How To Make $50 A Day On The Internet – Part 1

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from kellyannt

Today, I am very honored and delighted to have my good friend Dee Power of Your Financial Independence Day to share with us on “Article Marketing”

Dee Power

There was a contest done recently and it looks like many subscribers have similar questions on article marketing.

She is going to guest post 5 posts (including this) So here goes (and make sure you digest every bit of it)…

Selecting Your Niche Day 1

If you don’t have a website or an established blog your first step is to decide on a niche. A niche is a small subset of a market. For example: “pets” are a huge market, “dogs” a smaller market, dog food smaller yet. “Natural homemade dog food” would be a niche market.

Here’s another example Wedding – Wedding Apparel – Wedding * Dresses – Budget Wedding Dresses. And another Health – Lower Blood Pressure – Lower Blood Pressure Naturally- Lower Blood Pressure Naturally for Women. And another Jewelry- Gold Jewelry- Gold and Gemstone Jewelry – Gold and Gemstone Ankle Bracelets.

I’ve found that it works best for me if the niche is one I already know about or one I want to learn about. Don’t get all tangled up in picking the perfect niche with no competition and lots of searches. Just get started. You can refine the niche as you go along.

Get niche ideas by going down to your local grocery store. Look at the women’s lifestyle magazines and see what topics are popular. Saving money, weight loss, get out of debt, looking younger, and parenting are all evergreen topics. Remember to take the niche and narrow it. Get out of debt is a huge niche, how single Moms get out of debt is a smaller niche and more easily targeted. Or perhaps you might choose how college students can get out of debt, or seniors.

Go on the Internet and find newspapers’ websites.

Today, New York Times, Washington Post, LA Times, and your local newspaper. Scan the headlines. What are people worried about? The real estate market fluctuation, protecting their money, how to sell their house in a down market, sports, and avoiding foreclosure are all exploitable niches. Go to Amazon and see the titles of the bestselling books. Look at the bestselling products in the category you’re considering. These days Amazon sells just about everything.

Visit to browse through a huge selection of magazine categories.

Go to Ebay and look at the most searched for items or the most often used keyword phrases. Or go here eBay Pulse: trends, hot picks, cool stuff and popular searches on

Google Groups – One of the suggestions later on is to post on groups as a way to promote your blog or website. In this case look for groups with a lot of members in a broad topic that interests you.

Yahoo Answers – People post questions that can be answered by anyone. Look for topics that have lots and lots of questions posted.

Or go to What’s Buzzing? You Tell Us! Top News and More – Yahoo! Buzz for the most searched for topics.

43 Things is a site where people post their goals. You can get an idea of what topics are of interest and that can help you decide on a niche with a built in customer base.

Once you’ve selected your niche make sure that people are interested in buying products or services for that niche. Raising Discus fish may be a fascinating niche but if no one wants to buy products about raising Discus fish it’s not a good niche to be in.

* * *

Submit your thoughts and questions in the comment box below. Dee and I love to hear from you.

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11 Responses to “How To Make $50 A Day On The Internet – Part 1”

  1. Living Low Impact says

    Those are some really great ideas. I had not thought of most of them. I will be doing some digging to see what I can do now to take my niche a bit deeper.

    Thanks for the very kind advice so freely given.


  2. Mike Maggs says


    You have some great ideas here. Don’t forget to check the various forums for your niche. By participating in these forums you will find out what people are looking for. They will express their concerns and questions and you can answer these in your articles.

  3. tedy says


  4. John Yeo says

    @Kathlene and Mike, thanks for your comments…forums are great for finding problems so we can find the solutions and sell them that…

  5. Robin aka Empowerment Diva says

    Great ideas. Thanks for the list of sites.
    I discovered a few I wasn’t aware of.

  6. Bob Coleman says

    These are great tips for anyone looking to break into niche marketing. These same research tools are recommended by other “niche marketing” experts like Chris Freville and Kim Roach. Kudos!

  7. John Yeo says

    These are excellent tips to niche blogging…4 more posts coming up!

  8. Harvetta says

    Thanks for the tips and the sites. I really hadn’t thought about how much more to narrow my ideas on the niche that I will be picking.

  9. How To Make $50 A Day On The Internet – Part 2 | John Yeo's Work AT Home Blog - says

    […] From Part 1 of these 5-posts series, now Dee Power of Your Financial Independence Day is going to talk about Selecting of Several Niches on Day 2 […]

  10. John Yeo says

    Yes, picking the right profitable niche is important =)

  11. roland73100 says

    hello John

    Bien aimé tes diverses facons de trouver niches,idées que j’utilise déjà.
    Il faut etre à l’écoute, et de penser à nous-meme qui nous fait défaut !
    et oui
    roland perez

    Beloved various ways to find your niche ideas that I already use.
    You have to be listening, and thinking to ourselves, even we lack!
    and yes

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