[Blogging for Newbie 101] Step 1: Choosing Of Niches

from freg

Hi, recently I have done an “Ask campaign” which allows you to share with
me your number one problem in blogging.

There were many comments submitted – more than 40 of them in total!

The types of problems range from choosing of niches, getting of domains,
creating content, finding the right content, setting up of wordpress platform
to installation of plugins and many more…

Does any of these problems sound familiar to you?

If yes, read on…
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Ask Campaign (All About Blogging)


from eleaf


I want to hear from YOU! =)

I would like to get to know your No. 1 challenge which is stopping you from blogging…or bringing your blog to the next level of success…

The problems can be grouped into these few common categories:
(this list should help you articulate out what may possibly be your challenge… )
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Chinese New Year Greetings + My Baby Girl


from pelayolacazette


This is going to be a short and meaningful post. “I promise 🙂

In less than 12 hours’ time, we are going to journey into the year of the Tiger.

According to Chinese belief, there are 12 zodiac animals.

This Tiger year has extra meanings to me. It is a fearsome and majestic animal,
and at the same time, confident, carring and always protective over its offspring
and family members.

My Baby Girl Is Coming Soon:

When I have decided to invest in my online business, there is only one reason
which made me decide.
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3 Ways You Can Fuel Your Dream and Raze Your Fear Now!

from alexsk


I have many emails applications for the $697 coaching program which I have released 2 days ago.

Only 2 slots and they were Sold Out within 3 hours of the launch.

In total, I have 21 email applications.

Most of the emails for the coaching applications mentioned that they have either no money, no time or not willing to work 8 hours a day to build your business.

Yes, I rejected most of them.

Talking about having your own business, I must admit it is never a smooth route and it is a long journey.
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My Journey: From Nobody To Who I Am Today


from rashi4u


In this blog post, I will be talking about 2 things which are very dear to me.

#1: My personal journey while building my online business
#2: How you can get a chance to be where I am today.

* * *

It has been a wild ride for the past 1 years and 10 months. The journey of building my online business is full of ups and down. Nonetheless, it is one of the best life experiences I have.

No word can describe the feelings of being where I am today.

And at the same time, I had never forgotten the pains and stressful feelings I had been through while creating my business from scratch.

It had never been easy. Despite of the availability of resources on the internet, the hardest part is the self-discipline to still get things done despite the fact that everything seemed so blurry and hopeless.

It is a journey to find hope in the midst of the fog and mist.

So how did I push on till today?
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You Have What It Takes To Succeed!


from varf


Today is 7th February 2010 and a month ago, we were celebrating the arrival of another decade.

How fast time flies and moves past us!

Likewise, do our new goals for 2010.

Interestingly, most of us might have forgotten the BIG dreams and goals we have set before we went for our new year countdown party. We swear by our dreams how closely we must work on our goals and forge forward, making the year 2010 a completely different and more wonderful year for you and me.

But while I was talking to some of the newbies, most have given up…
not on their dreams…
but on themselves.

Why is it so?
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[CRITICAL] Your Site Could Be Infected By This Virus!

Threat of Trojan Virus
from 42338073@N07


I don’t want to alarm you but this message is
REALLY important!

Your online business could be the next victim of
this terrible virus.


If you’re in a hurry, please just go straight to:

>> John Yeo Special Order Link


Recently my good friend, Jonathan Teng, got 3 of his web
servers infected by a terrible virus called ‘Gumblar’.

(I’m not sure if you already heard about it or may be
you’re one of the million victims out there but let me
tell you quickly what happened to Jonathan’s sites.)
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