Turning PLR into a Short Report

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Many people buy PLR article bundles because the price is good, and in fact, they actually have quite a bit of PLR sitting on their computer. How about you? You might have posted some of those PLR articles on your blog or website, but other than that, you’ve still got plenty of it hanging around on your hard drive, right?

Let’s try another idea here… taking a bundle of PLR articles and turning them into a short report. There are all kinds of things you can do with a short report.

• Give it away as a freebie to grow your list.

• Sell it.

• Offer it in a giveaway event, again to grow your list.

• Use it as a bonus to go with a product you’ve created.

• Use it as a bonus for an affiliate product you’re selling.

Here are the steps to follow to turn your PLR article bundle into a short report:

1. Start with a bundle of 5-7 articles in the same niche (your niche).
Typically, PLR articles come in bundles and the articles are all on a same subject. That means they will probably go together nicely in a report. For example, your niche might be dogs, and your bundle might be about puppies and how to care for them.

2. Decide the order you want the articles to go in.
There might be a logical way to put the articles together. The puppy articles might go in chronological order – deciding on getting a puppy and how to name him, then feeding and hygiene, and ending with training issues.

With other article bundles the order might not matter, but read all the articles and then decide.

3. Fix the first and last paragraph of each article so one leads nicely into the other.
The articles were originally written to stand alone as individual pieces and that means you probably need to redo the first and last paragraphs of each article so they flow from one to the other better.

4. Add value to your new report.
There are many ways to add value; some are quick fixes and others might take you a little longer.

• Name the report and get an ecover made for it. This greatly increases the perceived value of your report.

• Add a table of contents with live page links. Most likely each article will represent a paragraph in your report.

• Regarding the text itself – add examples where appropriate. If one of the articles is in a “tip” format, then add a real life example for each tip.

• You can also add personal stories. Maybe your family got a puppy when the kids were small. I’m sure you can add a story to your report about this experience. People love personal stories as long as they’re brief, interesting, and apply to what the chapter is about.

• Maybe you know more about one of the article subjects than what was written. Add what you know on the subject. Don’t be afraid to change something either. Perhaps you disagree with one of the points. Rewrite it to benefit your readers.

• Add a header and footer to your new report. These are good places for your copyright information and page numbers as well as your website address.

• Nothing makes a report look better than adding clip art, screen shots, and graphs. Putting little quotes or tips inside boxes is a good idea too. Don’t force it; pay attention to what your report says and add where appropriate. Don’t overdo it or it looks like you’re just trying to make the report longer.

• White space is easy on the eye so break up paragraphs into smaller chunks. Use a larger bold font for headings and use numbers or bullets. You want people to actually read your report because…

• You’re going to add your affiliate links either within the report, in the conclusion, or on a resource page at the end. Even if you’re giving away the report for free, you can make a little money from it when people buy products through your links.

5. Turn the report into a PDF.
You might have the ability to easily change a document into a PDF with the program that came with your computer, or you can use a program like Open Office.

6. Upload to your site via FTP.
There are several good free FTP programs out there such as Filezilla or Trellian and there are even more videos that can show you how to do it.

There are plenty of ways to use PLR articles. Turning them into a short report is one beneficial way to use them to grow your Internet business. I’d better stop here or John won’t let me be a guest blogger anymore because my posts are too long. 🙂

* * *
Peggy Baron writes high quality PLR at www.allstarplr.com to help internet marketers get ahead with their businesses.


Share with me your thoughts or questions. Peggy and I love to hear from you.


13 Responses to “Turning PLR into a Short Report”

  1. You Are Invited To Guest Blog Here! | John Yeo's Work AT Home Blog - JohnYeo.name says

    […] is a great guest article post: Turning PLR into a Short Report Share and […]

  2. how to market online says

    Excellent article,very well written and practical.

    You’re outline not only provides a way to put PLR to good use, it also sets the stage for creating future information products.

    Creating information products can seem like an arduous task, but when broken down like this, become very doable.

    Thank you for sharing,

  3. Samuel Baron says

    Very informational and helpful article.
    I like the depth of details, they help creating a better report.

    At first it may sound like a too much work but when you practice it once or twice you’ll master the report creation.

    There are point or two to add to this product creation recipe:
    1. Put an useful but not complete info into report — you’ll get higher click through
    2. Before you even start creating the report determine what purpose you aim to serve — just an informational, driving traffic, teaser, freebie, promoting your product, or explaining how your product can help, etc.
    3. When you have decided the purpose of your report it will be much easier to distribute it — easier to define the audience, where and how to promote the report.

    Off the topic — Even though my last name is Baron also we, Peggy Baron and I, are not related at all 🙂 …. But I’ll be glad to know her better some time


  4. Anatoly says

    Nice and clear!
    Thank you! Such instructions help to start with PLR.

  5. Alan Petersen says

    Thank you so much for that excellent blueprint! A lot of folks have a goldmine of PLR content sitting on their hard drive. Following the steps in this post will make it easy for them to start mining that information to create reports to sell/giveaway, provide great free content to blogs, send great content to your list, or use it to build your list. Awesome stuff.

  6. George Ball says

    John and Peggy or, Peggy and John…

    I think this is a great idea and just finished Peggy’s article on PLR. I plan on taking advantage of the offer and will begin formulating my own submission soon.

    Job well done Peggy, It’s nice to see some positives on PLR instead of all the bad press it gets on so many forum posts.

    Have a great day! George

  7. Max Miller says

    Very good article with a lot of food for thought.

    Thank you.

  8. John Yeo says

    thanks everyone, Peggy is one of the nicest and best writers i know…ask her any question you have and I am sure she will gladly answer them =)

  9. Peggy Baron says

    Thanks Nando, Anatoly, George, Max, and of course John. 🙂
    PLR is powerful stuff that can help you. The time-consuming research has been done by the person who wrote the articles, all you have to do is put the articles to work for you.

    I suggest you follow Alan Petersen above as he’s a master at using PLR.

    Sam, how funny that we have the same name with the same spelling! Usually I see it as Barron. And yes, I totally agree with you about knowing your purpose BEFORE you start putting together the report. Unfortunately, I couldn’t put everything I wanted to in the blog post as I was already well over my word limit.

    I think guest posts are a great idea, John, thanks for having me here. Your readers are great at commenting. 🙂


  10. John Yeo says

    @Peggy, you are very kind to accept my guest blogging request…of course, you can always submit any article of yours to me =)

    My subscribers are very responsive and it means they are always ready to learn and share their ideas and thoughts =)

    Thanks to all who left your comments here =)

  11. Alessandro says

    Hi John, thank for this golden advice.
    Every day I receive in my mailbox almost 10 Niche PLR Articles.
    I stored them on my hard disk and I let them stay there only to take dust and become older.
    And when I find an offer for PLR Articles I generally buy them also… and they are simply placed in a remote directory.

    This idea is really great ! Take some PLR Articles and transform them in a Report with affiliate links… wow !
    You provide all the details to do this in the better way possible.

    Another good idea you can add, that I experiment with success daily, is to add your report to a viral distribution sending it to P2P Servers I tried it some times ago and it works greatly.

    Thanks and Goodbye !

  12. Spencer Chun says

    That was some awesome content Peggy. I purchased your rewriting guide that should help with this method. Have a great day!

    Warm regards,


  13. Peggy Baron says

    Allesandro – I’m glad I could give you an idea that you liked. 🙂

    Hi Spencer – Thanks!


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