Which Blog Design Do You Like More?

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Design 1


Design 2


I’m improving the design of my John Yeo Blog in a few weeks’ time. Need your help – which design do you prefer and why?


60 Responses to “Which Blog Design Do You Like More?”

  1. Ron Hirsu says

    Hi Jon

    They both look kind of the same 🙁

    in fact there’s nothing under Design 2…..

  2. Doug Barger says

    Hi John,

    I like the first one
    with the blue background

    because it is soothing to the eye
    and provides some contrast

    –so that it makes the blog appear more in focus.

    Furthermore, certain shades of blue backgrounds have tested routinely to outperform any other color.

    (*caveat: this is in terms of salespages, so would probably work with getting responses on your blog too…

    But as always, you’ll want to split test the two to see which one gives you the best results in terms of response and which one you and your readers like the best. Hope this is helpful my good friend.)

    Either way, with the pics of your lovely wife, beautiful daughter and yourself, you should have a winner no matter which one you use!

  3. Harrison says

    Do you mean which is better between the current design and this new one? (both designs here are the same.)

    If so I like your current one. More to the point and simple for the eyes.

    Keep up the good work.

  4. Carol says

    I have to agree with Doug, both are nice but the first one is my pic. Very soft and calming.

  5. Harrison says

    Oh I see. I like the red side panels. (2nd) It keeps the color scheme going, and feels like the page has ‘borders’ so your eyes don’t feel like they want to wander.

  6. bruce says

    It’s a joke, right? They are exactly the same.

  7. Ian Bird says

    Either one, John.

    They both look great!


    Ian Bird

  8. Catherine says

    …and I’d say the maroon as it has more overall continuity

    But I’d agree that your family is very cute 🙂


  9. John Yeo says

    Thanks alot for the constructive comments…keep the comments coming =)

  10. John Yeo says

    Hi Bruce,

    The color of the borders are different…


  11. Sarah says

    Yeah, I thought the two were the same. You could try either totally blue, or totally red. The second one with the red gradient looks better.
    You look like Stuart in the solo shot.

  12. DSI GAMES says

    go for the blue dude

  13. Jenn Brockman (alexshares) says

    I like the red better. Seems to bring the content more into focus.

  14. JOHN WRIGHT says

    I think number two is better, lighter and easier on the eyes
    but someone above said the first one had a blue background,I
    guess my eyes must be fooling me,the only difference to me is
    the second one seems lighter and clearer.Love the way you put
    your family in it,great thinking.You truly are a great designer
    and great at putting things together.I have a question,what
    would you charge me to put a different theme in my blog?

  15. Ruthlea says

    The first one is my choice as it presents lighter and clearer.
    Thanks for sharing your family photos.

  16. Diana says

    The blue background makes the heading edges look sharper.
    However, this same effect (sharper delineation) works against the text section because the border edge “hems in” the text area and side area, giving the impression the area is more narrow.
    I would suggest stay with blue, but start the gradient fade sooner. The lighter shade and especially the white edge next to the text lets the text area seem wider, of having more space around it, which makes the text easier on the eye.
    The smiling faces of your family make me want to smile back.

  17. James Elliott says

    I was thinking the same as Bruce until you told him the color of the borders are different. They both look great but I like the blue

  18. Kev says

    The blue is more aesthetically pleasing. It appears less obtrusive.

  19. Eva-Karin Berglund says


    the blue one i s the best, blue is a nice colour that
    makes people happy 🙂


    Ps, our flag is blue and yellow, perhaps thats why I prefere blue 🙂

    Best wishes.

  20. Serena says

    I could not tell the difference either until someone mentioned the borders. I vote for the second. Blending looks better here.

  21. Blog Traffic Formula says

    John, I prefer the first one. 🙂



  22. James says

    I’ve designed so many with a blue theme that I’m afraid that has tainted my opinion here. Also, being a Georgia Bulldog fan, Red is always my favorite color.

    Personally, I agree with Diana in her first two sentences. The blue clearly defines the header edges, but where it turned me off was everything below the header image. I liked the definition to the page that the maroon theme gave. My business partner hates any sites that we design where the header, footer, or even the margins appear to run off the page (in printer terms I think it’s called full bleed). He says it always make him wonder what else is out there. I think the second one keeps one from wondering that.

    Regardless, as everyone else has said, I love the photos of your family – that is perfect for the “Work at Home” idea that you’re putting out here.

    Either choice is still great looking and sooooooooo much better than probably 90% of the sites out there right now.

  23. Kat says


    I would run another test with a different picture.

    You baby is very cute (by the way, congratulation!!!), but there is a lot of blues in this photo, which blends well with the blue border.

    Try a different picture or two with the colours like yellow, green, purple etc. and see the results. I think the second one will blend better, as it goes well with the header.

  24. Venkatesh says

    The first one.

    I believe in blue. It is a tested and tried color.

  25. Emmett Butler says

    I was like Bruce, saw only one until I read the other coments and saw it was the border that was different I like number one not so harsh on the eys hagd Emmett

  26. Pat Ilott says

    Hi, I like the second one, because it makes the photograph stand out strongest.
    The photograph is the first point of impact.
    I usually look at the picture, then read the writing.

  27. Bob Spear says

    I didn’t see a difference until I read the comments. I think the blue border may be better, since the red kind of jars. In either case, the differences are at a subliminal level. They just weren’t noticeable.

  28. John says

    Yeah right you got my interest.
    They’re both the same John!!!!

  29. klezz says

    any of them, it looks great!

  30. klezz says

    actually i didn’t notice the difference… but any of them, coz both looks great!

  31. John Yeo says

    Thanks for the great feedback…colors do play a big part in providing the readers the right experience … even subtle change in colors at the borders in this case…. =)

  32. Tom L says

    I prefer the blue, also. However, Kat has a definite point. Different colored pictures may change all our minds. 😉

  33. Donna Brogan says

    I like the red better. It all blends together better. The blue seems to make it look like there is no border at all. Your baby is adorable.

  34. Andre Arnett says

    I personally like the maroon one, I like the colors a lot better. Either way they bot do look good. Good luck.

  35. Brenda Lewis says

    I like them both but for different reasons.

    In design 1 the blue provides a high level of contrast between the border and the header. The header really stands out here but the body lacks definition. However, design 2 creates definition for the body but the header lacks focus.

    Have you considered using the red background but reversing the gradient? That way you get the sharp contrast in both areas.

  36. igor Griffiths says

    Hi John

    I would go with the first one, as it keeps the reader focussed on the blog, I felt my eyes wandering off the page with the second as there is no distinction between the blog and the background.

    Also the comment about both being the same, I had this last night when I checked this site last night on my phone, they were both displayed without the background colour on my Blackberry, hence as I know you are not a wind up merchant I waited until I got to my pc.

    All the best and speak soon


  37. Karen says

    I like the continuity of the maroon one

  38. Natbo46 says

    The first one, but I don’t know why.

  39. normz2 says

    They both look the sameto me. I would go with a lighter background Lite blue or red would be good.

  40. Phill says

    Hi John
    Go the blue.


  41. Alessandro Zamboni says

    Hi John, I prefer the second one !
    The colors chosen are similar and smoothy.

    Goodbye john,
    Alessandro Zamboni

  42. Bob Lowell says

    I like the first one. Where do you get the plug-in or software to select the category or archive?

  43. Margaret says

    Hi John

    I would go for the blue. It is more attractive to the eye and lends a gentle contrast from your other color.

  44. Henry Pilie says

    Likewise here. I didn’t know the difference until somebody mentioned the borders. I like the second one and it’s not because I am a Queensland Maroons fan. I just like it maybe personal preference play alot here.


  45. Dan Martin says

    I don’t really care for white lettering on a dark color as headers. If I had to pick though I prefer the red one. The gradient makes it seem like you spent more time on it.

  46. Tang Jia Bin says


    I think blue’s great. Actually like Bruce, I thought there was no difference… Haha..

  47. John Yeo says

    haha..thanks guys! wow…i think I will be choosing the blue too…still deciding

  48. luis says

    They both look the same, either one, which one do you and your wife like

  49. luis says

    No john I don’t think so, I think this is the first time I seen this, but they both look OK and the same to me, other than that I don’t know what else to say

  50. Nancy Ball says

    After realizing the only difference was the border color, my choice would be the second one. Beautiful pics of your family!

  51. Maria Mekus says

    Number two has my vote. The blue one (first blog) has the blue which goes with the picture, but I think the blue would be out of place once the picture is changed.

    The second one (red) seems to be more professional.
    Maria Mekus

  52. t.syarbaini says

    Hi John, let take short, the photo of your child more bright than the first one. So you can take the design 2. In fact, the two pictures not too much differ.

    see you then,

  53. Edward Han says

    Blue is like the sea and it is soothing to the eyes.

    It makes a contrast with the main inner page.

    Most important that will be blending. As long as it can blend with the inner page, then it will be great!

  54. Mohamad Azman Bin Ismail says

    Of course design # 1. With the light blue border it makes everything else looks very cool.
    Got to learn from you. Appreciate it if you could get in touch with me personally.
    Keep it up, Buddy.

  55. Mark says

    Hi John, the blue would be my first choice,
    either way looks good.

    Why are you taking the testimonial, product
    contact me… away from your blog. I thought
    they were good to have.

    Just my opinion.


  56. susan ward says

    John – I agree with James (March 25). The red seems better to me because it adds definition. It also adds warmth, which reminds me of abundance. Susan

  57. powerpaul says

    Hi John,

    Are we talking about the text box @ top mentioning the “you get the money” offer?
    Is that the #1 to #2 difference?

    I’m reading people mentioning the color differences only.

    If it’s the text box vs. none – I think this makes all the difference.
    You’re getting people’s attention when you have some kind of “money offer” in the big yellow headline (FIRST THING) as well as saying “YOU do the work”.
    …Evokes Curiosity.
    Then you also offer “get your blog here” which is bonus number 2 for you in getting their interest.

    If this is the case I vote #1.

    If it’s only the color difference of the 2, then I vote #2 it frames it in better.

    Have fun,


  58. alvin says

    I like the but I just dont have the money. I think you for senting me your up data.

  59. Edward Han says

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  60. adam says

    I like the maroon color but in this case I would chose the design 1. Anything in excess is also bad so design 2 has an excessive maroon color on it so I think it doesn’t look good.

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