Email Interview #4: Dominic Tay

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dominic tay

Stephen Pierce and Dominic

* Start of Interview *

1. Please introduce your name, who you are, which country are you staying in and your area of IM expertise

Hi John’s readers,

This is Dominic Tay and I’m living in the tropical island of Singapore (just like John, and we’re living just a few miles apart from one another if you really want to know).

My area of expertise is in Article marketing – to date, I’ve written
59 articles and are consistently making a few hundreds every month. (not a lot but it supports my expensive habit to enjoy restaurant meals with my girlfriend every weekend)

* * *

2. Share with us your first success in Internet Marketing and how did you do that

My first success in Internet Marketing is to break even and make profits in my first month with my new business idea – a fully automated article submission service. (more of that later)

And the truth is that I surprised myself when I made profits in the first month by doing nothing except writing an article – that’s right, just ONE article distributed to 20 high ranking article directories! (and yes, I cheated a little by using my article submission service to submit the article to all these high ranking directories fully-automatically)

It really opened my mind to what Article marketing could do for me, and I was totally convinced how well my article submission service worked. (I need a little reassurance for my own product sometimes)

* * *

3. Share with us one obstacle which you have overcome and you have learnt alot from it

Well, this obstacle probably have crippled many other marketers before, and as you’re reading it, you might not think that it’s that damaging – but the simple fact is that it CAN be.

The obstacle I faced was – not making money within my first week into my article submission service. That’s when I thought of giving up and switching to another one of my business idea.

But after talking to my mastermind team, (you should REALLY have one too) I felt that I was giving up too easily. And just at the time I needed it most, I heard Earl Nightingale’s audio tapes and that’s when I learned that instead of focusing on making money (which doesn’t motivate me as much as I thought it would), I should be focusing on providing quality service to other marketers.

So with that in mind, I hung on to my article submission business and kept improving my service to my customers – I added tons of features like ArticleSpinning, scheduled submissions etc – and I even shock myself by adding the ability for my customers to use multiple pen names with my software (something I thought was impossible to implement because of the sophiscated codings required).

Needless to say, many internet marketers started taking notice of my submission service and decided to give it a test drive. And that was it. My business took off just like that.

Easy? Definitely NOT! But it’s a simple thing to do – that is, to focus on increasing your service to your customers instead of focusing on increasing your income.

When we focus on improving our services, our income will naturally increase.

* * *

4. Share with us one mindset tip you would like to share with others, especially those who find IM hard

I learned this tip from my first IM mentor: (go find someone you trust to be your mentor if you don’t have one yet!)

“If it is possible for others to succeed online, it is possible for me too. It is only a matter of strategy and time.”

* * *

dominic tay5. Share with us about the uniqueness of one of your products.

Of course, there are other functions like ArticleSpinning, staggered submissions (submit your articles to different directories in different intervals), and scheduled submissions (stop paying Ezinearticles for their scheduling function when you can use my service to schedule your submissions).

But in summary, it is the ONLY article submission service that submits articles to top 20 high ranking article directories – with a single click of the mouse, and no additional effort on your part. (if you’ve used other article submitters, you probably remember yourself clicking the stupid ‘Submit’ button for each of the directories – something that just doesn’t make you money or build your credibility)

* * *

6. One project you are working on right now and you would like my readers to know

Well, I believe that I do best when I focus one thing at a time, so I’ve chose to continue concentrating on improving my article submission service and expanding my reach to help more article marketers save time, effort and money.

* * *

7. One last tip you want to share with my readers

One last tip: “It’s always darkest before the dawn” – if you’re still not seeing the ‘light’ you’re searching for online, hang in there. Realize that it’s only a matter of time and changing your strategy before you’ll see the results you desire.

And to end it off, I’m not going to wish you luck – Luck is what happens when preparedness meets opportunity. You don’t need it. Instead, you just need to prepare yourself – get as many books you can on Internet Marketing, and always look forward to providing service to your target customers.

I have faith you’ll see the ‘light’ real soon.

Looking forward to hearing your success story,
Dominic Tay

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* End of Interview *

Share with us your thoughts. I would love to hear from you. =)


10 Responses to “Email Interview #4: Dominic Tay”

  1. David Boon@source code analysis says

    Email interview is great article,
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. John Yeo says

    Hi David, you are welcome…how do u find article marketing? was it useful for you?

  3. bob says

    Thanks for the info man, I found it very interesting. I can’t wait to see more online money making guides.

  4. Dan says

    Great info as usual John, you and Tay keep up the good work.

  5. myrna says

    i am getting so many email now ,its unbelieveable.

  6. John Yeo says

    @bob, thanks alot..there are more to come…now I have interviewed 16 marketers

    @Dan, thanks alot

    @myrna, more great info for you coming soon! =)

  7. Dominic Tay@Article submission software says

    Hey, Dan – thanks for the kind words.

    Using this opportunity, I just want to thank anyone who have seriously read my interview answers and congratulate them for taking their time to learn something – really learn something from John’s Blog.

    Dominic Tay

  8. joabng says

    article marketing is really a tough work. Thanks for the sharing.

  9. Lauri says

    Hi John and Dominic,

    Thanks for the fabulous article! Great words of encouragement, too, Dominic.

    Can’t wait to try out the product!!


  10. Commission Blue Print says

    It’s so hard to find good information these days, I have read a few of your posts and I am very impressed with your site. Thanks

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