Ask Me A Question About Article Marketing & Win A Prize – 3 Lucky Winners!

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from dreamincolour

Thanks everyone for submitting your questions… There
are over 60 questions submitted!

My team and I had a hard time selecting the winners.

Here are the winners.
1. Sam
2. Brandon Schmid
3. Jennifer Gait

I will email you to let you know how to download your product.


As for the questions, we will compile the questions and notify you
when we have replied them. =)

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If you do the Maths, if only 4 hours of work is being invested for 20 days a week, the potential profit is a hefty US$3600 a month. And not forgetting that this kind of income is recurring for the work you done the previous month.

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What you can do now is…
Ask me your most burning question about Article Marketing…

And for the next few posts, I am going to answer ALL your questions so that you can effectively use article marketing for your own benefits…

It is really easy and I guarantee you can follow it too…

And because you take action, I am going to choose 3 of you and I am going to give you a prize to reward you for taking action.

I managed to discuss with my good friend Davion Wong to contribute 3 copies of his Article Cash Robot (worth US$37!)

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So submit your question in the comment box. Ask any question…do not be afraid if you think it is a silly question. You could be doing a favor for others because others could have the same question too.

So submit your question in the comment box.

**Contest ends soon on 25th September.

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88 Responses to “Ask Me A Question About Article Marketing & Win A Prize – 3 Lucky Winners!”

  1. andrew says

    Hi John,

    I was wondering how exactly do you set out to find these keywords that you write articles on and just use 6 articles to earn money? Seems really difficult to find keywords that I can actually fight against and earn money from it.


  2. hidman says

    Hi John,

    Thanks for helping to answer our queries on article marketing and also for putting up this excellent contest. I would just like to know, how many article directories do you recommend distributing our articles to?


  3. Milly says

    Hi John,

    I find writing articles a very time consuming business, although everyone says that article marketing is a vital element for generating traffic to a site. How do you speed up the process and write targeted, good quality articles at the same time? Do you have a system you use?

  4. Evan says

    Hi John,

    I have not one but few questions to ask.

    1. You mentioned 6 articles to get your first sale. My newly setup blog is already on the 6th. I did a “site:” in google and find most of my posts not indexed by google. Pretty sure to say I followed most of google’s T&C but it’s really taking too long. My articles are 400-500 long and definitely unique content. How can I make google index my articles fast?

    2. Factors like domain age play considerable amount how google ranks you. Is your domain newly setup and only with 6 articles? In a nutshell, what’s your domain age before you get that sale?

    3. With the niche keyword finding tools out in the market, it’s pretty easy for competitors to find similar long tails, hence building sites similar to yours. How can you ensure with only 6 articles, your blog stays on top?

    4. In the 6 articles published, were you fighting for different long tails? Or is it just one and which page makes your landing site (e.g. home page or post or some pages like about, contact us or some affiliate pre-sales page)?

    5. Socialbookmarking, RSS and article submissions are great avenue for gaining web presence. How often do you do them? And when you do, you create presence for main page or individual posts / page? How many each time to avoid spamming?

    6. This question may be a bit off topic but if you could advice, it may help our fellow marketers around.

    Here it goes… Most of us know the few avenues of $$$ making strategies like CPA, adsense, affiliate mkting etc. How do you identify which niche goes to which strategy (e.g. debts / loans might go under CPA or adsense cos of the high payout and purchase not required).

    7. In relation to question 6, when you identify the strategy, what are the strategies to make sure your readers – click on your ads (if you’re doing adsense), buy your products (doing affiliates) etc?

    On behalf of the struggling bloggers out there, thank you John!

  5. John Yeo says

    thanks for the submission!!!

    Keep the comments coming!


  6. Evangeline says

    All I know about the internet is sending and answering emails, surfing and I really am at a lost as to the terms you are using such as blogging, url, IP etc. Without any background on this a do you think I can follow your tutorials. How long will it take me to earn if I do. I am interested for I also want to earn but a bit hesitant because of this.


  7. Leila says

    Dear John, would you clarify for me what is unique content. One thing maybe unique for one person and not for another?

  8. Tom Cammack says

    John, Is automated article submission just as effective as writing articles yourself and submitting them the old way?

  9. Mike says

    Hi John.
    My question could be a little dumb but here goes. After you submit an article and it is accepted, what happens next? If no-one picks it up for their blog or whatever, how will the article help you drive traffic?

    Regards Mike.

  10. Florence says

    On the site provided I have some of the articles I’ve written but I have many more.I am very passionate about what I write and I feel there is a way I can market my articles properly; can you help me?

  11. John Yeo says
  12. Sam says

    John, I joined many articles membership site and bought many PLR articles but I never submit that article to any directories. I worry about duplicate article. How to make sure that my PLR article do not same with others even that article has already re-written ? Does all the software rewriter give the same result?
    Is your article re write by human ? (not machine? ). Where is the best place I can find a person can re write an article with competitive price, good result and fastly ?

    Thanks Jhon

  13. Jeremy says

    Hi John, I want to start by saying thankyou for all of your wonderful advice, it is invaluable.
    Now for my question…what is the best size for articles to be? I could easily write articles of over 3 or 4 pages, but I want to know if that is too long.

  14. Jay Jenkins says

    How can one rewrite plr articles without the laborious task of reading each line and paragraph individually?

  15. augusto says

    hi john I have been your follower ever since I entered this internet business but I must admit that I have been a member of ewen chia’s secret affiliate and until now I have not make it work out due to some less time for my computer this fast weeks I have to attend to my family needs first and due to financial shortage even though I really love to be coach by you personally,about article writing I dont really get what to write and how can I connect it to the link I think we have just to write an article even it is not relevant to my promotion rigth we only have to write so that we can put our promotion link to the site, thnx again for not letting me off to your followers john I owe you alot. =)

  16. vinodh says

    Hi John,
    I have no idea about article marketing.
    I am a programmer and passionate about teaching programming
    to others who want to become programmer. how article
    marketing will help me to monetize my blog .

  17. Brandon Schmid says

    I have a question……How do you write 6 article in an hour? I would think it would be of low quality if it is 100% unique and not taken from one of your ebooks or somthing.

    Another question. How are you actually making the money? Are you promoting an affiliate product or your own product?


  18. dyingwolf61 says

    If your not very good at writing articles, (such as me) then how can one write articles to submit to article directory’s???
    As i am new to all this i have no clue to writing, or submitting
    at all.

    Have A Great Day!!!

  19. oktant says

    If I’m not fluent in English, how could I write an articles like a pro? Maybe you could share some tips or strategies?

    Thanks in advance.

  20. Rebecca says

    Hi John,

    I’ve been following you for a while now and love your posts and articles.

    I don’t find any difficulty in writing a lot of articles (3-5 articles, up to 750 words each) in a few hours – and yes I do type @ 100wpm 🙂 I use PLR content as my starting point and completely rewrite each article so less than 50% matches the original.

    My question is this and is really in 2 parts –

    When you are writing your 6 articles, are you using the same keywords for each article, or a variation on similar keywords?

    And are you then relying solely on those 6 articles to get you results or are they part of a growing number of similar keyword targeted articles, that you’re writing six of, per day?

    I’m guessing you aren’t using Ezine Articles? I am having such a hard time getting my articles even reviewed there – 3 took over 2 and a half weeks to be approved. Not good if you want fast results!


  21. S. Penkov says

    Hi John,
    I have read that most of the article submission directories
    are ineffective and useless. My question is: which are the
    top ten directories based on your personal experience (you
    can leave out as it is rated topmost)?

  22. Taiwo says

    is there any alternative to google adsense – adwords for making money with my blog?(i have decent traffic;poor conversion – hardly any clicks!?- JOHN ,PLS GIVE ME SOMETHING OTHER THAN ADSENSE!


  23. Mark says

    Hi John,

    1. What’s your opinion on getting slapped by google for distributing too many articles, too quick? Is there a potential of this happening?

    2. What’s the best method for effectively and quickly writing articles on topics you know nothing about?

    3. Author Resource Box: What’s the best way these should be written? Any guidelines for making these really effective?



  24. luis says

    Hi John,

    Still a bit confused, have several questions, but the main one is whoa writes the articles,etc. and really how the whole thing works, could you break it down, like the exact steps to go through.

  25. atul says

    Hi John

    How d you find the right KW phrases to get your articles/content to rank on the first page of Google for i believe then only you can pull in the traffic and get your sales so fast.
    Yes i have heard from you that for the URL choose a long tail keyphrase but getting those KW is the main problem in pulling up the sales


  26. kathy says

    I have heard when writing an article to write as though you are talking to the person, that is what I think I did in an article I tried to submit to one of the ezine articles sites, I have been revising it for weeks whenever I get a chance to sit and work on it, It keeps getting rejected, I wrote it how I would communicate with someone, I guess I am not ment to do article marketing, I thought it was actually a good article, lol, hmmm.

    The topic was on Pet Photography kind of a lighthearted subject, they seem to want only a formal type of article, is that the usual case when submitting articles?

    I have pretty much given up on article writing, I like to write in my own style, so I stick to posts on my blogs now.

  27. Penny says

    Hi John?
    1) How do you drive traffic to your blog using only 6 articles?
    2) Is niche important, is a money makingniche more difficult to get click thrus than non-money making niches?
    3) How do you identify a niche?

  28. emmanuel says

    Hi john, thanks for the opportunity… i for one use article as a promotional tool but the problem is am not getting sales, i don’t know whether my articles are not unique enough… plz i need your advice on how to go about article marketing. i need it badly, it’s the only promotional tactics am planning on using since i don’t have enough cash…

  29. Seigfried says

    Hi John, Sorry but I’m baffled and obviously missing something … you mention “In this blog post, I am going to reveal to you how I make US$45 within a day just by simply publishing 6 articles” but I can’t find any details whatsoever on how you do it in this post, just a request for questions … am I looking at the wrong post? Is there somewhere I should have gone first?

    All help appreciated, I’d LOVE to know how you get $45 in a day from 6 articles.


  30. Rich says

    How would you go about monetizing a political blog and the article marketing for it?

  31. John Yeo says

    Hi Seigfried , it will be revealed together with answering the questions of my subscribers… =)

  32. John Yeo says

    Wow…over 27 comments and counting….keep them coming in! I love action takers!

  33. John Yeo says

    Hi vinodhsen,

    of course the earnings are true at

    Yes now you know it is possible to work from home…



    Re: john,
    i saw the live traffic feed at .
    i now believe what you are saying is true. ie your earning as described in
    each minute new visitor comes from somewhere in the world.

  34. Jim Somchai says

    Hi John,

    Thank you for the kind offer.

    I also have the same question as Seigfried has, you talk about the $45 income information and all of the sudden, you change to article marketing stuff. This is quite confusing.

    Anyway, I have a few questions on article marketing.

    1 We normally have a limit amount of profitable keywords. How many times we use a keyword to be main keyword in different articles?

    2 How many articles do we write on one niche until we think that it is enough and we don’t have to do anything on that any longer?



  35. Farhad Khurshed says

    Writing 6 articles is probably easy enough if yo can find a lot of content on the internet and rewrite this. My question is how do you find content for subjects that are more complex, for example woodworking software. It is easy to write a few articles, but after the first 10, where do you find great content?

    Secondly, should you post the article on your blog first or submit it to article directories?

    Is there a faster way to generate fresh content and write articles? Do you need speech to text software?

  36. Jay Jenkins says

    First of all, there are a literally thousands of websites on free PLR and the fastest way to find them is by using this on a Google search. Example… woodworking: software.

    By using the colon after the main topic you can surely find what you’re looking for. That’s how I found articles for my Monster Article Pack.

    With over 55 billion websites out there, there’s bound to be just what you’re looking for.

    As to rewriting articles, keep in mind that you not only do you need to rewrite them, but if you’re going to submit them to the article directories, learn how to do a really good “bio box” at the bottom.

    Find some free software to do the rewriting by Googling

    article rewriting: software

    This gets easier the more time you do it.

  37. atul says

    Hi Jay Jenkins

    Why dont you mention some good software which you have come across


  38. Jay Jenkins says

    I’ve been using WordWeb5 since it does not alter your paragraphs so much that they lose the meaning of the article. And it’s free from Here’s the direct download link:

    This is easy to use and being used by authors at both Princeton and Harvard universities.

    Highly recommended.

  39. John Yeo says

    Thanks Farhad for the contribution….

    the internet has all the content…it is a matter of how you rewrite them…

    @all subscribers, keep your comment coming

  40. noe says

    hola que tal john
    cree soy el primer hispanoparlante que sigue tu blog o por lo menos el rpimero que te escribe en espanol como te habras dado cuenta y no creo ser el el unico que te lee.
    Sobre este tema acabo de crear segun yo mi blog en tu me indicaras si es un sitio eduacuado para generar ingresos, mi pregunta va enfocada a lo siguiente hay muchos sitios web y blogs que te hablan de hacer dinero en internet pero como selecionas las palabras clave adecuadas para que tu sitio o blog una vez creado sea rentable , de que manera le haces llegar trafico y un trafico que tambien se registre contigo te sea fiel y lo tengas cautivo de donde sacas los post que mencionas o los compras como tambien hay muchos sistios que se dedican a promover articulos con derecho de reventa le llaman creo estos comentarios tuyos escritos en espanol serian de mucha utilidad para tus hispanoseguidores, bueno un cordial saludo y nos leemos despues, aclaro que escribo en espanol intencionalmente para expandir tu mercado y hacernos llegar esta info


    hola que tal john
    hispanoparlante think I’m the first to follow your blog or at least you rpimero writes in Spanish as you may have noticed and not be the only think that you read.
    On this issue as I just created my blog on if you tell me a site to generate revenue eduacuado, my question is focused on the following there are many websites and blogs you talk about making money online but as seleciona appropriate keywords for your site or blog is profitable once established, in what way do you get traffic and traffic that you will also be recorded accurately reflects what you captive from the post where you mention bags or buy them as too sisted there are many who are dedicated to promoting items with resale rights I believe they call these comments yours written in Spanish would be very helpful to your hispanoseguidores, well, a warm greeting and we read later, clarified that intentionally write in Spanish to expand your market and send us this info

  41. Katherine Logan says

    I’m new to Internet Marketing in general and article marketing, specifically, though I am trying to learn everything I can. How can you keep from being drowned out by other article marketers who are writing articles about the same topic. My main interest is in the Self-Improvement niche. Is there a way that my article won’t be drowned out by others if it’s a popular topic?

  42. Jay Jenkins says

    For Katherine – Although the self improvement field is quite crowded, there is always room, especially if you have a different slant or technique that you want to promote.

    Believe it or not, I just did a quick search using “self improvement: PLR articles” with Google and it only returned some 38,000 pages.

    That means that you’ve got a pretty good niche to work with and that there aren’t that many people submitting articles in your niche.

    You might also want to go to and look at how your “bio” box should look like.

  43. John Yeo says

    Thanks Jay for helping… has many articles of all niches…good resource too.


  44. Ed Penner says

    I would like to put a “contact us” button on my web site/blog but
    I don’t want to use my personal email address. I would like a re-direct to something like yahoo or hot mail so I can change it if I get too many spammers. Can you please give me the HTML code to do this? thanks Ed

  45. Steve Deerfield says

    Hi John, What type of page do you like to send your article readers to? A sales page or a squeezpe page? Or does it depend on wether you want to make an immediate sale or merely generate new leads with the hopes of a sale down the road? Thanks John, great blog post as always, Steve D.

  46. John Yeo says

    Hi Ed, you can just get a contact form like mine at

    To everyone, I have gotten a good friend, Dee Power to share with us her magic in article marketing…stay tune for it and meanwhile, submit your questions too….

  47. Kat says

    Hi John,

    I have several questions about article marketing. From what I’ve researched on the Warrior Forum, I’ve discovered two things:

    1. Duplicate content is increasingly perceived as a myth
    2. The best approach is to post the article FIRST to your blog, and THEN to article directories (EZA for good long-term backlinks, and GoArticles for quick link juice).

    However, there are several issues that remain in my mind, including the following:

    1. Should one optimize the article for the desired keyphrase – at the risk of having the article outrank my blog – OR should I only include the keyphrase in my bio box so as to get the backlink?

    Essentially what this means is, am I trying to use EZA (or other directories) to drive traffic, OR to get more backlink juice so that my natural rankings will increase (and thus yield more ‘organic’ traffic)?

    2. The above question then leads to two subquestions:

    a. If I’m going for the driving-traffic scenario, the keyphrase density becomes very important. What is the best keyword placement for, say, a 500-word article?
    b. If I’m going for the backlink juice, my bio box becomes very important. What is the most effective structure that you’ve found for a bio box that makes it completely irresistible in getting the click?

    Am looking forward to your answers, John!



  48. Miles says

    Hi John,

    Here’s my question:
    What is the best way to write headlines to “hook” the reader? I mean writing articles is all fine and dandy but if no one reads it or clicks through to the link in the resource box then its all for naught.


  49. Jay Jenkins says

    Hi John,

    For your readers…For Miles: Let’s say you write an article about how to improve your self image. The headline might read something like “So You’re Not So Good Looking. And?” See the “hook”? You kind of just have to use a bit of imagination with a boost from your own personal experiences. I recently submitted an article on Christmas cookies and headlined it “Christmas Cookies That Don’t Suck”.

    If you want a huge lump of articles (like, 15000), check out


  50. Tanya says

    Hi John,

    I am from Siberia. Very interests me: Your robot is it possible to apply for marketing of reasons in Russian-language part of the internet?
    And yet question: how does get along at the duplicated articles and will worsen position of my site in Google of reference from identical reasons, placed in different places?


  51. ElvinTiong says

    Hi, John

    Thanks for the post.

    Got any article sites those allow us to put the resource box with affliate link? As I know, ezine don’t allow us to do that.

    What will be the best way to write article to promote affilaite product?

  52. John Yeo says

    Thanks everyone for your submission…keep them coming… =)
    2 days before contest ends.

  53. How To Make $50 A Day On The Internet – Part 1 | John Yeo's Work AT Home Blog - says

    […] was a contest done recently and it looks like many subscribers have similar questions on article […]

  54. Jay Jenkins says

    Here’s a fantastic (and really quick!) way to make money from your PLR articles…Use OpenOffice Org’s “swriter” to convert the articles into a book. It’s pretty straight forward; just open the writer and click on the “Open” link and then open up the article(s) in that. Then, instead of “Save” the work, use “Export to PDF” and, voila! your book is born.

  55. Mike says

    Hi. Here’s my 2nd dumb question. Duplicate articles. There are many article submitters available. But now I keep hearing they are no good as the article sites wont accept duplicate articles. Meaning that the same article submitted to different networks isnt allowed. Is this true?
    Regards Mike.

  56. Ann Martinez says

    I’d like to know how to find good keywords for my article and how often to use them in order to make my article relevant for
    Thanks, I look forward to your article writing series.

  57. Miracle M says

    In your post, you say that your wrote articles, well did you post them on your blog or sent them to article directories.How did you make money?

  58. John Yeo says

    Thanks Jay…

    @Miracle…will answer that…after the contest…

  59. John Yeo says

    @Mike, again there is NO dumb question…we all start from somewhere… =)

    thanks for your question

  60. Jay Jenkins says

    I posted 2 of the articles that made up the PDF book and am sending my subscribers there. After putting the articles in a good, logical order, I then just copied and pasted them into Open Office “Swriter”, and, instead of just saving the work, exported the whole thing as a PDF. Once that was done, I went to Amazon’s Kindle store and uploaded the book and front cover image file. Now Amazon will have the book in their inventory and sell it to their Kindle (if you don’t know what a Kindle is, ask me) readers. Cha Ching!

    PS Here’s a link to the book if you’d like:!.pdf

  61. Jay Jenkins says
  62. John Yeo says

    Hi Jay,

    I have a question from my friend Luis.

    Could you explain what you just said, what is kindle and Swriter etc


  63. Lee says

    do you have any blog site that you can recommend. I am a newbie on cyberspace advertising. I am into fitness and health. Where sould I start. Thanks!


  64. Kathleen says

    Ok…you said no there are no silly questions:

    You wrote 6 articles…all on the same subject or similar?

    Did you post the same article on all the different sites or
    did you submit different ones to different sites?

    How often did you submit the articles?

    Did you have only a link back to your blog or were any direct to
    a single website? Was the $45 a result of a single purchase from items linked to your articles or do your customers purchase other items that you have advertised on your blog?


  65. Jay Jenkins says

    Hi John…To your question –
    A Kindle is a book reader that kind of looks like a Palm Pilot or iPhone that Amazon sells for $299. It is designed so that someone who wants to read my book without downloading it or going online can read it directly. Amazon converts the books that I have for sale with them (which requires registration with Amazon as a publisher) into a format that can be digitally and instantly downloaded to the Kindle reader once someone pays for it (the book).

    Question 2, what is an “swriter” – this is free software from OpenOffice ( which comes with a whole suite of software that allows you to take a bunch of text files from either Word, Wordpad or Notepad and copy/paste the text into the “Swriter”, also called Writer, and instead of just saving the file as normal, you use the “Export As PDF” in the program to create a PDF. Once you get the hang of it, it’s really simple to use.

    The big advantage of using Amazon to market the PDF is that you don’t have to pay to have them convert your book to a readable format for the Kindle reader.

    Any more questions, just ask 😎

  66. Jay Jenkins says

    Post script: If you purchase or already have a bunch of PLR articles on hand you can make a lot of PDF books very, very fast!

  67. Jay Jenkins says

    PPS You can also use a chapter from one of your books and use it as a “teaser” article on a blog with an opt-in form. Again, Cha Ching!

  68. Jay Jenkins says

    By the way, my friends, some of you got a “404” error page when trying to use the link to my “Let’s All Go Skiing!” book, so here’s a better link:

    You can either download it for reference on how to turn a bunch of articles into a book or just read it on line.


  69. Nabreska says

    Are there certain points to keep in mind when you wright a article?

  70. Andrea Kelly says

    Exactly what is article marketing and how do you go about getting started? I am new to blogging and my interests are getting pregnant and taking care of a newborn.

  71. Jennifer Gait says

    My blog is on holistic wellness and so covers 7 different areas of life (body, mind, spirit, emotions, relationships, vocation, and environment). If I write an article on, say, spiritual wellness should the link in my resource box lead to a post on spiritual wellness or simply to my latest post, or to the url of my site? It doesn’t seem right to lead the reader to something very similar to the article that they just read, especially if I based the article on a post, but on the other hand that might be just what they want.

  72. John Yeo says

    Hi Jennifer, the aim of all these articles is to create a sale…otherwise we wont be investing time, effort and money into it…so what do you think?

    Wow…first time see 60 comments….a few more hours before contest ends…so keep your comments coming! =)

  73. Jay Jenkins says

    John, although I have a pretty good grasp on article writing in general, I still come up a wee bit short on formatting my “resource” box. I’m never quite sure how that should look. I’ve looked at several hundred articles in various directories and know that before I send one off the resource box has to be there.

    My question is this: Is there a specific format for the resource box, or just follow my instincts?

  74. John Yeo says

    Thanks for everyone who have submitted…the winners have been announced at the beginning of this blog post!

    Thanks again!

  75. Donn says

    To ed, way back up there. If you want to put a “hyperlink” in your page, and don’t the code, go All you have to do is type in the address you want the link to go to, want you want the link to actually say on the page, like “click here” or whatever, hit submit and it will spit out the HTML and BB codes. Html is for websites, BB is for forums. Just copy and paste the appropriate code where you want it and you have a clickable link!

    Do worry that you see the code on the page, when you publish it, it will say what you want.


  76. Sarah says

    Hi John,
    Thanks for the chance to ask a question re article marketing. I have written articles and have posted them but perhaps I am putting them in the wrong location.
    Can you suggest where you would recommend the best results are likely?

    Thanks again

  77. Article Marketing 101 | John Yeo's Work AT Home Blog - says

    […] => Ask Me A Question About Article Marketing & Win A Prize – 3 Lucky Winners! […]

  78. John Yeo says
  79. GK @ Find A Person For Free says

    Thanks for the great resources listed there. I am going to to more article marketing myself.

  80. Edward Han says

    Congratulation to all winners.

    Hope you have applied what you have learned and start earning those cash.

    It is all about Focus and taking action. Not just sitting on the fence as nothing will come your way.

    Hope to read some good news from winners about their earnings from learning your tips.

  81. Spencer says


    I am a Disabled Auto Mechanic who is raiseing my 6 year old by my self after his mother passed away when he was 11 months old.

    Anyways, I am a Newbie to this makeing money blogging thing. We need an extra income. Since October 2009, I have tried blogging and am trying to make us some money. I cant afford any SEO.
    I read one of your articles last year and became an instant fan!

    In your proffesional opinion, how can I really make a little instant money in my blog? Any advice would be Greatly appreciated! Thanks.


  82. Edward Han says

    Hi Spencer

    I have been blogging for quite a while and does earn income from clickbank ads, ebay, etc. That will require your own domain name and hosting service. But you can start off with getting this Free Email Account that can helps you to generate some income to begin with until you have enough money to have your own domain name and hosting.

    Just check out on my website link and you will find the info.

    Hope this helps!

  83. luis says

    I don’t know, this whole article writing business is mind blowing, I find it real difficult to get in the right frame of mind to write articles, its hard for me to write about something I know nothing about, even to come up with something I know something about, I did not know you had to be a writer to be an internet marketer, and everything else. to me this is mind blowing

  84. Edward Han says

    Hi Luis

    I know the feeling as I too having problems to write articles. So, my only solution will either purchase PLR articles or having an article directory where others will contribute their articles and I can use those articles.

    So, that is the reason why I create an article directory and choose whatever articles I need for my blogs. Of course you must give credits to the author in the resource box.

    You can check out my website link about the article directory.

    Hope this helps!

  85. klezz says

    hi john yeo… i’am a new here so i don’t have any idea about blogging onlene marketing… please give some advice thanks

  86. Susan G says

    I have been to your site before. The more I read, the more I keep coming back! 🙂

  87. John Yeo says

    Thanks alot Susan….glad u like my blog.

  88. jemima says

    hi john. i just wanna ask.. if is it possible for me to earn money through blogging even w/o domain? for example blogging through wordpress

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