My Blog Has A New Makeover!

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Hi, you may realise there is something different about my blog today… :p

I am proud to introduce the new John Yeo Blog. “Wohohoho!!

My blog has a fresh look and it is inspired by family members, my wife and baby…I started my blogging business a year and a half ago so I can be a stay-at-home-dad just to take care of my girl.

I just wanted to remind myself of the purpose of my business whenever I read or write in my personal blog. And that is why you see the many lovely pictures of my family.

One of my mentors have taught me to always remind yourself the purpose of making a difference in your life. If there is no strong reason to live our life differently, we going to be like any other normal human being who follows a daily routine of working, sleeping and working.

And once you have found your special reason to make a difference to your own life, you need a daily reminder. It can be a mind-map of your goals pasted in your bedroom. Or if you are doing it for your daddy who you have loved so much, you may want to place his photo in the living room of your house so you can always be reminded of him and your direction in life.

As for me, I choose to have my family photos on my blog so I can be always reminded of my purpose.

I wanted very much to share with everyone out there the Very simple blogging tips which you can easily understand, learn and apply.

So you can also work from home and like me, spend more time with your family members…

This is my purpose.

The benefit of working from home is many. And being able to work from home can benefit you in many ways.

I see you at the top…and submit in the comment box below your purpose of wanting to be able to make money online.

I look forward to hearing from you.


26 Responses to “My Blog Has A New Makeover!”

  1. Seeking Moms says

    I’m a work-at-home mom and I must say that it is truly rewarding. I get to spend more time with my family (which is my 1st priority) and at the same time help with the household expenditures. I never regret the day I quit my job; it was one of the happiest days of my life, actually.

  2. Alessandro Zamboni says

    Hi John, I’m happy you decided to change your theme.
    This is fantastic and well made !
    Every element fits perfectly in its place.

    And you are right about the daily reminder.
    It helps so much remembering that you are working at home !

    Thanks and goodbye,
    Alessandro Zamboni

  3. Jia Bin says

    Love your new design! Keep it up! 🙂

  4. Krave182 says

    I dont have knowlege to make money online. Im so poor!! ^_^ But hey, i salute u for being a successful blogger, that generates a lot of cash online.

  5. Kristie Chiles says

    John, Love your family photos! Love your passion for helping others and I am one of those you are helping! Keep it up! Love your stuff! God bless you!


  6. Paul Hanna says

    Hi John
    Love the new style, hope your not having to many sleepless nights.
    Your theme loads fast for a big graphic, keep up the good work.

  7. Nooyawka says

    Your new design is a winner!

    The family pictures show that your wife is a very happy woman. If you continue to keep her happy you will have a wonderful life.

  8. Donna Brogan says


    The new design is perfect. Keep up the good work.

  9. Brennan Kingsland says

    Dear John,
    Sorry I didn’t vote but the new design looks terrific! It really says everything that those of us who work at home are interested in – family and a happy life. And, dare I say, you really touch a nerve with the “blogging made VERY simple” header.
    Nicely done!
    Your friend,

  10. John Yeo says

    Thanks everyone for the nice comments….yes, the objective for my blog is to use the simplest and fastest blogging methods for you to make money online.. =)

    keep the comments coming in… =)

  11. Terry says

    Like you, the very purpose of me doing an online business is to spend the best of my time with those I love and treasure. Thanks John for being that someone that I can emulate.


    P.S I love this new theme. It is refreshing. A new blog design to mark a new chapter in your life… You will make a great father…

  12. Ghaleed Adams says

    Love the new blog design John. Keep up the great work!

  13. Randy Koehler says

    Hi John,

    Exceptional look and feel to your site. I really like it.

    The focus is perfect. Family is truly number one and you have highlighted this nicely.

    Take care,

  14. Dan Martin says

    I don’t remember this as one of the choices but it’s easy to read, even the white lettering on the red blocks. The font size is pleasing. Good choice. Your personal photos make you seem much more approachable. I like it.

  15. Misako says

    Love Your New Blog Theme. Very Nice! 🙂

  16. Blog Traffic Formula says

    Hi John,

    I like your new theme as I’ve voted before.
    It’s clean and for sure I’ll stay longer here to read your future posts. 🙂



  17. Adedeji Ademola says

    Congratulations on the successful completion of your new You are a true model. Keep it up

  18. Jeffrey says

    Hi John,
    Much better, the banner is rockin’, now try to come up with a texture for the sides or if you are feeling good about the lite gray color, try some pencil drawings of yourself at work and at home with your family!

  19. udhay says

    I need to make money online and i do love to post . If I can understand the tips i can be on my way.

  20. Bob Marconi says

    Looks good! Did you get the okay of the new little one?

  21. luis says

    Love it, its really nice, the pictures are great

  22. Romy says

    Hi John,

    I like what you are doing, it is very interesting. As you know John, I am already a retired senior citizen, and this is the reason why I want to make money online. I am no longer capable of doing a living for my medical maintenance out side from home.



  23. John Yeo says


    thanks for the comments…

    Hi Bob, my little one is doing great…now the feeding time is every 2 hours and I need to adjust my work-at-home schedule too.


  24. Edward Han says


    I have been doing alot of work-from-home during my night hours and are seeing results after a year of hardwork effort.

    There will be alot of those sites that tell you little or less effort provided that you have all the necessary tools and software to automate.

    As for me, I love the hands on things so I rather do things slowly and get to see results.

    What I learnt in school is about JIT (Just in time) and it had helped me a long way. I learn how to get things organised and what are my priority.

    Wishing everyone a success in their dreams career!

  25. 'My Blog Has A New Makeover!' by John Yeo says

    […] My Blog Has A New Makeover! … […]

  26. Dr. Lawrence Kindo says

    Congrats on the new makeover! I hope you continue with your efforts of keeping us updated on the latest news in the blogging world.

    Thanks again.

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