21 Simple Product Ideas For Your Products

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If you really want to succeed online, beside
being able to make sales from blogging or affiliate
marketing, you need to own your product.

99% of those successful marketers who are earning
a living have their own products, ranging from US$7
to US$9997 per piece, be it an ebook or teleseminar
or home-study-books.

If you are reading this post right now, it shows that
you are interested in having your own product,
don’t you?

Product ideas can include services too and feel free
to use your creativity to create any kind of product
you want.

So, here are 21 product ideas:
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Are You Setting Milestones For Yourself?

from saulgm

Hi, this is going to be a short post before I am taking the
weekend off to relax. It is going to be a swim and relaxing
about a nice dinner with my wife.

I want to share with you some questions some of you
asked me a few days ago.

How do I advance so quickly?

Some internet markets have complimented me, saying
that I have advanced much faster than most
established and very experienced marketers, achieving
certain level of success much faster and within a shorter
period of time.

Let me reveal 3 secret tips.

Yes just 3 and that is all you need to be successful.
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Assignment Available! Looking For Article Writers

from annatheodora

Hi, I am looking for high quality article writers
to be part of my in-house writing team.

We work crazy but we move fast too.

If you are a freelance writer and you want to join us,
what you can do is:

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Everything Here Must Go! All FREE Downloads!

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We are living in the information-age, the more you know, the
more you will earn. This is especially true for self-employed
internet marketers. We have to know how new technologies
like blogging, SEO, web 2.0 and viral-marketing works so we
can compete with others.

If you want to be self-employed eventually and fire your
own job PLUS your boss (chuckles), you got to know alot.
enough to sustain your online business and your team.

Today you have the chance to get a huge collection of
information for nothing!

Yes, they are all FREE!!!

Here are more details…
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How to Build Relationship and Make Money on Twitter

from fuzzball

Download your FREE Twitter report
(Right click and save target as)

My name is Elvin Tiong. I am a part time internet marketer and my full time job is mechanical design engineer. I am not an expert in internet marketing field, but I manage to get over 10K of loyal Twitter followers and make sales from my tweets. I am happy to share my success story of using Twitter for marketing with John Yeo’s friends here and how you can make it also.

Elvin Tiong

Not many people know about me in this internet marketing field. However, I am confident to say that thousands of my Twitter followers know me now. I have successfully build my personality online using Twitter. Allow me show you my retweet ranking. This is one of the keys to success in Twitter marketing.
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What if It’s Your Last Chance? – Stop Regretting

from 11885172@N07

My grandma lying on the bed, cold and expressionless. The
air around was stiff and everyone was speechless…wondering
what words to feel the dead silence (except for short moments
of whipping of tears)

What do you say to someone who has just passed away?
Or what do you say to those who are still alive standing next to

In such moment of awkwardness, it is really hard to even utter a
simple word of “It is ok to cry.”

My grandma just passed away this morning at 7.49am. I was confused
by what I could do…

cry or not to cry…?
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Learn To Make $1000 In A Single Day From JV Contest

jet ski
from alothman/

Making money online has always been a myth…and only if you do not
know how.

When I first started, it was never easy. Making $1000 a day seemed to be a dream.

It had always been one until I joined Joint Venture contests.

(Joint Venture contests are contests where you take part in and promoting other
people products and there are prizes to be won.)

After taking part in 8 Joint Venture
I am thankful that I am within the top 10 (or the top 3) for all the

Thanks to my mentors and close friends, Calvin Woon and Edmund Loh,
I am able to learn the secret of winning in the contests.

And the prizes are very attractive, ranging from a few hundred to thousand
of dollars, depending on the position of your ranking in the

Plus, once you get your commissions, you get to make more than
$1000 in a single day and that excludes your sales from
your other products and services.

Personally, I feel that anyone can do it, including you. If you are still reading this post,
I know deep in your heart, you have a yearning to find out how.

In fact, many expert Internet Marketers have never really disclosed how this JV
contests games are really played.

The secrets are always kept close door and only the top 5% Internet Marketers
knew the exact game rules.

So now, because you are my reader and I believe that as long as you know my
secrets, you can be successful too or even more successful than me (and I personally
believe that good knowledge should be shared.)

So do you want to know the secrets to my success?

And I am sure if you know them, you can thrive in this online
business world!

Here are the secrets:
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