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from ilinas


If you are already making money and you want to make more, read on.

This is a personal invitation to those of you who have been making money and would like to bring your blog or site to the next level.

I am going to coach you…so you can make MORE MONEY!

Here is what you will get!

I am providing 3 free email coaching (worth US$97!)
PLUS I will interview you and I will blast the email interview to my 12,500 subscribers
who will visit your blog (You can check out how I have interviewed 29 TOP marketers.) (worth US$250!)

Success story 1:
Recently, I got an email from a subscriber and her name is Laura Andrew.

She has a fantastic blog with excellent content on romance advice. Because she has put in lots of effort in her blog with her hubby, their blog generated $1,470.95 in affiliate sales!

I must say they deserve this BIG success and I am really happy for them!

You can check out

Success story 2:
My good friend (who joined as a subscriber in 2009) is now a professional blog flipper. His name is Alessandro and each of his blog is sold at a price of at least $300 to 400.

To make a monthly income of US$2000, you just need to flip 5 blogs.
And each week, you just need to invest about 4 hours create 1 to 2 blogs. I am sure this is better than working 45 to 60 hours a week.

This is what you need to do now!

So if you want to make more money, do email me at askjohnyeo @ if you are already making money with your blog.

I would need to see proof of your earnings and printscreens will do.

After you have sent me for verification, I will provide 3 FREE email coaching for you on:
– what you can do next to increase your income
– what else you can do to bring in more income streams

See you at the TOP!



5 Responses to “Success Stories”

  1. t.syarbaini says

    Did you promote your blog in a paid host John?

  2. klezz says

    hi! iam new here, and i want to earn like you please give some advice and by the way i saw your free theme i love the relaxing green but i don’t know how to use it… i already downloaded but don’t know the next steps..

  3. Edward Han says

    I am thinking of selling off this site: but wondering where to offer and what price I can ask for.

    Any suggestion?

  4. John Yeo says

    Hi Edward, a normal blog with no traffic can be priced between 97 to 497usd.

    It depends on how you present your blog in the sales page and the number of monetisation streams you have in the blog.


  5. patricia says

    Hi John,
    I know what joining a blog site is. But when you own a blog do you have to blog on it all day to keep up with your follower?


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