Your Top 2 Challenges In Blogging

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Making money from blogging will get easy, eventually.

Those who are consistent in taking a step a day will succeed one day…Guaranteed!

Meanwhile, you may be facing many problems while developing your blog from an empty domain to a powerhouse blogging platform with HUGE traffic coming in. And inevitably, with money flowing into your pocket.

So meanwhile, I would like to cater my next few blog posts to address the TOP 2 challenges you are facing while developing your blog…and possibly using some of your blogs as case studies so all of you will learn and apply it to your blog.

From my experience, the problems fall in a few key categories such as:

1. having no idea how to start at all
2. technical aspect of setting up a blog and installation of plugins
3. generating content for your blog
4. driving traffic to your blog
5. sustaining readership
6. having no idea how to make money from your blog

Of course, you may have other problems.

Ok, here is what I need you to do now.

Submit your comment in the comment box below and
1. include your blog url,
2. what niche your blog is in,
3. and 4. the top 2 challenges you are facing right now.

For example, I have a subscriber Joanna who told me
1. her blog url is https://…,
2. her niche is in panic attack,
3. the top 2 challenges she is facing are finding ideas for her blog posts
4. and driving traffic to her blog.

So submit your comment in the comment box right now.


19 Responses to “Your Top 2 Challenges In Blogging”

  1. Sheila Edens-Brown says

    1. blog url is
    2. niche – virtual assistant for coaches
    3. finding content to post on my blog
    4. building my list

  2. Bob Marconi says

    Coming up with content and being ‘consistent’ about it!

  3. Bill Masson says

    Hi John,

    My two main priorities are…

    Increasing traffic and converting it into revenue.

    Isn’t this always the case? (-:

  4. Judy Rodenhiser says

    Coming up with content and driving traffic are my top two!

  5. Mack says

    I would like to write my own stuff. Not using any PLR articles, problem is, I don’t know what to write about. Advises like (write about your hobbies, your passion, etc) have been actually useless. Basically How to choose a niche is the first challenge. The other is common, Traffic.

  6. luis says

    Building a list, autoresponder set up,article writing, getting traffic

  7. Dennis Hyde says

    Getting targeted traffic and converting it into revenue.

  8. Mj Tumibay says url :
    2. niche: everything under the sun
    3. I want to have a new blog post everyday
    4. I want to increase my traffic to my blog

  9. John Yeo says

    Thanks for the submission….keep the comments coming in

  10. Diana Dobbie says

    I need relevant, timely and unique content on 3-4 times a week
    I need to develop a following

  11. Beage says


    Niche: Affiliate Marketing


    1) Finding traffic, and directing traffic to blog
    2) Finding good content to keep the blog going

  12. Hilary Green says

    I need to learn how to make my niche sound interesting enough for people to want to keep coming back.
    I also need to learn how to develop a following

  13. jack says

    I have a suggestion. For those who are struggling with their first sale, why don’t we consider purchasing from one another? John can evaluate such blogs for worthy content and give tips as necessary. In the spirit of encouragement, all who participate in this scheme must make a purchase from someone else up to a certain $X. John, if you can co-ordinate this, this is one way you can help us. This is likened to swimming in the pool before launching into the deep sea.

  14. Romy says

    Jhon I not a “NO” person. You can say that because you are not in my position. If you were me, can you grab any offer if you don”t have money? I appreciate all what was in your e-mail. 1. problem: difficulty to uplaod fund to PayPal as of now, no credit card, insufficient fund for the offer, asurance for the ROI. You cannot blame me if i’m hesitant to grab any offer, I have already sad experience on the net. I would like to ask your understanding. Thanks and Regards.


  15. sev says

    blog url:
    Niche: NBA highlights and videos

    1. getting indexed and to have backlinks
    2. having good content everyday and have more traffic.

  16. t.syarbaini says

    I have three blogs, one is in free blog hosting in wordpress.
    One day, it was suspended because they accused me looking money via blogs.

    The point are, how we can get money from a blog,secondly how we manage
    the from page like yours.

    Thanks a lot,


  17. Dave Osmonson says

    Content and Traffic are my top two with a limited budget!

  18. Jean says

    2. “make money online” niche

    3. I’ve tried many free traffic generating tools but I am not getting the traffic I want to have. I want to know the most effective free traffic generating strategy.
    4. how to make my blog sticky so that readers will keep coming back.

  19. Romy says

    I appreciate the suggestion of Jack (april 13), purchasing one onother, or write for us a blog John to purchase that is very much affordable, and suggest one of the best sample of url to use or niche to our blog. Actually this is not my line, I am an Inventor, but I want to earn money to support my inventions, and that’s why I am here looking for extra income.


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