Free Offline Consulting Training [Limited to the first 100 who sign up!]

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During these few months, we have been working with an inner circle on the fastest way to make money online using offline methods.

It was not easy. Half of the group quit by the end of the 2 months’ intensive training. Those who chose to continue, had made their work-from-home dreams come true. I am not saying you can make so much till you can retire and live a carefree life. (This is our eventual goal and should be yours too.)

Here is what one of our students did:

After having attended our training, he approached fish mongers in the markets. (This is a pretty interesting way to identify your leads!) He chose his potential customers based on the following criterias.

– He owns more than one fish stalls in the same market or in other places
– He has workers running his stalls for him
– He distributes fresh fish to restaurants
– He is interested to expand his business

Before my student started to poach his clients, he did some keyword research for in his homeland and he found some keywords he can easily ranked for. He is so confident that he felt that he should take at most a month to rank all the chosen keywords for this niche.

With his research done, he approached the clients who he has narrowed down to.
Out of 10 customers he approached, 3 said “yes” and 2 said “maybe”.

Out of the 3 “yes”, he sold them a $1000 a month package which include
– site set up and design
– creation of squeeze page and contact me form
– search engine optimisation (SEO)
– website monthly maintenance (such as adding of new photos, contents, offers and so on)

Since the keywords targeted were easy to rank in search engines due to low competition, his customers got at least $5000 worth of orders every week from restaurant owners who found them on the web.

Let’s take a quick look at the summary of the customer’s experience:
– $1000 investment
– $5000 of sales every week made within a month (500% ROI!!!)

The customer paid my student 6 months upfront so he can lock in the deal of $1000 per month.
And with the testimonials and proven track records, he increased the price of his package from $1000 to $2000 and approached the other 2 “maybes” and converted them to “yes”.

Now this is what he is making from his small but loyal pool of customers who trust him alot:
– US$3000 from the first 3 customers
– US$4000 from the two customers who had signed up later

Total income per month: US$7000 (which is much more than the average income of most profession)

To come to think about it, this model is a very simple model and anyone, including YOU can easily grasp and apply within a week or two.

You know some basic internet marketing skills.
You know where your clients are.
You know what to offer them.
You sell to them and most importantly, you get paid!

Here is another tip for those who feel that he does not know anything.

There are tons of online resources which you can outsource your work to and make a profit out of it.

We want you to learn and master the technique and this is the reason why we have offered to discuss more about it in our private forums.

The discussion will be divided into 5 modules and we will cover one every week:

1. Offline consulting ideas (beside blogging service, what else can you offer to put more money into your pocket)
2. Offline niche selection (which niche is easiest for you to attack and make money from.)
3. Search engine optimization (including keyword research)
4. Blog set up and optimization (we are going to talk about advanced plugins and squeeze page customization)
5. Outsource resources (where and how can you outsource while still keeping up your quality of service)

We are limiting to only 100 sign ups and once it is full, we will close the forums. The forums membership is now free.

To sign up now, click on the following button:

Look forward to working with you!