[Offline Consulting] Part 5 – Profiting from Just ONE Niche

from aixcracker

By now, you should be ready to start your new venture. I have a student who started 2 weeks ago and she is now in the online marketing planning phase with her client.

This means that she is discussing with her client how they should design their sites to suit their business and how they should start collecting leads.

This collaboration is worth over US$2000!
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[Offline Consulting] Part 4 – Increasing Your Profits

from daisy

After connecting with your leads, you will realise that there are many needs of a customer. Providing one type of service is never enough to satisfy the many other needs he has and the new needs you have created through introducing him the first service.

Let me share with you some examples.

What if your customer is a dentist?
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[Offline Consulting] Part 3 – Connecting with Your Leads

from hoodlumpr

In the last post, I talk about getting leads. Now, I want to talk about how you can connect with them and what online platform you can use.

What is the most popular social networking site?

Yes, you are right.


Almost everyone has an account in Facebook. And that includes your potential customers.

The main advantage of finding your leads from Facebook is that he already has an account and is actively using it. And you can get to connect with him and build relationship.

How you can do it?
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[Offline Consulting] Part 2 – Getting Leads

from 35948364@N00

From the previous post about “10 Services Using Blog & Only Blog“, I talked about the different services you can provide as an offline consultant.

In this post, I am going to talk about how you where you can get leads for your business.

There are 4 requirements that you MUST meet:
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[Offline Consulting] Part 1 – 10 Services Using Blog & Only Blog



I realised how easy for someone who is totally new in internet marketing, to break into offline consulting market.

I have a student who has made more than $6000 in less than 30 days just by getting more than 10 advertisers to pay for advertisements in a local online food directory – which is a blog.

You can do it too! And the good news is it is really easy.

Let me show you how!
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