Part 2/3: How You Can Build Your Asset & Be Safe From Recession! + 1 Prize for 1 Winner

My business partner Ben had a hard time choosing
1 winner…and he is really impressed by all the
business ideas you have.

So instead of giving just one prize, we are
giving out 4 of them.

So here are the 4 winners.

1. Sue
2. Charles Ho
3. Alessandro
4. Carly Lewis

Congrats! We will notify you through email on how you
can download your “Product Wealth Secret” Package (worth over $5000!)


This is the second post.

I am sure if you are reading this, you are probably interested
in making a difference to your life.

In fact, making it better than where you are now.

There is a study done. Many people have lots of ideas.

What is stopping them is inaction, procrastination, self-doubt,
“I am never good enough” mentality.

It is not easy and these negative thinkings are not uncommon.

I choose to believe that you are smart and you are skilled in
doing something, and much better than the rest.

For example, you can take care of your kids well or you
can make nice chocolate cakes or you can fix a computer.

All these skills can be shared in the form of information in
electronic books which can be sold as product.

But like what I said, inaction stops many of you from creating
your personal product

So I want to do an experiment and only if you give me permission to.

And here is how…
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Part 1/3: How You Can Build Your Asset & Be Safe From Recession!

from _marta


This is the first post I am going to send to you in the next
few days. There will be 2 more posts. So keep a look out for it.

I am going to keep this post simple and quick. I am brainstorming
on how can a new marketer make $2000 every month.

The secondary goal is to help him make recurring income.

Here are the common challenges:
1. he has zero experience
2. he does not have a list
3. he does not know where to start

At this moment, this is what I can think of…
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Pre-Launch Product Wealth Secret Review

Post brought to you from
Brandon Schmid
Angulus Marketing Ltd

Brandon Schmid

* * *

I have had the pleasure of knowing John and have always been impressed by his products. It is always very detailed and anyone, newbie or intermediate marketers can definitely benefit from them. One thing I have noticed is his ability to easily and clearly explain how he gets results. Product Wealth Secret is one such product.

In this 5 volume eBook, John shows you step-by-step how to do everything need to bring a product to market, this includes everything from researching a niche to marketing and selling your product. The eBook is broken down to 5 volumes that build on each other and are as follows:

Volume 1: Niche research and set-up

The first thing I like about this volume is that John starts off by explaining his results. I can’t stand it when someone is promoting a product and has no results to back it up. He has the results, and he has the system to back it up.
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The Shortcut To Online Success…

from lightmash

Do you want to know the shortcut to online success?

I am sure you do my friend. Starting a business online is not as simple as what the salesletter say to be. I hate to tell you this but this is the absolute truth.

There are so many things to learn when you get into this internet marketing stuff. Stuff like list building, traffic generation, product creation and so on and so forth. That is why so many new comers in this market are suffering from information overload.

So is there a really a shortcut to online success?

My answer to you is YES!

Here is my solution to you
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10,000 Subscribers! – List Building Tips


Hi, my list size has finally grown to over 10,000.

I took about 15 months to build it
and on average, my list grows at about
600 plus subscribers per month

Wow! That calls for a celebration!

If you want to be successful in any form of business,
you got to have your own customer base.

Look at these highly successful business.
1. The Body Shop has their customer base who they can keep in touch with.

2. Borders Book Shop is gathering the emails of their supporters

3. always has email broadcast to inform their buyers of latest bargains

4. Triump always sent email updates of the latest designs of women wears.

So how can you go about building a list?

Here are 5 simple steps:

1. First get an autoresponder

2. Get a webhost and a domain so that you can build your squeeze page

3. Create a free product so that people can opt in to get this freebie

– You can check out 21 Simple Product Ideas For Your Products

4. Build to a size of about 200 subscribers

5. Do cross promotion or ad swaps with other marketers in your niche

How Can JV Contest Make You $1000 in 7 Days

from cleebster


This is closely guarded secret and not many marketers
are kind enough to leak these out.

*Come closer…I want to thank you for being my subscriber
and I will only say once.

And offer this once.

Before that, let me explain what a Joint Venture is?
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Review: Is Freelance Superstar Worth Your Money?

from shaicoggins

You probably know by now, that your writing skills can make you some cool cash if you know how to use it. Believe it or not, people are willing to pay you lots of money to write for them, especially online businesses and publications. In fact, the demand for writers has never been greater, with thousands of mom-and-pop business looking to outsource their writing tasks.

That’s why I was intrigued when I first came across a guide called “Freelance Superstar” by Monika Mundell and Gobala Krishnan. According to the site, it’s a “complete guide to get started with freelance writing”, so it’s probably most suited to newbies who want to get in the game with a bang:

See the site here:


In case you don’t know who the creators are, let me give you a “brief” history.

According to their website:
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