How To Make $50 A Day On The Internet – Part 2

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From Part 1 of these 5-posts series, now Dee Power of Your Financial Independence Day is going to talk about Selecting of Several Niches on Day 2

Select several niches that appeal to you and that you’re enthusiastic about or that you want to learn about.

Given the current real estate market avoiding foreclosure is a popular subject, but if the subject depresses you, you won’t want to do the work necessary. On the other hand if you feel you’re providing valuable information and helping people with a serious problem then avoiding foreclosure might be just the niche for you.

Don’t choose a niche just because you think you can make money with it. And do yourself a favor and don’t choose a niche that is medically oriented unless you’re a nurse or a doctor. There’s too much chance for misinformation and hurting people. There’s a fine line between dispensing medical advice and providing alternative health care advice.

Even though you will be making money on the Internet reach out for niches beyond Internet marketing.

Make sure there are buyers in your niche. An easy way to do this is to use one of your keywords related to your niche. Plug it into Google and look at the advertisers or sponsored ads that show up on the page. If there are just a few it may not be a profitable niche for you. Key in “weight loss.” There are quite a few sponsored ads. If advertisers are willing to pay to place their ads on the pages that show up in a niche that means there are buyers willing to buy.

Now think of the ways you’d search for weight loss information in the search engines. These would be keyword phrases. Long tail keyword phrases are usually 3 to 5 words. “Lose weight” is a keyword phrase, “tips to lose weight fast” is a long tail keyword phrase.

Here are examples of keyword phrases:

lose weight fast
easy weight loss
quick weight loss
lose 10 lbs fast
tips to lose weight
secrets to fast weight loss
secrets to easy weight loss
weight loss tips
fast ways to lose weight
how to lose weight

The google tool bar has a suggestions drop down menu. When you key in “lose weight,” Google comes back with the suggestions of:

lose weight fast
lose weight in a week
lose weight quickly
lose weight in 2 weeks
lose weight quick
lose weight fast and safe
lose weight diet
lose weight in a week
lose weight fast diet

Add the phrases:

how to
how can I
how you can
tips to
ways to
secrets of

to the shorter key words such as tips to lose weight fast and you have even more keyword phrases.

You can get an idea of the competition for a keyword phrase, or how many websites/blogs are using the identical phrase by putting the phrase in quotes.

lose weight no quotes has 23,800,000 with that phrase
tips to lose weight, no quotes has 545,000
“tips to lose weight” has 166,000
tips to lose weight quickly, no quotes has 456,000
“tips to lose weight quickly” has 763

Always check the competition. You want lots of people looking for that phrase but not millions of competing sites. For more ideas on keyword phrases you can use go to:

Look for words that have high advertiser competition and mid range of search volume. Those are words that will earn more Adsense revenues for you.

I keyed in “lose weight and these are the suggested keyword phrases: “quickest way to lose weight” has high advertiser competition and a lower search volume. If I put “quickest way to lose weight” in the google search with quotes I see there are 96,800 competing sites. “Tips to lose weight” has 166,000. “Lose weight walking” has 53,400. In this case the best phrase to use would be “lose weight walking.”

You’re going to use the keyword phrases you find as part of your promotional efforts.

Open an EzineArticles account. It’s free. Ezinearticles allows 2 links in your author bio. One link is to your blog/website. The other can be to an internal page of your website. Link to different internal pages in different articles using different keyword phrases that gives you different backlinks.

* * *

A closing note from me: In fact, the fastest way to drive traffic is through article marketing from popular article directories such as It is tapping on the huge traffic flow and redirecting to your blog through the link at the bottom of your article called the “Resource Box”.

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