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It’s John again with a new hot design package for you on the Work At Home niche.
Just add your links and details, your Clickbank link, upload everything, bring targeted traffic and START MAKING MONEY.

Here are 5 ways on how you can make money with this blog:
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How Bloggers Can Make 4 Figures Per Month!

Hi, I know that for the fact that you are reading this post, you are possibly looking for some ways to bring in more income so that you can either work less in your office or quit your job totally.

Working from home is possible and I am sure you can achieve your dream eventually.

And once you know of the shortest short-cut, you will be able to reach where you want to be within the shortest time.

Right now I am going to show you 5 simple steps that you can follow easily and start making 4 figures each month. (and you can quit your job!)

If you have a blog, you can easily leverage on your blog to achieve more success.

If you do not have any blog, it is ok too. You can always have a blog later on once you have done this step.

I assure you that this method will require the least time, least effort and least resources from you.

You will need to get the basic stuff such as a paid hosting and a domain from godaddy.com

Are you ready? “LET’S GO!!!
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5 Ways You Can Make Money By Blogging

from amagill


It is weekend again. I have been hearing alot of excuses from some subscribers saying that they have no time, no money…blah blah blah.

In fact, during these two weeks, it had been really tough for me. I think I am almost on the verge of entering depression, having to learn to take care of my newborn plus having to run a team plus 5 staff. All to be done within 2 months!

The excuses which I had been hearing makes me wonder what is stopping people from being successful online.

So I asked myself, what if I were to restart my blogging and internet marketing journey without any list, without any knowledge of generating traffic and marketing and without any team to help me.

In the midst of such tough times for myself, I decided to give myself a challenge. “You must be wondering if I am crazy.

Yes, I am! Beating challenges which I set for myself makes me feel empowered somehow! And yes! Now I feel better, after selling 5 blogs for more than US$250 each in 2 weeks!

One day, I decided to pick up blog flipping – creating a totally new blog from scratch and sell it for more than US$250.

This method does not require you to have a list or any traffic generation or marketing knowledge. And the best thing is you can do it on your own.

In this blog post, I am presenting to you 5 simple ways to make money from blogs, including blog flipping.

Yesterday, I got a few emails from my subscribers asking about the different ways and how different they are. I think it can be really confusing for new marketers and the technical aspect of generating traffic can be overwhelming too.

So let me address these issues now so you can learn something, apply it and start your journey of making money online…Start today!

Let’s Go!

5 different blogging for profit methods:

1. Blog selling/ flipping
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Happy Mother’s Day!

from raenbow


I want to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Happy Mother’s Day!

I know this is a special day for all mothers. In fact, 365 days should be Mother’s Day because ever since our baby girl was born, I have personally experienced that taking care of a baby from day 1 is NEVER easy!!!

I had sleepless nights; I know all mothers had.

I had been constantly worried about her; I know all mothers do.

I had been wanting to provide her the best; I know all mothers want this.

I know it is not easy. Being a stay home mom (or dad) is very challenging!

Everything we do revolves around the little angel.

I am very impressed when a subscriber, mother of 5 told me how she still have personal time for herself.

5 Kids!!!
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[Blog Flipping Live Case Study] Site Sold for US$297 On Day 7!

Today for Aljiro, there was a breakthrough! And it’s only 7 days after setting up the blog and listing on Flippa!

Status of auction:
Within 24 hours…
31 views to 259 views,
and 2 bids increase of 7 Bids with a buy it now price of $297!

And you know that this site will be in the hands of a new owner after the auction!

On a personal note, I feel happy for Aljiro to have sold his first site successfully and he can certainly use the money to buy medicine for his sister’s treatment.

Thanks to the new owner with a very BIG heart!

So the lesson of the day is…to get more views, opt for the featured listing option in Flippa when you list your blog.

[Blog Flipping Live Case Study] Day 5 & 6

Day 5:
The previous listing ended without any winner.

Why? The price didn’t hit the reserve price Aljiro has set and Flippa will not release the site to the bidder.

Day 6:
So Aljiro made a major decision here.
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[Blog Flipping Live Case Study] Day 4

Day 4:
The number of views are increasing.

Click here for Listing url.

Here are the changes:
Number of views: 71 to 105

I was informed by Aljiro that one potential customer contacted him and he wants to buy it at the Buy It Now price. He is really interested to start making money from the blog. I think this is the exciting part whenever someone comes up to you to willing to pay for what you are offering.

Another 1 more day to go and let’s hope that he can sell it off at the Buy It Now Price of US$297.

Let’s wish him all the best so he can pay for his sister’s skin treatment.

Next post: Day 5 and 6.

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