How did I end up in IM?

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from my wedding planning blog

I stumbled into IM while building a wedding blog as a wedding gift for my wife. You can read more about how I started my wedding blog.

Then, I met some local friends who had been in IM for the past 1 year and they taught me more. =)

It was later through reading IM physical books as well as ebooks expose me to more about IM.

I must say I am really lucky to have met quite a number of millionaires and 6 figures monthly earners who are willing to show me the rope to marketing online.

It was definitely not a smooth journey. I remembered when I first started out, I was working till 2 to 4am almost everyday.

Now I still do, especially the whole team is working together to push out another product.

No matter what, I just want to say if you want to sustain long in this industry, you have to take good care of yourself. Then we can take good care of our family and our customers.


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