoever. This is a very EXCLUSIVE program that will guarantee your results and will only be available to the First 10 Qualified People who have SGD$1500 to invest in. Remember, I guarantee that you will make at least USD$1000 in the program so this program is technically FREE.

Anyone interested and ONLY if you’re serious, needs to contact me ASAP on skype : johnyeoblogflip and drop me an email with your skype id at johnyeoblogflip@gmail.com

Listen, this offer is fading fast. Make sure you take advantage of this while you still can.

Disclaimer: I know you will make this income if you follow our plan and promise to be diligent and work according to my schedule. The last thing I want is you to not do anything and expect your first $1000 to be in.

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17 Responses to “Exclusive Blog Flipping Program – Guaranteed USD$1000.00”

  1. Jossie says

    Hi John, I’ve just added you on skype. Waiting for your approval, thanks!

  2. Winnie says

    Hi John,

    I’ve added you on skype, please approve me. thanks!

    best regards,

  3. John Yeo says

    Thanks Winnie and Jossie,

    I have added. Look forward to talk to you on Skype. =)


  4. Celia says

    Hi John,

    I got a question on your consultation fee.Ok, if say I am going to sign up for the blog flipping program which is for 3 month period. What if I do not succeed after 3 months?Do I still continue to pay you till I manage to sell ?What if I dont use skype application?

    What is the estimated cost to set up a truely professional site? Like other than to enage you as coach, hosting services, autorespondencs and other internet marketing tools?

  5. Celia says

    1 more question, since yr approach is more to using paid hosting services like hostgator, godaddy etc, what if I am using blogger which is a free platform?does it still work?

  6. Patricia says

    Hi John
    I live in Australia and can’t get to Singapore but I am very interested in your on-line course when it becomes available. I have been ripped off so many times by so called coaches and its great to now be meeting some genuine people on the net.
    Hope the online course gets up and running soon as I want to work hard and be successful.
    Patricia Perth Australia

  7. John Yeo says

    Hi Celia,

    Thanks for your questions. The payment is only one time of S$1500. It is ok you do not have skype. Getting one can be done later and it is free too.

    Blogger.com wont allow their blogs to be sold. We have more control over self-hosted domains and we can sell them too.

    Hope I have answered your questions. Let me know if you have any more.


  8. John Yeo says

    Hi Patricia,

    Thanks for your trust.

    We have some applicants from overseas and what we can do to guide and support are:

    – sending our materials to you so you can download them and use them like any workshop attendees.
    – providing more email follow up till your first blog is sold
    – providing skype support when you need to ask more questions
    – providing a private forum for you so that we can guide you till you make your first US$1000

    So anyone from anywhere in the world can apply.


  9. shawn says

    Hi john,

    I’m a full time student from singapore. I wonder if you accept students too. I will be willing to invest in the amount and time required. Also may I know when will you start the live workshops?

  10. John Yeo says

    Hi Shawn,

    Yes, we accept students who are willing to commit.

    It will be held on 21 n 22 Aug 2010.

    First, I need to email you to check on your blogging experience.


  11. Winn says

    Hi John,

    By qualified do you mean people who blogs regularly? Can someone like me who don’t have the habit of blogging join?


  12. John Yeo says

    Hi Winn,

    Nice to meet you.

    If you have yet to blog, we will cover it during the workshop.

    Do you have msn or skype ? I would love to chat with you and ask some basic questions.

    You can also ask me question on the workshop.

    Look forward to hear from you.


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