Review: Is Freelance Superstar Worth Your Money?

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from shaicoggins

You probably know by now, that your writing skills can make you some cool cash if you know how to use it. Believe it or not, people are willing to pay you lots of money to write for them, especially online businesses and publications. In fact, the demand for writers has never been greater, with thousands of mom-and-pop business looking to outsource their writing tasks.

That’s why I was intrigued when I first came across a guide called “Freelance Superstar” by Monika Mundell and Gobala Krishnan. According to the site, it’s a “complete guide to get started with freelance writing”, so it’s probably most suited to newbies who want to get in the game with a bang:

See the site here:


In case you don’t know who the creators are, let me give you a “brief” history.

According to their website:

“In 2005 Gobala quit the rat race, fired his boss, and decided to be a full-time writer. Working just two hours a day from his home, Gobala soon discovered that he could expand his writing career into information products, and have since produced multiple best-selling ebooks, guides and systems. Monika, who started off as a part-time writer, soon landed enough high paying writing jobs to kiss her boss goodbye too. She has written for high-profile blogs and continues to expand her writing career like a maniac on steroids.”

The product’s main guide is a well-written PDF guide that reveals key components and tips on becoming a freelance writer:

1 – How to get started with freelance writing
2 – What to expect from freelance writing
3 – Online writing job sites exposed
4 – How to attract high-paying clients
5 – Regular writing vs. SEO writing
6 – Regular writing vs copywriting
7 – How to enhance your language and writing skills
8 – How to get regular clients and stable income
9 – How to get paid as a freelance writer

.. And much more.

Besides the main guide, Gobala and Monika also provide you with valuable supporting tools and documents. These are indeed quite useful and will help you save lots of time. You’ll also get:

1 – Email templates you can use to solicit for clients
2 – Process map for your freelance career
3 – Gorgeous “Portfolio” WordPress themes
4 – Step-by-step blogging video tutorials

In terms of quality and value for money, this is definitely one of the best products I’ve seen. Sure, there are lots of free blog tips and forum posts that you can refer to, but you probably realize by now that the more of those you read the further away you get from actually doing anything. Most forum posts are by dodgy characters who probably haven’t landed a paying client in years. Some are just too sell-contradicting to be of any real value.

That’s why I give “Freelance Superstar” the thumbs up for producing a well-written, clear and straightforward guide that anyone can understand.

To get more information, visit the site here:


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