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from borealnz

Now, I am going to share with you my Secret on how I
can churn out a 500 words article in less than 15

* * *

1. Research:

Depending on the niche you are doing, you can just
google. is the best place to do research.

For example, I want to write an article on coping with

I just google “tips on coping panic”

Then, I visit the first 5 related urls and take down
one key point or tip.

Then, I just form my own opinion and add any additional
new tip or advice I have.

* * *

2. Structure of article:

Remember you must have a title, an introduction
paragraph, a body,a conclusion and a resource box.

For title:

You are have simple titles like “5 tips to…”

Remember it must have a keyword which you are targeting
(I will tell you more in the next email on this)

For first paragraph:

Always discuss a problem which your readers are facing
or will face and state that this article will show them
a way which they can solve it.

For Body:

You can always start off with tip 1, then tip 2…so
it is more organised and easy to read.

Always keep a paragraph short and sweet and at most
3 lines.

For last paragraph:

Do a round up and conclude the most important point
or tip.

For resource box:

Just write simple: To find out more tips on how you
can…, click here…. >>Your blog url here<<

Ensure you hyperlink the keyword you are targeting to
your blog or site.

* * *

That is it! This is all to writing an article which
will bring more traffic to your blog/ site.

You can view a sample article here


Have a good weekend!



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