3 Tips Which Sold This Blog For $347!

This is the blog which was just sold!

iPad Blog sold for US$347!


It is weekend soon again and here is another blog post on blog flipping. I am glad that many of my students are making some side income from flipping blogs.

For this group of students, they love setting up blogs and dislike the later stuff. Blog flipping saves them the hassle of generating traffic to the blog and trying really hard to make an affiliate sale and at the same time, it generates them a 4 figure monthly income just by selling at most 4 blogs.

Let me share with you the secrets how this blog was flipped 8 hours ago.

It was a 3 days’ listing and this new iPad blog is sold for US$347!

3 tips which make the auction successful.
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She Made Her 1st USD$50 from Blog Flipping!

Thank you email from JY


I want to congrats a fellow subscriber of mine. Her name is JY and just following the simple steps in my Blog Flipping Case study, JY made her first $50 by blog flipping.

I know $50 is not alot but it is a big deal because she is going to make 3 to 5 times more for her next blog.

And that is US$250!

And if she sells one blog a week, that is US$1000 one month for 4 days of work!

You need to start some where and JY is going to make more money! =)

So what is the magic key here?

Take action, action and action!

The steps are all here in my blog.

And if you can afford and would like me to hand hold you so you can be successful faster, you can check out my blog flipping coaching program.

5 Surefire Tips On Building Authority Online

from tropicaliving

Recently, I met my good friend Perry Lai on MSN chat and we did discuss about the topic on building authority. He will be doing a workshop soon and this post is for his subscribers and participants.


Hi, this post is about building your authority – from someone new to someone of authority.

It is not easy. There are many hurdles.

For me, back in 2006, I was a normal guy. (I am still is…:p)

I ventured into the world of make-money-online niche while everybody else was saying it was too saturated and it was impossible.

No one knows who John Yeo was. No one had ever heard of this name.

I knew these were true BUT I persisted on.

I guess I am the little fly which kept on flying while being swapped a few times.

Now, 4 years later, I managed to slice myself a piece of the big pie with my own list of subscribers (over 12,000!) and my own line of blogging products.

This is how I did it…this is my secret…
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5 Things You Need To Know About Blog Flipping

Another blog sold at US$297 a few days ago…

Hi everyone,

I have decided to post this post because I have received many emails asking about my blog flipping coaching.

Below are some of the questions.

1. What is blog flipping?

Blog flipping is selling a blog for more. For example, you bought a domain for $10 and created a new blog. You can sell it for US$197 to US$397 depending on the bonuses you have, the type of blogs you have created and so on.

Alternatively, you can buy a blog for say, US$39 and after touching up, you can sell it for US$697 or even $1097.

What I meant by touching up could be:
1. Redesigning the blog or site
2. Increasing traffic
3. Increasing the revenue

2. How easy is blog flipping?
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