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from eleaf


I want to hear from YOU! =)

I would like to get to know your No. 1 challenge which is stopping you from blogging…or bringing your blog to the next level of success…

The problems can be grouped into these few common categories:
(this list should help you articulate out what may possibly be your challenge… )

– traffic
– writing content
– finding content
– list building
– monetisation

– product creation
– affiliate marketing
– time management
– budget
– payment for blogging needs such as hosting, domains etc

– understanding why blogging is important
– not seeing blogging as important to bring in money
– skeptical that blogging works
– changing your mindset
and many others…

What I will do is to address them in the next few blog posts so you
can learn, apply it to your blog and move on…

Do submit in the comment below – your No. 1 Challenge which is stopping you from blogging…or bringing your blog to the next level of success…

I look forward to reading your comments and answering them. =)


53 Responses to “Ask Campaign (All About Blogging)”

  1. Wen Vaughn says

    What is your most effective method for driving traffic to your blogs?


  2. John Yeo says

    Thanks Wen…keep the question coming in.

  3. W. G. says

    I have read John Cow and John Crow regarding blogging and I am still at a stand still. Do you have something in the line of Blogging that will get me off the fence? Please–Thank You.

  4. John Yeo says

    Hi W,

    Looks like you are asking about how to take the first step or you are asking about how to set up your first blog…

  5. Adah says

    Hi John,

    I have been ur subscriber for the last few months since I decide to blog. I am a SAHM and my time is really packed with all the daily routines. Anyway, I hv been reading that to start off a blog, I’ll need to write a few articles, and then there is the blog design, and the marketinng part. Seems like a whole lot of work.

    I would appreciate if you can tell me how to kick start my blog and earn money from it at a shorter time frame. Designing the blog will take me a whole day!! Not to mention to create a few contents … Phew!

    I do want to deliver quality contents to the readers n would like them to be my subscribers.

    Hope to hear from you and keep up the good work!

    Take care!

  6. luis says


    What happened, I still for you to construct and set up my wp Blog


  7. John Yeo says

    Hi Luis,

    You are taking about the blog maintenance?

    We have been sending you emails. Pls check your spam folder.


  8. rachimuddin dot com says

    How about writing powerful blog post? I think this is the most difficult one for me since thia will reflect to the traffic later on

  9. Joanne says

    Hi John, I have a hosted WordPress blog set up, and would like to take it to the next level. My big stumbling block is, how do I make my blog look a bit more professional, with only limited knowledge of setting up websites? Or, is it better to hire a professional to do this part for you?


  10. Jordan Whitfield says

    My problem is setting the blog up. I can write great content but I can’t download themes to save my life.

  11. Bryan Hee says

    What is the most effective way to monetize the blog especially for newbies that without any list?

    To your success,
    Bryan Hee

  12. John Yeo says

    @Jordan, are you talking about wordpress themes for your blog?

    * * *

    If you have yet to submit, keep your questions coming in =)


  13. kirk says

    Hi John
    My question would be how do you develop a system for SEO? As in, everytime you build a new blog, what are the rules for getting it to Google page 1? Are there simple rules that you can follow? It just seems so hit and miss for me.

  14. Catherine says

    Hi John,
    How do I build better traffic?
    I do a lot of the things that are usually suggested. I blog in a topic there’s a lot of interest in. I have good content and post regularly(3x/week, usually on the same days and times). I ping my posts. I visit other blogs on related subjects and leave useful comments with my link. I’m starting to get comments but my traffic continues low with an occasional busy day.
    I’m offering a lot of helpful info for free at . I love helping people and I’d love to get the chance to help even more folks.
    How can I build more traffic,John?

  15. Blogger Millionaire says

    I’ve learned my way to drive traffic. But now I want to increase the conversion of the affiliate products that I offer.

    This February I have 1504 clicks on my Amazon Products, they convert to 4 orders. That’s about 0.27% conversion.

    What should I do to increase the Conversion rate ?

  16. zola says

    l’m a newbie, not sure where to start as far as blogging is concerned.

  17. John Yeo says

    @Zola, seemed to cover a lot of areas….pls choose between niche research and which blogging platform. 🙂

  18. John Yeo says

    @Blogger Millionaire , what is your blog url? 🙂

  19. Dave says

    I find the technical side rough. ex: autoresponders.
    Do I have to get aWeber? I haven’t hooked one up yet.
    Is there not another solution?
    FTP? I can’t get that one. Themes? I’m with Jordan.

    Writing – easy 🙂

    thanks John

  20. Martin says

    I havent even got started I bought one system last year and I got all stuck stuff like add banners and blogging the whole process i dont know of and i am afraid then to move I have already lost money and i cant make money

  21. Monzilizo says

    Hello John,

    My biggest stumbling blocked about blogging even in my website is how am i getting traffic and building list to visit my site often and purchase.



  22. A.G. says

    Hello John ,first I want to thank you for all your info,My question:If you have a blog do you still need a website?And where is the best place to find a good and profitable subject to blog about where you can alwaysget new content? Thanks Again. A.G.

  23. Judy says

    My biggest stumbling block is where to find good PLR content.



  24. NeutralGear says

    Hi John

    I have an uncommon name which is a mouthful for most people. What’s stopping me from taking action is my confusion on how to brand myself without using my real name.

    A pseudonym is an option but how to tie it back to my real name? Maintaining 2 profiles on social networks seems like too much unnecessary work. Any suggestions?

  25. Katherine Logan says

    How do I get started with my first post? I mean, what goes into a good first post that introduces you and the subject? I’m really coming up with writer’s block here. Thanks.

  26. John Yeo says

    great submission of questions here. keep them coming in.

  27. Vikki says

    My travel blog has been up since Sept 2009. I have a number of posts on the first page of Google #1 for the keywords in the title. I just Googled Global Travel Reviews and the result was #10 on the first page -97,300,000 for Global Travel Reviews.
    I have not made many sales. Could you help me with some thing I am missing to improve my conversions? Thank You Vikki

  28. seyedmosa says

    hi john
    i came to china in 2006 and visited beijing, shanghai and anshan we are a traditional group for agreement zarand coak project from IMPASCO co . a one year ago finished that factory we have an agreement with CITIC CO. I hope visit china once again but touristy .
    youir sincerely
    s. m. pishvaei

  29. Paul Hanna says

    Hi John
    Blog back up and restore, i think this is so important.
    I have already lost a years work after getting my blog hacked a few months ago, no viable back ups to repair with.
    I messed up again last week trying a new theme, i did have back up but still lost some post entries, so teaching us how to do this correctly would be great. As lots of info on the net only explains backing up not restoring, i do use a plug in for this now but when it went down last week could not even get to admin to fix so used my cpanel mysql.
    Hope this will be of help to you.


  30. Dave Osmonson says

    Hi John,

    First off, thanks for the review of my blog, very helpful.

    Now to the issue here, I am choosing Product Creation as my topic today. The reason is that I am about to go down a road that will have many bumps, setbacks and times where I will feel like “telling myself to take a hike”. But I have the big picture in my mind, I know the outcome is going to be huge and I truly believe this. I am developing multiple blogs tailored to a specific niche. This niche is large in scope or size, so I need to really be detailed in my work along the way or I know that I could fail at any point.

    The niche is “Online Shopping”. Could you recommend a support group, person or coach that could help me down the road without breaking the bank? (My Bank)

    I could write a whole article about the questions I have, but I will stop here a wait for your response.

    Thanks much,


  31. Jordan Whitfield says

    yes I need to know how to install wordpress themes

  32. John Yeo says

    Thanks for the great questions…i will be creating a video series so that you can really understand. =)

    keep the questions coming!

  33. Richard says

    I changed my website to a blog, now I am gaining more traffic and adsense earnings. I’d like to earn from other sources like clickbank, banner/links on my website and others. Can you review my site and give me some suggestions?

  34. Shafawi says

    Hi John,

    How to promote affiliate product effectively using blog? Not using email marketing.

    What is your recommend make money program using blog except for Adsense?


  35. Norberto says

    dear john

    i been reading ur subjects for few days , im eager to do but im working in a ship and got no credit card too, but my contract will end on july by then when im home i will start all what you writen to those topics

    thank you very much

  36. Barrie says

    My biggest problem is getting traffic at no cost. I owned a traditional business that ceased trading September last year and ate up all my money. I have tried all sorts of stuff but thought to try to develop my online activity more. This is why no or low cost is preferable. I also have difficulty with building and maintaining a list and marketing to them effectively. Any recommendations and tips welcome. Thanks

  37. Venkatesh says

    Are there any free autoresponder services? Can you name some?

  38. Abdou says

    My n°1 problem is traffic

  39. Shel says

    After, you set up everything meaning the blog. How long will it take for the traffic (days) to come in ?
    And how long will it take to make the first sell meaning (weeks)?
    What’s important is choosing the right product, affiliate and keyword. The product is most important.
    Which is better to make money clickbank or affiliate or having your own product ?
    Adsence is easier but the money is small ? Is that correct ?
    Sorry for the comments and loaded questions.
    Thank you , John for your support and concern.

  40. Khris Miller says

    owning a couple of blogs and websites and monetizing them with adsense or adbrite is a good way to Work at home. you can also answer paid surveys but most of them are scam sites.

  41. sue says

    So new I’m in overload!! I’ve not started blogging yet but I’ve started writing articles to get ahead before I start but what confuses me is If an article is sent to ezine for publication can I use it exactly the same on my blog? What’s up with duplicate content as I see the same stuff all over the web. If I use someone else article (incl their bio) doesn’t this count as duplicate content? This confuses me as I read that it’s valuable to get your article to go viral.
    I’m concerned with making costly time mistakes so want to get this right as I understand getting taken as an authority in your niche is important and getting traffic.
    The other thing that slows me down is understanding if I give such great content for free how can I package it for profit? Unless it’s just taking ‘all’ my articles and putting it into a one place as an ebook.
    sorry for the length of my question

  42. Virgil says

    Not sure about blogging or whether to use a free blogging service like Word Press or a hosted blog site. Also, not sure if I keep up with enough fresh content.

  43. Tim says

    Hey John,

    Thanks so much for the email’s you send out enjoy getting them, but my problem is moving things around,adding content the technical things on having and building a blog, do you have some info on step by step of setting up and maintaining a blob. Thanks so much, Tim

  44. alain says

    pls help..i cant start yet..i dont know how, i bought the book online as it is really helpful, unfortunately i am new to this and a little bit i need an http web server for this to start.? where will i get a web host?..pls help..i hope to hear from you.

  45. Manuel/Imman says

    All my questions on my mind are posted here and encourage to move on to my plans about blogging. Should I expect answers from you with a free service?

    Best of Luck,

  46. Edward Han says

    The question will be writing topics for articles. Sometimes it is hard to think of a topic to write as the inspiration does not come easy.

    How can I inspire to write? That’s my problem.

  47. Melvin says

    Hello John!

    How are you? I do have problems creating content on my page.. I’m so glad I’m little by little being exposed to ways on how to earn online, and people like you who got there already are my inspiration. I tried to check some of your blogs, and it looks simple because it came from your hear. I am currently engage with online training where they teach you how to set up your website,finding niche, optimizing it and earning from it in due time. BUt my problem started on the “PUTTING” on content part. I find it hard because it should match keywords and such.. I find it right in a sense because you will like an affiliate, but how can I start blogging my thoughts and still earn?

  48. Ray Conmey says

    Well, I am new to all things blogging. I haven’t written much in the way of content in many years. I suppose, based on that, I would need guidence in finding and/or creating actual content that would attract people to my blog and get them interested in my products / affiliate links.

  49. manny says

    Hi John,

    How can I attract traffic in my blog in easy way and how could the visitors be back on my blog to become successful like you?

    Thanks for the oppportunity and hope you could help me.

    God Bless

  50. John Yeo says

    Thanks alot for the submissions! =)

  51. Edward Han says

    For those who are looking for products and content, I have some success this software that helps to create content as well as having products from ebay, amazon, etc. It can instantly create a web site content with all the necessary info based on your keyword(s).

    You can check out my website link to find out more.

    Hope this helps more people to earn income online. Cheers!

  52. Cristina says

    Hi, John. I want to learn how to blog and also to earn from it. I also want to learn how to have my own website. I’m really a newbie here. I’m planning to buy your Blogger’s Paycheck. I just wanna make sure if this can really help me. Is there any payment to have my own website? i hope you can help me. thanks and more power…

  53. Edward Han says


    For those who are in need of cash but does not have a startup cash, I can recommend you to begin with Free Email Account to generate cash.

    Click on my name for the link to check for more info.

    It is a good way to start generating residual income simply by introducing anyone to sign up. Hope this can help anyone who wants to generate additional income.

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