[Blog Flipping Live Case Study] Day 0, 1 & 2

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Today, I want to share with you a blog flipping case study.

What is blog flipping?
Blog flipping is simply creating a blog or website and selling it for a profit.

You can sell new site or established ones. And they can range from 147usd to over $90,000 depending on their earning history and potentials.

For example, you make a $200 profit from one blog and you manage to sell 8 in 4 weeks (2 blogs a week), you can make US$1600. And I am sure it is good enough to replace a basic pay from a normal job.

Anyone can easily make money from blog flipping and you can start making money within a day or two – Guaranteed as shown in this case study.

Yes! I did this case study to prove it – you can start making money in a few days’ time.

Today, this is a LIVE case study of my student who has started learning one to two days ago.

Here is his profile:
Student’s name: Aljiro
Country: Philippines, Quezon City, Metro Manila
Click here for Listing url.

We will be showing it LIVE and you can see what one of my students did.

Day 0: He signed up for my blog flipping program. Using Google keyword tool, he researched 10 profitable keywords and he bought a domain through me using godaddy.com

He is quite well-versed in using Adobe photoshop and he had the design of the wordpress themes edited within a day.

It is in fact quite simple. You need to know which image files to edit and once you have done that, you will have a completely new theme design.

So things to do:

– research 10 keywords
– buy a domain
– edit the wordpress theme

Day 1: He spent the morning writing 10 articles based on the keywords he had found. On the same night, he added the articles he wrote and added the istockphotos which he bought.

Now, he is ready to list his blog in the very popular marketplace, Flippa.com

So things to do:

– write 10 articles
– buy and upload istockphotos
– list it in Flippa.com

Status of auction:
0 view
0 bid
0 watcher (people who keep the auction under their watch list)

You can see the Auction here.

Day 2:

Status of auction:
1 bid
5 watchers (the more the number of watchers, the better. It shows there are more potential buyers.)

That’s all for today’s update. Keep a lookout for our next post on Day 3.

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8 Responses to “[Blog Flipping Live Case Study] Day 0, 1 & 2”

  1. Misako says

    Just goes to show what a competent teacher John is. Most of sudents are already doing very well! Thanks for all your guidance and support! 🙂

  2. Connie says

    Yes i agree! John is totally sincere and helpful to his students and hold no barriers to teaching them all he knows. I’m sure this case study will have good results!

  3. Flip Filter says

    Hi John,

    With so many people charging for the same info, it’s nice to see someone openly explaining how it’s done.

    Keep up the good work


  4. peter mcgrath says

    hi John

    did he buy one of your completed blogs which you sell for $297.00 or do
    you set up a wordpress blog

    hes done a great job but it would be more difficult for me as i have no photo shop knowledge i allways think you really need computer knowledge to create sites

    peter mcgrath

  5. John Yeo says

    Hi Peter,

    Aljiro did it by himself. =)

    Photoshop is easy to learn. In my coaching program, I also teach you how to use photoshop.


  6. eduard says

    hi can you teach me how to earned money in blogging/?

  7. He Made His 1st USD$50 from Blog Flipping! | John Yeo’s Blogging for Profits Work At Home Blog says

    […] to congrats a fellow subscriber of mine. His name is JY and just following the simple steps in my Blog Flipping Case study, he made his first $50 by blog […]

  8. Jerin says

    It’s a nice idea for bloggers

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