New Blogging PLR (4 Days Only)

from lactose


I was talking to some of my subscribers yesterday and they asked me this question “How do I get to have my own product like John?”

There are a few ways. Some are fast tracks while others take a much longer time.

The slower track will be you create your blogging product based on your own blogging success story. Just like me, I had some success in my blogs, I recorded my strategies and methods in the form of electronic books and I promoted them.

But this takes time – maybe a year to a year and a half. I know you can’t wait that long. PLUS You will need to spend more money in creating your product.

How much is it?
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My Blog Has A New Makeover!

Hi, you may realise there is something different about my blog today… :p

I am proud to introduce the new John Yeo Blog. “Wohohoho!!

My blog has a fresh look and it is inspired by family members, my wife and baby…I started my blogging business a year and a half ago so I can be a stay-at-home-dad just to take care of my girl.

I just wanted to remind myself of the purpose of my business whenever I read or write in my personal blog. And that is why you see the many lovely pictures of my family.

One of my mentors have taught me to always remind yourself the purpose of making a difference in your life. If there is no strong reason to live our life differently, we going to be like any other normal human being who follows a daily routine of working, sleeping and working.
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1 Blog Flipped And Sold For US$400!

Today, I have received a piece of wonderful news from one of my students, Alessandro.

He has managed to flip and sell his blog for a profit…

He sold it for US$400 and this is the second blog he has sold for a HUGE Profit!

In fact, anyone can be successful in blogging. And it takes time.

The question is how patient are you to wait for the Paycheck Day.

All of us make mistakes and the number one common mistake that many newbies made is that they gave up too early.

Tomorrow is the big paycheck and today he gives up.

My student, Alessandro did well. He took up my coaching since last year and he managed to build some profitable blogs.

There are 101 ways to make money from blogging…
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Which Blog Design Do You Like More?

Design 1


Design 2


I’m improving the design of my John Yeo Blog in a few weeks’ time. Need your help – which design do you prefer and why?

Invest In Yourself If You Think You Deserve It

from sebastien_mamy


It was a hectic week as I began to learn to be a first-time daddy.

Thank to some subscribers, I manage to get many helpful parenting tips from very experienced parents, grandparents and even great grandparents. Wow! “One even told me she has 7 great grand-children!

Somehow, it makes me wonder how inadequately I am equipped with parenting tips. My hands shivered as I carry my child to bottle-feed her. My heart throbbed and I am so scared I may if I am feeding her correctly. Typical anxiety of first time daddy, I guess.

Anxious, yes. But it is not stopping me from being the best daddy I can be.

As I read through the many emails from you sharing with me the various parenting tips, I was so amazed by the great reservoir of “parenting” resources I have in my list of 12,500 subscribers.

“I think we can even create a 100-page parenting guide book for first-time parents. :p

Amazing how much you can learn just by asking friends who I can trust…friends like yourself.

And when it comes to family members (somebody you love or who means alot to you), I am sure you will do whatever it takes to take good care of them.

Thanks alot for the sharing of knowledge with me!

And most importantly, I can feel the energy…so much positive energy.

I would like you to channel this positive energy and leverage it onto this journey of creating your profit-making blog and making a positive difference to your own life.
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We Have A Baby Girl!

2nd update on 20 March 2010, Satrday.


First of all, I want to thank you for sending me your blessings and congratulations!

I have received More than 70 comments in this blog post alone!

Time is tight when I need to juggle playing time, feeding time and working-from-home time.

But it is fun trying to the cope to the best I can.

Here are 2 more photos which I love to share with you.

My first bottle feeding…on 20th March 2010, Saturday

my happy and very satisfied baby

Things will get more settled down next week as this week, I am trying my best to be the best papa I can be.

I am glad my family is very supportive.

Have a great weekend! And go spend time with your family!


* *

My first day as a daddy…. >.<

My Baby Girl! Happy Birth Day!

After spending 2 days in hospital, I felt quite tired. Our baby girl was born yesterday in the morning.

Looking into her eyes, I marveled at how her pretty she is, how serene she looks and how cute her cheeks are.

I started smiling at her, singing her “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” & “Happy Birth Day” as how I had sang to her when she was in the womb and without any conscious effort, I felt my eyes become teary.

This innocent little face is all my reason why I have started my online business.
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New Cool Blogging Contest Coming Up!

from johnthescone


Thanks for the great submissions of your stories in the previous post on “What is your struggles?

And I have been looking through the comments posted in the previous contest which is still open.

From the stories and some email correspondences which I had with some of my more successful students, I realised the key difference between these 2 groups.
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