800% ROI in only 4 days for Blog Flipping Coaching!!!

Last week, we had our blog flipping coaching class and it has been an AWESOME experience!

One of our students, John Tan diligently carried out what we covered during the 2 days coaching program and 4 days later, he has made over US$750!

Here is how he did it!
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Our Blog Flipping Coaching Photos


We did a 2-days blog flipping coaching during last weekend!

Here are some photos for sharing.

one lady asked her face to be blurred for privacy reason…just in case you are wondering.

Find out what my student did to make US$750 in just 4 days after the coaching!

=> 800% ROI for BlogFlipping Coaching!!!

Getting Targeted Traffic the Easy Way!



Newbie marketers as well as intermediate marketers like ourselves always face this problem – getting traffic.

Many others had spent countless hours creating very professionally looking websites or blogs, only to find themselves getting stuck at the end. Soon, they abandoned their hard work just because they fail to bring visitors to their blog and not realising how easy it is to get traffic.

They can save their sites from dying only if they know how.

This is why you see many dead sites or blogs out there! In fact, millions of them!

This is the bad news.

But there is good news – if you know the ways to bring visitors to the sites instantly, they can be saved.

And all it takes is a short while – and if you know the short cuts to getting targeted traffic.
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Our First Blog Flipping Workshop

Hi, for the past 2 days, we had our first Blog Flipping offline training. It was a success and I want to thank my whole team for supporting me.

It was a 2 Full days training with tons of stuff covered on blog flipping business system!

We have the trainers, Nicholas, Aloysius, Benrick and myself to do the core training, supported to two wonderful good friends – Sarah and Connie.

If you are interested to know more about our future blog flipping coaching, you can email me at askjohnyeo @ gmail.com or you can contact me at Contact me page.

Email Interview #28: Violet Lim

Hi, my series of email interview is BACK!!!

For this new series, I am interviewing local entrepreneurs. And the questions will be based more on “Mindset of Entrepreneurs”.

From my own experience, striving to be successful for online and offline businesses requires you to have a strong mindset.

* Start of Interview *

1. Please share with my readers who you are and what nature of business you are running.

[Violet:] I am Violet, happily married with two wonderful kids and I am a professional matchmaker.

2. What motivates you to create your business?
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Singaporean Sold Her 1st Blog for US$249!

Here is another testimonial from another student of mine.

I love doing niche research, and I love building websites. I found out about blog flipping, but never tried as I was quite hesitant about doing that, even though I had read ebooks, and watched videos before. Some of them simply talked about the advantages of flipping, but did not show me the exact details in building sites that sell. John showed me every single step, from designing the site, to putting up content on the blog. These technical steps are extremely crucial to newbies, but he taught in a manner that it is easy to understand.

Apart from that, he gave tips and actually took me through how he improved certain things that were lacking from my blog. Next, he gave me lots of ideas on how I could set myself apart from other sellers, and also how I could profit from this.

During the actual listing, he was giving me moral support, and when someone bought and paid for my blog, he continued to teach me how to actually transfer the blog over. He is extremely patient and also what he teaches work. Thanks! I really appreciate this very much.

Sarah Tan

Listing url: https://flippa.com/auctions/103178/Metal-Detecting-Wordpress-Niche-Blog-Worth-608-With-100-Unique-Content

Happy National Day Singapore!

from fiftymm99

Hi, I hope it has been a great long weekend for all my local subscribers as we celebrate our nation’s birthday!

Just wanna give a quick heads up on my Exclusive Underground Blog-Flipping Coaching Program as promised. I previously closed the program since it was full but I know there are some of you who are waiting for any new openings. As such, I was trying to work something out for you the past week.

I called up a few of my inner circle friends and asked them for a favour. These are my very close friends who had helped me a lot throughout my Internet Marketing Journey and I still work closely with them till this day. I feel my students would benefit greatly from their knowledge as well so I requested their help in the coaching program both in the physical classes and the support in the forums.
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