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from debbieliane

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It is weekend soon and I love weekends.

Weekend is a time you get to take a break away from your work and do things you enjoy such as spending time with your children and family or hanging out with friends and chit chatting.

As you know, I have success in blog flipping during the past few months and in June, we sold about 10 blogs at US$297 to $347 per blog.

As I was sharing all the various blog flipping posts sharing how do I sell the blogs and the tips to sell a blog at a high price, I did receive many emails from my valuable subscribers asking me various questions on blog selling/ flipping.

Thus, to benefit everyone else, I am marking this month, July as “Blog Flipping” month.

You get to ask me question on blog flipping. You can ask me any question and any number of questions.

This “Ask Campaign” will last for 7 days and I will compile your questions.

For the next 3 weeks or so, I will post content related to your questions.

Why am I doing this?

In my opinion, blog flipping is the MOST newbie-friendly make money online method.

There is no need for you to drive traffic to your blog.

There is no need for you to market your blog.

There is no need for you to monetise your blog.

What you need to do is to set up a blog and that is it.

In fact, if you can, you can also outsource the blog set up and just manage your blog auction.

I want you to be successful too in blog flipping. When you take action and work on your dream, you will be successful.

So what you, as an action taker can do now is to submit in the comment below:

One question you have on blog flipping.

It can be on:
– the type of niche blogs to create
– the type of themes to use
– the content to write
– the source to get images and bonuses
– the type of paid plugins to get
– the type of sales page you can write
– the time to list your auction
– the follow up with bidders of your auction
– the after sale support
– the way to meet the needs of your buyers
– any other question you will have.

To encourage you to submit a comment, anyone who post a comment with a question will be given a Free report on “How to Flip Blogs: a Step-By-Step Guide”.

I will be consolidating all your questions and my answers in this report too.

The guide will be emailed to you at the end of this “Ask Campaign”

So right now, submit a comment below.

And remember to include your email address. =)

P.S: Check out the blog she sold for US$347…and is her First Blog!


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104 Responses to “Ask Campaign: All About Blog Flipping”

  1. Nicholas says

    How do I know what are the profitable niches to go into?
    What should I be looking at?

    thanks! 🙂

  2. Joseph says

    Hi John,

    You said this is “newbie friendly” but I don’t even know how to build a site/blog… I know nothing about design and can’t even write well. Will I still be able to do it?


  3. John Yeo says

    Thanks for the comments…I will answer them in the next post…

    Keep them coming in!


  4. Connie says

    Hey JR your blog flipping coaching is great! Me as a marketer also continue to learn all the time.

    One question: How to avoid duplicated content and make your site unique so as to attract more buyers?

    Once i sort out this, i guess i’m on my way to sell my first blog!

  5. best electric bike says

    2 questions:

    1 – I was just wondering if the color combination of the blog is really that important to increase the perceive value of the blog?

    2 – The pictures that I use for 1 blog, if i sell it, do I have to buy new pictures for a new blog with similar theme or can i use the same pictures?

  6. Bryan Hee says

    Hi John,

    1. How much the cost to set up the blog?
    2. How to determine the price of the blog?
    3. Where to get the contents for the blog?
    4. What is the elements must have in the blog to increase the perceive value of the blog?

    Thank you

    Bryan Hee
    Follow me on Twitter

  7. Latief@AnotherBlogger says

    This is a great idea but still curious how to start a blog with a goal to sell the blog? I need more tips or step by step tutorial John.



  8. Caliban Darklock says

    Imagine you have a large number of blogs – several thousand – that you would like to sell as quickly as possible. How many can you list at once, and how long should you wait before posting another batch?

  9. ali says

    Hi john,

    can i sell my blog if it got PLR articles and with no traffic?


  10. lawal Feyisara says

    What is blog flipping is all about

  11. Victor says

    Hi John,

    For blog flipping, should content be unique or can autoblog do? Is outlook of blog more important or seo more important?

  12. ali says

    Hi victor,

    Yup.. i like ur question too..

  13. kamarul says

    Hello..I was wondering..which would give better result on flipping between using premium theme and design on our own?


  14. Adedeji Ademola says

    Thanks John for doing this! How can someone make big money flipping blogs and can someone sell a blog that has not been fully designed?

  15. Anis says

    Hi John,

    How can i determine the niche to blog about?
    can i use PLR articles?
    How can i determine the price of my blog?
    How can i transfer the domain and the hosting to the buyer?
    Are there good sites other than to offer my site for sale?

    I think that is enough today…..

    Thank you John for all what you provide.

  16. Timothy says

    After the sale, how do you transfer everything to the new owner?

  17. Werner Michael says


    which theme do you recommend to use for a blog when thinking on blog flipping?

  18. Meirav says

    How do I transfer the blog database from my hosting to the buyer ? I know how to transfer the domain but I am not sure what is the best way to transfer the blog files.

  19. Jack Agnew says

    Is WordPress the only blog format that you recommend to use? Is it the best platform?

  20. Wilson Teh says

    Hi John,

    I would like to know why some blogs just sold for below $100 but some can let go at a few hundred. Is it mainly due to some income from Adsense?

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  22. Robert Moore says

    Hi John, I would like to know how to place an RSS feed on my blog. So far I think I have been able to see an RSS feed reader on my site, but the feed it self is another story all together. I would like to use an RSS feed to get more content for my blog, but I have no idea how to load this type of RSS feed onto my blog.


  23. Ade says

    Hello John,

    I would like to get clarification on a few issues:

    1. What niches do you consider as niches that will sell?
    2. do you advocate creating Adsense sites or clickbank sites?
    3. Nowadays, it is advised to generate some revenue to sites you want to flip. do you have any tips to generate traffic and some quick sales before you flip the site?
    4. Do you have any particular themes that you use when flipping sites?

    Sorry, I seem to have many questions. just trying to get this right.



  24. Jerri says

    Is it worth it to set up a blog on Blogger, or would you go with WordPress from the beginning? If you have no funds to be able to afford web hosting, what would be an alternative?

  25. Hubert says

    Hi John,

    The biggest question for me is where to find the right content without spending a lot of money to get it written.


  26. The Adsense Idiot says

    I’ve thought about flipping sites for a while, my question is kind of 2 sided….

    If you build a good site that is or has a real chance of making money then why sell it ? And on the flip side why would someone buy a site that isn’t actually making money ?

    I know there are people out there that don’t know how to build sites, or don’t have time to do the initial work, but really is it that easy to get people to buy an unproven site ?

    Looking forward to your report when its ready,

    Best of luck,

    The Adsense Idiot

  27. Keith says

    Hi John, I have a couple of questions:

    1) Is there any type of niche or content that I should stay away from when creating my blog?

    2) Why is it that two people who are listing the same type blog for sale, one of those blogs will sell for $200 and the other blog will not sell at all ?

  28. asgar khan says

    How do I get creative,finding fresh ways to blog new themes?

  29. Anna says

    I would love to learn to blog but have never done it so I am a newbie and need to learn. And I am most definately not a computer geek. So I guess I need help. Like A to Z.
    Thank You

  30. Aradia says

    What are the main points someone looking to buy a blog look for? How do you make your blogs appealing to those looking to take them on?

  31. Tony says

    Hi John,

    I was wondering how much outsourcing should a person do for there website flipping business, or would it easy to just outsource everything out. Or focus one area and then oursource rest?

  32. Dave Heape says

    Where do you find all the files that you need to be sent to the buyer after the auction and how do you send them?

  33. Mark Ward says

    What if I don’t have the SLIGHTEST idea what I am doing?
    Thank you

  34. Samuel says

    When you build a new blog to sell, how many pages of content do you have? Also, how many of them are unique content?

    I’m also keen to find out more on how to sell a existing profitable website for higher price. Thanks.

  35. Edward Han says

    Hi John

    How do you really know what niche to choose? Guess that is always the hardest part with most people to know the choice of the right niche.

    Any idea or suggestion?

  36. Farhad Khurshed says


    1. if it’s a new blog with not many visitors or sales, why would anyone want to buy it off you. Even if it has potential?

    2. How do you actually transfer the files and the hosting on completion of the sale? Do you need to download all the files, zip them and email them to the new owner?
    What if most of the content on the blog is from ezine articles and YouTube? how do you transfer this content?

  37. John Yeo says

    Great comments and questions….Keep them coming in!


  38. Edward Han says

    Hi Farhad

    If the blog is from ezine articles and Youtube, when you have transfer the blog database, it will have those links in the blog, so you do not need to worry about the content from there.

    To transfer the files and hosting, it will be easy if using the same registrar, All you need is just use the push function that registrar has. Most people use Namecheap, so it should be a breeze when transferring.

    Guess you have to build and generate some traffic before you can flip it.

  39. Tony says

    you just answered one of my questions about how to deliver the blog content once sold but another is
    How would the best way be to approach all the content ? auto is obviously the easy way but costs $ to install! or does it ?are the free options that create decent spun content or skimmed content that can get a few resonable posts that will make it a sell able item on flippa! it does not seem to be too hard to move sites and blogs on there as long as you have a half decent name and some evidence of serches in analitics!

  40. Jenett says

    Can a newbie like me who knows absolutely about blogging succeed in blog flipping. Am interested in learning how to blog? Find your blogs interesting and hope to learn from your articles.

  41. Vi says

    Hi John,

    I’m a newbie and definitely not technical incline. I’m interested to learn more of how to earn $ online. Hear a lot abt Blog Flipping but clueless on how to get it started. Is it expensive to start, how much time and effort is required before I can see the $ coming in? I’m trying article marketing now, but with no result.


  42. JY says

    Hey John

    Thanks for sharing your expertise and experience =)

    2 quick questions:
    1. How to transfer the blog to the buyer?
    2. What autoblog plugin do u use?

    Cheers! Have an awesome weekend!

  43. myrna says

    Is it possible to turn a personal journal-blog into a profitable one….My life is the best thing I know the most about and that’s the most honest thing that I could share and write about ….
    More power !

  44. Samuel says

    @ John: After you answer all these questions, you will get an ebook, haha.

    @ Jack: All my sites are built with wordpress, I’ve never used anything better.

    @ JY: Transferring your blog is just like changing web hosting.

    @ Myrna: Personal blog can surely be profitable, not sure if you can flip it.

    I got another question for you, what other things can I add as a bonus so that I can sell my blog at a much higher price? Be as specific and as detailed as you can. Thanks.

    Give us some ad headline and description writing tips too.

  45. John Yeo says

    @Samuel, thanks…and this ebook goes all to everyone here….

    keep the comments coming in. =)


  46. Steven Teng says


    Is is true that website using WordPress are more difficult to sell compare to those using html such as Dreamweaver?

  47. Aaron says


    What is the most important criteria on selling a blog? =D

  48. Edward Han says

    @ Steven Teng

    I do believe selling WordPress blog will be same with others. It will be the niche content where people are actually buying from you. If you are having a site that is what they are looking for, they will buy it.

  49. Ngjkro says

    Sound good , the blog not require any traffic also can sell?

  50. Vincent says

    Great info!!! I was wondering when you flip your blogs do you have a set price or regular auction and for how many days.


  51. Dawn says

    When flipping a blog, is there a registration fee on the site the blog is showing on?
    How much of a commission does the hosting flipping site get from the sale of a blog?
    Is it a flat rate or does that depend on the what your blog sales for?

  52. Gilbert says

    If you find a niche that proves fruitful do you just keep producing blogs within that niche?Is there a saturation point?

    Why do people buy unproven blogs? Is it not worthwhile to produce and flip a blog that is generating revenue, say after 12 months?

    Could you not blog one and flog one of the same niche?

    I hear a lot about hostgator and I know about the affiliate angle, but what about somebody like bluehost?

  53. Nat says

    With a mind toward making this a viable business model, how do you turn key the process.

    Thank you for this ask campaign.

  54. Sam says

    Hi, thanks for asking.. 🙂

    If I sell/flip a blog how do I find someone trustworthy
    and reliable who can transfer that blog over to the

    If I did find someone and they lost the blog I would
    have a real problem !

    Why am I asking? I am great on finding niches and
    graphics, etc. sourcing products, but useless on
    FTP plus the technical end of things.

    It is what is holding me back from doing so as I have
    many blogs and domain names, all in various stages
    of development.


  55. Lauea says

    I build blogs all the time. I have just recently decided to look into flipping them.

    My question is what are the most important aspects of the blog? The theme, the content, or seo?

    Do you have to have traffic already generated to the blog before flipping it?


  56. DONALD says

    I need more info on how, where,when and what is needed to sell a blog

  57. Lisa Oliver says

    Hi there, I love your stuff and am impressed with the success stories you share – I can create wordpress blogs but I would be interested in learning how to create original graphics for wordpress themes – is this something you cover in your course?
    Lisa Oliver

  58. John says

    Is there a Framework or Standard Theme you use for the blog created?
    and do we need to buy it with Rights before we can use?
    Is there a software you use ?
    Where do you find all the CONTENTS you use in your blog?
    Isn’t Duplicate ? If everybody use the same Contents?
    Can you have more than One Google Adsense Ads in one blog?

  59. Osyta says

    Hi John,

    Many thanks for this opprtunity.

    My question: How do you monetize your blog to make it attractive to potential buyers?

  60. Kara Marie says

    Nice opportunity to ASK here… thanks!

    Is it important that the blog being flipped is an aged domain? And if so how old?

    If the domain is new, does it command a lesser price-point?

    How well should the blog be monetized before trying to flip?

    Do you sell basically for 10x the blog’s current earnings per month?

    Apologies if these are repeat questions from others. I tried to look through the thread and not be repetitive.

    Thanks! Looking forward to the month of info on this topic!


  61. Tucson Electrician says

    What’s the best/most profitable/most desirable plug in to add?

  62. Patricia says

    Hi John
    I am newbie to all this and find any techie stuff soooooo hard! is this flipping stuff hard for us technophobes or are your instructions easy to follow?
    Sounds interesting and I’m looking forward to what you have to say about it all. Really enjoy your newsletter. Thanks
    Patricia Perth Australia

  63. Nigel says

    I can build blogs OK – just a bit nervous about how to transfer files the right way.
    Are there any videos that take you step by step in transferring files?

    Also apart from Flippa, what other ways could you sell the blog?

    Additionally if you have a valuable domain can this be used to get a better sales price?

  64. Jun says

    1. In simple words (layman’s term), what is blog flipping?
    2. Is high technical skill required to do this?
    3. Can I use either existing themes from or wordpress as default designs?

  65. azhan says

    hey john. Ok so what are the important aspect of blog flipping? How do we get the content for the blogs? How long does it take to make a sale? Plus is this newbie friendly?

    Regards, Azhan

  66. Raph says

    I love the idea of blog flipping but I will like to know if I can flip a blog created with PLR articles?

    By the way great article you have here. It has even increased my zeal to start blog flipping

  67. John Foley says

    Hi John,

    How do you transfer the files to the buyer once the purchase has been made?


  68. Edward Han says

    @ John Foley

    Simple. Just zip them up and allow them to download it. Or if the person wants to include the hosting, just push it to them (if you are using the same registrar).

  69. John Yeo says

    Thanks for your submission….3 more days before I close this “Ask Campaign”

    Keep your comments coming.

  70. Tony says

    Hi would you recomend a auto or organic blog to start with?

  71. naqueen says

    Do blogs with less or no traffic sell for less or don’t sell at all or it doesn’t matter?

  72. Cyndie says

    Are there certain plug-ins that you suggest to put in all of your blogs that you are considering making to sell?

  73. Gail says

    Hi, what is the best / easiest way to pass on the sold blog, I know this has probable been asked loads of times.

  74. Peter says

    What would be a good selling price for a 3 year old auction blog, page rank 2 with 5,000 unique visitors a month?

  75. Olive says

    How profitable does your blog have to be before you can try to flip it/

  76. Alan says

    Hello, I want to know more about what is blog flipping and how I can ensure that the blog that I am writing will worth the most possible dollars when auctioned ?

  77. John Yeo says

    Last day to post your question. so pls post now. 🙂

  78. Liz says

    I am disabled and am desperately trying to learn how to make an income online now so that we can save our home. My husband has been working so hard trying to get us out of the hole on one paycheck, but it simply cannot be done.

    Since I have been writing professionally for other people to credit from for a number of years, I decided to do it for myself. Unfortunately, it is so difficult to know where to start.

    What advice do you have for the masses that are in this same situation? We don’t have the funds available to enroll in courses offered by the guru’s who know the business, instead we are major targets for the scammers out there. Where do you start when you are totally broke and are lower than ground zero as far as set-up?

    Thanks so much for your time and I look forward to getting the answers to this loaded question.

  79. Stefan Tita says

    OK, so…a lot of things to ask, but some maybe important not only for myself:
    Can we sell a blog without having it listed on the first page of Google ?
    There is a way that you know and can reveal to have a new blog listed
    quickly on the first page of Google ?
    What is the best to build for selling: blogs with general content or blogs
    oriented to promoting an unique real product ?

  80. Phil says

    What is the best site to sell your blog on without having to pay too much?

  81. Krystine Lewis says

    Hello John,

    I have a few blogs that I would like to sell but don’t have any idea how much they are worth. Some of them get adsense income and some don’t but I have had them for several years now. How do I figure out their worth? And where is the best place to sell them?


  82. brad lund says

    whats the best way to drive traffic to a blog?

  83. Michael Guerino says

    When you create a blog and add all the plugins,can you use that blog as a template to create more blogs or do you have to create each new blog from scratch and add all the plugins again?

  84. Jan Ashby says

    Hi John.
    Lovely wedding blog you have.

    My question – re: a sort of niche (for the blog) : would genealogy be good area, do You feel?

    Is this a popular , resellable category?

    What about a blog on kids’ health, or one on herbs & nutrition, teas perhaps?


    If I did do one on herbs, should I include pages on tinctures, whole herbs, teas and aromatherapy? (separate pages that would be each ranked & given a Page Rank by google)?

  85. Harry says

    Hello Yeo, If a website is set up strictly for Adsense and not for affiliate marketing, will your “Flipping” advice on Blogs sites be useful for the Adsense sites?

  86. John Yeo says

    cool. so many comments! last few hour before campaign closes!

  87. Ardy says

    I’m new to this flipping thing, how do you start this blog flipping? I’m interested. Thanks John

  88. michael moore says

    I am fairly new to this so I have many questions but I will try to stick to one for now.
    What are the best kind of content(niche) blogs to flip?
    Thanks,Mike Moore

  89. Victor Lee says

    Typically how long do you need to work on your blog before you can flip it and how do you generate massive traffic to your blog assuming the time you can work on the blog is limited?

  90. Melissa says

    Hi John,

    I was wondering how much does one spend in total in order to create a blog for flipping. Domain, stock photos, google keyword tools, etc.


  91. Khairul Hazwan says

    Hai John, here’s my question…

    What is the actual step-by-step process we want to list our blog that we want to sell in

  92. dannybonus says


    one question eh!!

    well here are a few im afraid

    Can i resell the same blog with new domain names a number of times
    how old does a site need to be before it attracts good money for selling
    what are some other good sites to flip blogs on


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  95. Brad says

    Do we need to rewrite PLR materials as content on the blog for flipping?

  96. Yliud Garces says

    I´ve never won one single dollar online; in fact I´ve lost hundreds trying this and that…But looking at your success, I still believe…But I don´t now how…Can you help?

  97. Scott Strawser says

    Hey John!

    What is a common time frame to develop an awesome blog?

    The best platform?

    Is it a step by step tutorial to keep us focused on what is next?

    Thanks for your time. Learning with you is awesome….

    Best regards,

  98. kelvin says


    I am keen on starting a blog but I am not sure which niche to work on. I am keen to work on the niche on dating. Where do i get the content to write on? and what sort of theme should i use?

    pls advise.


  99. onggle says

    1. what are the typical (if any) profile of the blog buyer?
    2. what ultimately set/determine the price of a blog that is “worthy of flipping” ie flipping worthiness so to speak.
    3. i like the gentleman’s question pen by the adsense idiot. my question is – Are there any statistics on the hit ration ie how many offers to one purchase thus far from the existing folks who had successfully flipped?
    4. When can i have the F.REE report?
    5. Typically, what sort of resources ie $$, time are required to create blogs that are marketable quality
    6. Under what circumstances will the blog flipping business flop? ie cannot cut the ice? no sales?

  100. Sharlene says

    What is the best way to monetize a blog?

  101. clarence says

    hi John,

    I am New to This industry.

    In fact i have more than 1 question to ask!

    1) i dont have any idea how to create a blog how do we even create a nice website for people to buy

    2)Do we need to create content before we get the site up for sale?

    3)How long does it take to create a website and getting it sold?


  102. Guillermo says

    Amazing info where can i get the Free report on “How to Flip Blogs: a Step-By-Step Guide”.

  103. John Yeo says

    Hi Guillermo,

    You can get it at 🙂


  104. Guillermo says

    Hi John

    Thanks im already there.

    But what i cant seem to find is the technical step by step guide to flip my blog once i sell it in

    im having problems with finding the .htaccess file and the phpAdmin export stuff, do you know where i can get a step by step technical guide?

    Best Regards

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