Is Blog Flipping Dead?

from tatocid

Yesterday, a friend of mine asked a very insightful question when we were chatting on skype.

He said this:

Is Blog Flipping Dead?

Now if you’ve read my previous posts on how I and my coaching students have been flipping start-up sites and making a modest sum of money out of them, you probably might be thinking the same thing.

The truth is sales/bids in flippa for start-up sites have dropped significantly recently. A few months back, start-up sites could easily sell for 300-400 bucks a piece. Since these are sites where you could set up in 3 to 4 hours, generating a 3-4K income was drop dead easy. I mean anyone who knows how to setup a wordpress blog and some simple design could slap up a site and flip it for a cool 300 income day. In fact, I know some of you who were following my posts tried to do it yourself.
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