Blog Flipping Coaching – Second Run

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We had an AWESOME Blog Flipping Coaching training during the past 2 days! We have students from all over the world, ranging from Australia to Malaysia and one of the students even rushed and came straight from the airport.

It was fantastic and I got to know so many new friends!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the trainers who have made this coaching possible.

Thank you Nicholas, Aloysius and Benrick!

I would also like to thank the students the first class who came to help and support the new students. There are Wilson, John, Sherry and Colin.

Thank you Irish too for helping out!

In our team, we have always believed in team work and community building. (And this explains why our team is so BIG and just like a BIG family!) Everyone of us grows together and no one is left behind.

This explains why at least 90% of our students have made money from blog flipping within such a short time. The fastest only took only 2 weeks to make US$1000.

The new group of students (now friends =) are great too and they are very enthusiastic. At the end of the 2-days class, most have forged strong friendship which I personally feel will go a long way.

All the best to everyone and I am sure they are going for GREATNESS!

See you in our private forum! Go for Greatness!

Many thanks to John, Nicholas (aka Mr. Hamsome), Ben & Aloysius… that was a very well coordinated course, easy to assimilate, digest & implement.

Jet Quah

I think the bootcamp is really awesome, especially toward the last part, on the strategies and the live demo… I was really impressed by it! Kudos to you guys for putting up such a great bootcamp! 😀

I would like to say a big thank you for the really enriching bootcamp over the weekend… Not only have I learned a lot about blog flipping from you guys, but also had lots of fun!

It’s one of the BEST bootcamps I’ve ever attended!

Jun Yuan


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