Article Marketing Rocks – Follow my very own story that makes me more than $200+ daily on autopilot!

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from erickeesen

Hi, I am delighted to have another friend of mine, Ivan Georgiev to talk about how to be successful in the article marketing.

To be successful, one of the key factors is how to write a persuasive article.
It is not easy but it is possible only if you know how.

Ivan Georgiev


Hi Warriors,

Today I want to give you some tips that will be usufull for newbies and advanced article

p.s – I just want to say that English is not my first language but I will try my best.

Let’s start.

Since 2008 I have tried to figure out how article marketing works and how to become a 5 figures
per month earner. Really this was my goal but I never follow it. Back at October Last year I build a
blog and manage it to get it to $100/day mark within only 3 weeks. But then I sold that website
and I forgot article marketing once again.

— – – – Until August this year, when I was at vacation for 3 days with my Girl Friend and we had conversation with her about how are we gona live together – like normal people ( I am talking anywhere between $1-3k month ) – This is what I called normal people in my country – most of them will call them rich.

Anyway after we got back from that 3 day vacation we decided we will do a reasearch and put 2-3 review sites that will promote other people products. And here is What we have done under 3 days.

We spent around $200 To get 2 super looking review websites and 15 Articles in Total – Unique content + I payed $10 per article.
Some of you will say: Why Did you spent over $10 per article when you can get your articles for less than $3 each – well the answer is I want to make money so I have to spent money and get quality content.

After we got my review websites up, we got our writer and asked her to write us other batch of 100 articles that we will promote or review sites with them.
We payed a total of $800 for that but we got other batch of 10 articles as a bonus and posted them in my review sites.
So each of our review site now has – 2 product reviews + a total of 8 related articles to my niche.

After two months time working on my new sites – We manage to get both of them on the front page of Google. The first one is also ranking in the 1st position and the second on is 5th position in Google for the main keyword.

* Niche one has over 6,000,000 competition
* Niche two has over 2,500,000 competition

Since that was happened around the middle of September the 1st website was bringing me over $120+ daily commission. We had few days with over $300 in sales just by one of this sites. The 2nd website
hit google front page and position 1st in the end of September I thing it was 27th. That website makes me anywhere between $50-70 daily.

So here is what I did.

1. We posted each of my promotional articles to over 25 directories. So thats a total of over 2500+ backlinks if all of them was accepting my articles (Well to be honest I got my articles accepted
in 23 article directories )

2. We spent nearly 7 days – 14 hours on PC each day – creating videos with my articles. When I hit the 100 videos done ( Thanks to my GF for helping me on that one ) – I start to submit each of my
video to the TOP 10 video websites. That toke me only 2 days. ( Thanks again for the help of my GF ) And that brings me more than 1000 backlinks to my site.

3. We bookmark every promotional article to the TOP 15 bookmarking websites and we also bookmarked our inner pages of our review website.

4. We submit our articles to the TOP 5 search engines and we also submitted our review sites and their inner pages.

5. We done RSS feeds submission.

6. We submit our review websites to over 2000+ directories. This was difficult but it toke us no more than 5 days I guess and we also done other work in that time.

7. This was the last but not the easiest part of our promotion. We build some Blog commenting links to over 100+ PR5 websites. This was diffucult if you ask me.

So all of the above we done it manually – We didn’t use any softwares or any automation tools ( this is just my opinion – I don’t like softwares because I cannot track everything the way I wanted to ).

It toke us 17 days in total to complete all the tasks.

What I learned was – ARTICLE MARKETING ROCKS if you follow your goal and be motivated you will success.

Till today those two websites are making us enough money.

Site one makes us – $150+ daily now
Site two makes us – $80+ daily now

Lets hear your success with article marketing and to the ones who are newbies and thinking of stating just follow your goal and stay motivated.

Ivan Georgiev


25 Responses to “Article Marketing Rocks – Follow my very own story that makes me more than $200+ daily on autopilot!”

  1. Nicademouz says

    Good story was quite please with layout and details.
    Great Job..
    Had trouble with name link as didn’t work but I typed correction for me and found your site.
    I enjoyed that too.
    Thanx Nic

  2. hidman says

    WOW, This is a very informative blog post on article marketing. And your GF is also very supportive, something that many marketers lack from their spouses or family. Good for you! 🙂

  3. Ken says

    Can you tell me where to go to get review websites made and where I can buy a batch of articles as well? I have been trying to do all of the same stuff you did, but by myself, and it is a very slow process. I have written and had approved 50 articles so far since July, and have created 15 blogs that promote just one product or variations of a product,on each blog and that is where I link my articles to. It is very spotty on sales,I have made as much as $100 in a day, average day is $30-$40, but then I might go 4 or 5 days with nothing. I need more consistent sales each day. So, back to the original question, can you tell me where to find these services reasonable, that do a good job?

  4. Dave says

    A great article, blows the myth of profit without work or effort. I am intrested in producing promotional videos, could you give me a link to where I could see onr of yours for research purposes.

  5. peter mcgrath says

    hi john

    another great post it was interesting learning the steps involved in getting your site earning money
    i guess theres no substite for getting a goodarticle writer
    to write you about ioo articles also videos and rss feeds seem really important to get traffic
    many thanks
    peter mcgrath

  6. Joe says

    Interesting stuff and you have worked very hard. You deserve all you get in return. One question? if your website consists of only a salespage then how do you promote to it as there are no inner pages. Hope someone will explain.

  7. John Yeo says

    Hi Joe, you can create a squeeze page for your website and start collecting leads…and you can use autoresponder messages to convince your subscribers to buy from you.

  8. K.Charanyanond. says

    How can you submit your articles to 2000 directories,This is a very good post.It’s good example to others,thanks.

  9. John Yeo says

    Hi K.Charanyanod, you need a team of staff to do that for you and you need to have the software. It is not cheap and we have it. You can find out more at

  10. Aatlas says

    Hey Joe,
    Just to answer your question, How to promote to your Blob.
    A Blog indeed is just a one page site.

    In Ivan’s case, he has submitted articles to numerous article submission sites with Links coming Back, Hence, “Back Links” To his Blog which happens to be review sites reviewing someone else’s products (It can be your own products as well).

    When people visit his Blog via the links from these article submission sites, and after reviewing his Blog’s contents, and should they be interested further in whatever he is reviewing and would wish to purchase the product, they will click on another link on his Blog which will take them to the Product Owner’s Website, or Blog.
    They Purchase the product and Ivan make his commissions.

    The Follow Through Actions would be as such,
    Write Articles -> Submit To Article Submission Sites -> Links Back To Your Blog -> Reviews Products -> Links to Product Owner’s Website/Blog -> Prospect Buys = $$ commisions 4 You

    Google Loves Authority Articles Submission Sites such as Enzine Articles, and Google Loves articles with Good relevant Contents to your Blog and will rank your Blog or Website very High because of this!
    The Key is to have as many “Back Links” Coming back to your Blog from all these Authurity Sites.

    Like Ivan, a little bit of Elbow Grease will pay off for you with Article Marketing.

    I Hope I have answered your question with enough light for you to see your next step Forward : )

    To Your Success in Abundance!

  11. John Yeo says

    Thanks Aatlas for the help =)

  12. Deb Lamb says

    I have to agree with the others, good article and very helpful information.

    As a writer myself, this is one of my best selling services, article marketing, and that is because it works!

    I write articles and submit them to article directories, book marking sites, etc…I too have been able to have Google Page Rank of one and in the first spot for my keywords.

    You are so right, it does work, however, it is time consuming and can be a bit frustrating, but it DOES work.

    Forgive me but for those that need help writing, please feel free to contact me, I would be happy to take on some new clients!

    Thanks so much, make it a great day and keep up the good work!

    Deb 🙂

  13. Living Low Impact says

    Wow. This is just what I was/am looking for. A blueprint that can be followed. This makes total sense to me. Would just like to know what sort of monetizing he is using. Affiliate products or adsense or what.

    Thanks for the really great share. Now, go to work Kathy.

  14. John Yeo says

    Hi Ken, for review websites, you can google “product name + review” and you can read about other reviews and create your own reviews and give your inputs.

    we have reliable in house writers if you want to write articles…just drop me an email at

  15. Joe says

    Thanks Aatlas and John for the reply. Helps a lot!

  16. Norene says

    What a great post! I have used article marketing, but never to that extent, or that well planned out! Back to the drawing board — I think this post will help me move forward quickly! -Norene

  17. Anatoly says

    Dobre Doshli, Ivan!
    may you drop me couple of lines about your business?
    Toronto ON CANADA

  18. Brandon Schmid says

    Great post. Just one question. When you say that you bookmark each article what do you mean? Do you mean that you are submitting each article to all the bookmarking sites like delicious?


  19. John Yeo says

    Yes Brandon….u can submit them to the many popular social
    bookmarking sites.
    one example is

  20. Brandon Schmid says

    My Idea is to do the exact same thing but drive all the traffic to a squeeze page. From there I will promote my product to them

  21. Brandon Schmid says

    Awesome!!! thanks John. I would assume you would need to be registered to each site before you can submit to it?

  22. John Yeo says

    Yes, definitely Brandon =)

  23. Aatla$ "The World" says

    Hey Living Low Impact,
    Just to add to your question of monetization.

    Your Blog can consist of various monatization features.

    Adsense – Google will place relevant adds on your blog in relation to the contents of your Blog.

    Affilite Products – Banners, Links (Sign up for affiliate products, anything useful to your contents or internet marketing, blogging, etc..)

    You can pretty much fill your Blog to the Brim, overflowing with affiliate banners, links, Adsense, etc…

    But, just keep in mind you never want to distract your Prospect’s reasons for coming to your Blog in the first place (The Main Contents), so keep your Blog simple, make it enticing, pleasing, yet non-distracting to the prospect’s eyes and interest.

    I hope this helps a bit more.

    To Your $uccess in Abundance,

  24. Aatla$ "The World" says

    Hey No worries John, Thanks



  25. Aatla$ "The World" says

    Hey You’re welcome Joe, Good Luck!

    To Your Success in Abundance,

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