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Hi, A contest on article marketing was held recently
and there were a total of 74 comments!

=> Ask Me A Question About Article Marketing & Win A Prize – 3 Lucky Winners!

As promised, I will be answering the questions to the
best I can. If you have new info or want to correct
the content, go ahead and submit in the comment box

1. Hi John,

I was wondering how exactly do you set out to find these keywords that you write articles on and just use 6 articles to earn money? Seems really difficult to find keywords that I can actually fight against and earn money from it.


Hi Andrew,

For keywords optimisation, I have a blog post done up
=> Get More Traffic By Setting The Keywords Right

2. Hi John,

Thanks for helping to answer our queries on article marketing and also for putting up this excellent contest. I would just like to know, how many article directories do you recommend distributing our articles to?


The number 1 article directory you should and must
submit is

You can submit to as many directories as you want later on
and the more the merrier as you get to have backlinks
to your blog.

3. Hi John,

I find writing articles a very time consuming business, although everyone says that article marketing is a vital element for generating traffic to a site. How do you speed up the process and write targeted, good quality articles at the same time? Do you have a system you use?

Hi Milly,

The purpose of article marketing is to get people
to click on the affiliate link in the resource box.

You can:
1. first paragraph – the problem the reader is facing
2. 2nd paragraph – 3 to 5 reasons why it is important to
tackle the problem
3. 3rd paragraph – one conclusion on why the problem
has to be solved now

About 250 to 300 words will do as readers (like us)
have short attention span and most likely, they will
skim through your articles.

4. Hi John,

I have not one but few questions to ask.

1. You mentioned 6 articles to get your first sale. My newly setup blog is already on the 6th. I did a “site:” in google and find most of my posts not indexed by google. Pretty sure to say I followed most of google’s T&C but it’s really taking too long. My articles are 400-500 long and definitely unique content. How can I make google index my articles fast?

2. Factors like domain age play considerable amount how google ranks you. Is your domain newly setup and only with 6 articles? In a nutshell, what’s your domain age before you get that sale?

3. With the niche keyword finding tools out in the market, it’s pretty easy for competitors to find similar long tails, hence building sites similar to yours. How can you ensure with only 6 articles, your blog stays on top?

4. In the 6 articles published, were you fighting for different long tails? Or is it just one and which page makes your landing site (e.g. home page or post or some pages like about, contact us or some affiliate pre-sales page)?

5. Socialbookmarking, RSS and article submissions are great avenue for gaining web presence. How often do you do them? And when you do, you create presence for main page or individual posts / page? How many each time to avoid spamming?

6. This question may be a bit off topic but if you could advice, it may help our fellow marketers around.

Here it goes… Most of us know the few avenues of $$$ making strategies like CPA, adsense, affiliate mkting etc. How do you identify which niche goes to which strategy (e.g. debts / loans might go under CPA or adsense cos of the high payout and purchase not required).

7. In relation to question 6, when you identify the strategy, what are the strategies to make sure your readers – click on your ads (if you’re doing adsense), buy your products (doing affiliates) etc?

On behalf of the struggling bloggers out there, thank you John!

1. Post in and they will be indexed as itself is
a high PR site, highly favored by Google.
2. My domain is only 3 months old. The magic comes in how
you direct traffic.
3. Target less competitive but highly searches keywords.
4. The keywords are all different but focusing on the same
niche. I am using blog to promote the affiliate product.
5. You can bookmark the same article as many times as you
want. Do it once every 3 days so it looks less spammy.
6. I only do affiliate marketing using blogs.
7. You refer to #3.

5. All I know about the internet is sending and answering emails, surfing and I really am at a lost as to the terms you are using such as blogging, url, IP etc. Without any background on this a do you think I can follow your tutorials. How long will it take me to earn if I do. I am interested for I also want to earn but a bit hesitant because of this.


Hi Evangeline,

It took my first student to take 10 days to earn
her 50 dollars and she is very new to blogging too.
She has signed up for my blogging
membership site

6. Dear John, would you clarify for me what is unique content. One thing maybe unique for one person and not for another?

Unique content is content you personally
write. So all the content is new and never
published in the net before.

7. John, Is automated article submission just as effective as writing articles yourself and submitting them the old way?

Automated article submission is using software to
submit the articles and it is much more efficient. It
saves you alot of time and effort.

8. Hi John.
My question could be a little dumb but here goes. After you submit an article and it is accepted, what happens next? If no-one picks it up for their blog or whatever, how will the article help you drive traffic?

Regards Mike.

Hi Mike, there is no need for them
to pick it up for their blog. The aim is to
get the keyword ranked easily in Google,
leveraging on the high page rank of ezinearticles.

9. On the site provided I have some of the articles I’ve written but I have many more.I am very passionate about what I write and I feel there is a way I can market my articles properly; can you help me?

Hi Florence, you can read the answers provided above. =)

10. John, I joined many articles membership site and bought many PLR articles but I never submit that article to any directories. I worry about duplicate article. How to make sure that my PLR article do not same with others even that article has already re-written ? Does all the software rewriter give the same result?
Is your article re write by human ? (not machine? ). Where is the best place I can find a person can re write an article with competitive price, good result and fastly ?

Thanks Jhon

Hi Sam,

I have my own team of writers. Otherwise, you can find them from Just make sure you screen them before you hire them. Ge them to submit sample articles.


11. Hi John, I want to start by saying thankyou for all of your wonderful advice, it is invaluable.
Now for my question…what is the best size for articles to be? I could easily write articles of over 3 or 4 pages, but I want to know if that is too long.

Hi Jeremy, 250 to 300 words is good enough. Normally people do not read articles that are too long.

12. How can one rewrite plr articles without the laborious task of reading each line and paragraph individually?

Hi Jay, Hire someone to write if you do not enjoy writing.

13. hi john I have been your follower ever since I entered this internet business but I must admit that I have been a member of ewen chia’s secret affiliate and until now I have not make it work out due to some less time for my computer this fast weeks I have to attend to my family needs first and due to financial shortage even though I really love to be coach by you personally,about article writing I dont really get what to write and how can I connect it to the link I think we have just to write an article even it is not relevant to my promotion rigth we only have to write so that we can put our promotion link to the site, thnx again for not letting me off to your followers john I owe you alot. =)

Hi Augusto,

You can get content from all over Google. Google for content
and take a tip from every article you see.

Insert your opinion, comment, advice etc and you
get a totally new article with unique content.

14. I have a question……How do you write 6 article in an hour? I would think it would be of low quality if it is 100% unique and not taken from one of your ebooks or somthing.

Another question. How are you actually making the money? Are you promoting an affiliate product or your own product?


Hi Brandon,

If you follow my structure in question 3, it applies
for all the articles. And I need to do is to Google for
content. Go to and use their content
for your own reference.

15. If your not very good at writing articles, (such as me) then how can one write articles to submit to article directory’s???
As i am new to all this i have no clue to writing, or submitting
at all.

Have A Great Day!!!

Hi dyingwolf61,

Get writers to write for you. I prefer to work on
something aligned to my strength which is marketing
and strategising.

16. If I’m not fluent in English, how could I write an articles like a pro? Maybe you could share some tips or strategies?

Thanks in advance.

Hi oktant,

Same as the advice I have given above. Pay someone to write for you.

17. Hi John,

I’ve been following you for a while now and love your posts and articles.

I don’t find any difficulty in writing a lot of articles (3-5 articles, up to 750 words each) in a few hours – and yes I do type @ 100wpm 🙂 I use PLR content as my starting point and completely rewrite each article so less than 50% matches the original.

My question is this and is really in 2 parts –

When you are writing your 6 articles, are you using the same keywords for each article, or a variation on similar keywords?

And are you then relying solely on those 6 articles to get you results or are they part of a growing number of similar keyword targeted articles, that you’re writing six of, per day?

I’m guessing you aren’t using Ezine Articles? I am having such a hard time getting my articles even reviewed there – 3 took over 2 and a half weeks to be approved. Not good if you want fast results!


Hi Rebecca,

1. I use 6 different long tail keywords which I researched on. They must be of low competition and high search.
2. Yes, just the 6 articles then. Now I have more.
3. I am using Ezinearticles and all of them are approved. But it will take some time for approval for new account.

18. Hi John,
I have read that most of the article submission directories
are ineffective and useless. My question is: which are the
top ten directories based on your personal experience (you
can leave out as it is rated topmost)?

Hi Penkov,

Yes, And you can google “top article directories”.

19. Hi John,

1. What’s your opinion on getting slapped by google for distributing too many articles, too quick? Is there a potential of this happening?

2. What’s the best method for effectively and quickly writing articles on topics you know nothing about?

3. Author Resource Box: What’s the best way these should be written? Any guidelines for making these really effective?



Hi Mark,

As long as you get them approved in EZA, you are fine. And other articles in directories serve as backlinks to your blog and will increase the ranking of the keyword you are targeting in Google.

For your 3rd question, the best is “to find out more about , click here

20. Hi John,

Still a bit confused, have several questions, but the main one is whoa writes the articles,etc. and really how the whole thing works, could you break it down, like the exact steps to go through.

Hi Luis,
1. Research on the right keywords
2. Write the articles
3. Submit to EZA
4. Create backlinks to every EZA with a linkwheel (for advanced learners)
*You can check out BlogCashMentor on how we create backlinks for you.

Check out my entire Article Marketing category. All the info you need is there.

21. Hi John?
1) How do you drive traffic to your blog using only 6 articles?
2) Is niche important, is a money makingniche more difficult to get click thrus than non-money making niches?
3) How do you identify a niche?

Hi Penny,
1. Submit to EZA and choose the right keywords.
2. All niches are easy if you found the right keywords which are profitable. Choose keywords surrounding “solving a problem”

Examples are “how to”, “tips on”. “help in”.
3. Go to Clickbank marketplace

22. Hi john, thanks for the opportunity… i for one use article as a promotional tool but the problem is am not getting sales, i don’t know whether my articles are not unique enough… plz i need your advice on how to go about article marketing. i need it badly, it’s the only promotional tactics am planning on using since i don’t have enough cash

Hi Emmanuel,

First of all, which article directory did you submit to?

There are many free ways to create backlinks such as blog comments posting in do-follow blogs, forums’ signatures, social bookmarkings and social networking sites.

23. How would you go about monetizing a political blog and the article marketing for it?

Hi Rich, I am not familiar with this niche. I am sure there are easier niches to go into.

You can use Google Keyword Tool to find words people are searching for.

24. Hi John,

Thank you for the kind offer.

I also have the same question as Seigfried has, you talk about the $45 income information and all of the sudden, you change to article marketing stuff. This is quite confusing.

Anyway, I have a few questions on article marketing.

1 We normally have a limit amount of profitable keywords. How many times we use a keyword to be main keyword in different articles?

2 How many articles do we write on one niche until we think that it is enough and we don’t have to do anything on that any longer?



Hi Jim,

This post is about how I use article marketing to make money. You need to use a method to make money.

1. You can use it as many times as you want. Just make sure the flow is natural.

2. When you see money coming in and if you stop writing, the money continues to flow in.

25. Writing 6 articles is probably easy enough if yo can find a lot of content on the internet and rewrite this. My question is how do you find content for subjects that are more complex, for example woodworking software. It is easy to write a few articles, but after the first 10, where do you find great content?

Secondly, should you post the article on your blog first or submit it to article directories?

Is there a faster way to generate fresh content and write articles? Do you need speech to text software?

Hi Farhad,

Read some of the answers I gave above. The content comes from Google and article directories.

Submit to EZA first, then submit to other directories and place in your blog.

26. I’m new to Internet Marketing in general and article marketing, specifically, though I am trying to learn everything I can. How can you keep from being drowned out by other article marketers who are writing articles about the same topic. My main interest is in the Self-Improvement niche. Is there a way that my article won’t be drowned out by others if it’s a popular topic?

Hi Katherine,

Choose the keywords you want to target carefully. Self-improvement is a really big niche. Go into subniche which is profitable and is not competitive.

Then you can dominate it.

27. Hi John, What type of page do you like to send your article readers to? A sales page or a squeezpe page? Or does it depend on wether you want to make an immediate sale or merely generate new leads with the hopes of a sale down the road? Thanks John, great blog post as always, Steve D.

Hi Steve,

You can send them to:
1. the affiliate sales page
2. squeeze page
3. blog

Test and see which one converts best.

28. i John,

I have several questions about article marketing. From what I’ve researched on the Warrior Forum, I’ve discovered two things:

1. Duplicate content is increasingly perceived as a myth
2. The best approach is to post the article FIRST to your blog, and THEN to article directories (EZA for good long-term backlinks, and GoArticles for quick link juice).

However, there are several issues that remain in my mind, including the following:

1. Should one optimize the article for the desired keyphrase – at the risk of having the article outrank my blog – OR should I only include the keyphrase in my bio box so as to get the backlink?

Essentially what this means is, am I trying to use EZA (or other directories) to drive traffic, OR to get more backlink juice so that my natural rankings will increase (and thus yield more ‘organic’ traffic)?

2. The above question then leads to two subquestions:

a. If I’m going for the driving-traffic scenario, the keyphrase density becomes very important. What is the best keyword placement for, say, a 500-word article?
b. If I’m going for the backlink juice, my bio box becomes very important. What is the most effective structure that you’ve found for a bio box that makes it completely irresistible in getting the click?

Am looking forward to your answers, John!



Hi Kat,

I have answered most of your questions above. In fact, the key part in your article is the title and the bio box. Only these two places need to have your keyword.

29. Hi John,

Here’s my question:
What is the best way to write headlines to “hook” the reader? I mean writing articles is all fine and dandy but if no one reads it or clicks through to the link in the resource box then its all for naught.


Hi Miles,

Long titles are always good as they stand out from the rest of the titles.

30. Hi, John

Thanks for the post.

Got any article sites those allow us to put the resource box with affliate link? As I know, ezine don’t allow us to do that.

What will be the best way to write article to promote affilaite product?

Hi Elvin,

Use a .net or .info (cheap domains) and do redirect with your affiliate links embedded.

31. Hi. Here’s my 2nd dumb question. Duplicate articles. There are many article submitters available. But now I keep hearing they are no good as the article sites wont accept duplicate articles. Meaning that the same article submitted to different networks isnt allowed. Is this true?
Regards Mike.

Hi Mike,

I have submitted the same article using software for my other blogs. So far no problem.

32. John,
I’d like to know how to find good keywords for my article and how often to use them in order to make my article relevant for
Thanks, I look forward to your article writing series.

Hi Ann, You can refer to question 1.

33. In your post, you say that your wrote articles, well did you post them on your blog or sent them to article directories.How did you make money?

Hi Miracle,

I submitted to EZA.

34. Ok…you said no there are no silly questions:

You wrote 6 articles…all on the same subject or similar?

Did you post the same article on all the different sites or
did you submit different ones to different sites?

How often did you submit the articles?

Did you have only a link back to your blog or were any direct to
a single website? Was the $45 a result of a single purchase from items linked to your articles or do your customers purchase other items that you have advertised on your blog?


Hi Kathleen,

Yes, on the same subject.
I submitted just that once and all of them are pointing
to one blog. And It is a single purchase of an affiliate

35. Are there certain points to keep in mind when you wright a article?

Hi Nabreska ,

In addition to what I wrote above, keep it
simple so that anyone can understand.

Use “you” because the article is about the reader.

36. Exactly what is article marketing and how do you go about getting started? I am new to blogging and my interests are getting pregnant and taking care of a newborn.

Hi Andrea, Read this entire post and you can see the picture.

37. My blog is on holistic wellness and so covers 7 different areas of life (body, mind, spirit, emotions, relationships, vocation, and environment). If I write an article on, say, spiritual wellness should the link in my resource box lead to a post on spiritual wellness or simply to my latest post, or to the url of my site? It doesn’t seem right to lead the reader to something very similar to the article that they just read, especially if I based the article on a post, but on the other hand that might be just what they want.

Hi Jennifer,

You should link to the page url which you are promoting something.

Your effort must pay off. It is called article marketing and it means you are marketing a product or service to make a profit.

38. Hi John,
Thanks for the chance to ask a question re article marketing. I have written articles and have posted them but perhaps I am putting them in the wrong location.
Can you suggest where you would recommend the best results are likely?

Thanks again

Hi Sarah,

EZA is the first place you have to submit your article. =)

freelance writing


2 Responses to “Article Marketing 101”

  1. Elvin says

    Hi, John

    I can see your great effort in answering those all questions. Really useful and very informative. I learn a lot here.

    Ezine article is the best place to submit article because its PR is 6. For high PR site, your articles will get maximum views for the keywords content in your articles.

    If your articles are good enough, there are many Ezine publishers will take your articles and published them to get more exposure. All those publishers will point to your site. That’s why your site will become famous and get traffics.

  2. Edward Han says

    Great blog with all the answers in questions.

    Thanks! I have learned something new after going through your answers.

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