[Subscribers Only] BCM Offline Consulting Training – Part 2 + Contest

2012 is coming really soon and we want to help 5 lucky subscribers to blast their way to into a MORE prosperous New Year! This is the reason we are offering this contest.

The Prizes:

We will be selecting 5 lucky subscribers to take part in our BCM (Blog Cash Mentor) offline consulting training.

What is this contest about:

In this contest, the 5 lucky winners will be working with our team till you make your first $100.

Who are in our team?

They include myself and my other students who have successfully made money by offering offline consulting.

How to join:

Joining this contest is really very easy!

To stand a chance to win one of the 5 slots, tell us “One reason why you want to take part in this training”

Your reply should be
“I want in because [[your reasons]]

We will be choosing the winners based on the quality of your answers.

A bad reply is like:
“I want in.”
“I need money.”
“I am broke.”

A good reply is like this:
“I want in because I have been dabbling internet marketing and I know the basic knowledge. Now, I just need someone to guide me.”

“I want in because I am willing to work hard to commit to the programme and do whatever it takes to get me there.”

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Dateline: 31/12/2011, 12 midnight EST

[Subscribers Only] BCM Offline Consulting Training – Part 1

The outcome we want you to achieve: Your first $100!


What we need from you: Your Committment To Take Action!


2012 is coming and we want our subscribers to be successful too and to be able to make money from the internet. As you know, the fastest way for a newbie to make money in Internet marketing niche is through offline consulting.

As long as you can have some basic knowledge of IM and you know how to provide these info to business owners, you can become an offline consultant.

Why offline consulting will always work?
Most business owners are always looking at different ways to market their business to bring in more leads, most customers and more sales. And online marketing is a very powerful method for business owners to leverage on, especially since they already have a moderately strong foundation for their business.

So what is in it for you, as an offline business consultant?

New year is coming and it is definitely a great start for you. You know we have a subscriber-access-only forum. My team and I are going to handhold a selected group of our subscribers and members so as to guide you make your next $100. (If you have yet to sign up as our forums member, sign up right now.)

The model is like this. We believe that if you can make your first $100, it will be really easy for you to make your next $100 and the next and the next.

As for how we are going to do, we are still planning the process with some of our subscribers who have shown results in using what we are going to teach.

So do come back to my blog in 2 days’ time to check out what we have in store for you.

P.S. If you want to be the first to be notified about our training, sign up now at https://blogcashmentor.com/freereport.html You are also able to download our free report on offline consulting and this is definitely going to give you a head start.

“Blogging + Offline Consulting” Combo Course Available Now!

For the past few months, my students and I have been using my breakthrough method to sell blogging services to customers at record fast time ($8000 within 30 days!)

Now get this right:

1) All the students start from scratch with little or no blogging/ offline consulting knowledge

2) This system is so easy to create that even a twelve-year-old kid can do it.

3) Each blogging service can fetch as high as $500 to $3000 if you know how to do it (I’ll show you).

This is one of my most successful programmes in teaching people how to build a business from nothing to something HUGE using really simple techniques and I’m proud to say that it was a smashing success!

4-figure income has be made within 30 days!