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“My First blog sold 9 days ago for US$297!”

And I repeated the strategy soon after…

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“4 Days Later, My Second blog was sold for US$297!”

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Hi John, I have just sold 1 Blog for US$400…
I am writing to you because, thanks to you, I sold my second blog (the first on Flippa) for $400. (The 1st blog was the Michael Jackson Blog sold for more than $150 in Warrior Forum.)
I want to thank you for always helping and coaching me.
The day I decided to buy your course, my life has been improved tremendously!
You changed my life for the better!
You have taught me each blogging method and strategy and I must say I find “blogging” the best job I have ever gotten.

Alessandro Zamboni, Italy

I like the way John tell me step by step on the things to do and answer my questions when I get stucked.

– Fiona Chin, Malaysia
who sold her first blog at US$347!

“I sold my first website thanks to John’s guidance and wonderful explanations on how to create a good listing. He share generous tips on blog flipping and does not hold back any secrets that keep you from succeeding!

I highly recommend John’s Blog Flipping course to anyone interested in selling sites for a living. Besides, who doesn’t want a little extra income on the sideline? If I can do it, so can you!”

Connie Ong, Singapore
who sold her first blog at US$175!

Yeah, I get my first site sold at Flippa at BIN price! Alessandro (John’s Italian partner) is giving very good support and help in my learning from building site to selling! The course is good but the support is even best! For anyone who is still hesitating, this is another proven results for you!

Alan, Singapore
who sold her first blog at US$200!


A few days ago, I managed to again flip a new blog for US$297 at and I did it within 3 days.

(Just updated on Friday, 30 April 2010: Today, I sold another blog for US$297! See proof above

And another today! For US$297!)
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Success Stories

from ilinas


If you are already making money and you want to make more, read on.

This is a personal invitation to those of you who have been making money and would like to bring your blog or site to the next level.

I am going to coach you…so you can make MORE MONEY!

Here is what you will get!
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For the past 2 weeks, my buddy Aljiro and I had been working on providing free wordpress themes for our subscribers.

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Your Top 2 Challenges In Blogging

from 14103848@N02


Making money from blogging will get easy, eventually.

Those who are consistent in taking a step a day will succeed one day…Guaranteed!

Meanwhile, you may be facing many problems while developing your blog from an empty domain to a powerhouse blogging platform with HUGE traffic coming in. And inevitably, with money flowing into your pocket.

So meanwhile, I would like to cater my next few blog posts to address the TOP 2 challenges you are facing while developing your blog…and possibly using some of your blogs as case studies so all of you will learn and apply it to your blog.

From my experience, the problems fall in a few key categories such as:
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