How to Choose the Best Way to Make Money Online

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from am_kaiser…wish you a perfect WEEK!

Over the past 18 months, I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to conduct an investigation of the online money making industry and discover exactly what sort of scams are out there, and what really cuts the mustard.

My journey started when a lady, Jane, came to me distraught that she had continually wasted her money buying products which turned out to over-promise and under-deliver. Instead of making the millions she had dreamed about, Jane instead ended up on the brink of bankruptcy.

Luckily, my career as an investigative journalist had given me exactly the right tools I needed to scrutinize the industry, and discover if there really was a way to make money online.
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Email Interview #12: Calvin Woon

Calvin Woon

* Start of Interview *

1. Please introduce your name, who you are, which country are you staying in and your area of IM expertise

My name is Calvin Woon and I’m online entrepreneur residing in Singapore. My area of IM expertise lies in product creation and viral marketing.

2. Share with us your first success in Internet Marketing and how did you do that
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How You Can Build Your Business Using Other People’s Content

from alexanderyee

Hi, let me share with you a story.

When I first started off, my mentor told me to create an e-book from scratch so that I can sell it. At that time, I didn’t know much of using other people’s content. And neither did my mentor.

So I foolishly spent 6 months creating an ebook from scratch, waking up at 5am every morning just to write.

It was my wedding planning ebooks then.

In order to get more materials, I bought wedding related magazines, wedding planning books and spent countless hours surfing the net to read up more on wedding.

Guess how much I spent?
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The Race Is On…Warrior Forum Success Stories

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from mar00ned


It has been about one month plus since I have started consolidating success stories from my Warrior friends.

It is not easy. BUT I will push on till I meet my target.

(Think this is the ultimate factor for success – persistence till the end.)

I must thank my Warrior friends for supporting me in this project.

I know everyone is busy and it is not easy to take time out to write their stories…their journeys of their Internet Marketing journey.

I want to thank my Warrior Friends for helping me out.

Thank U very much!

Here is an update of the stories contributors who have submitted their stories.

1. Abhishek Agarwal
2. Alan Petersen
3. Allen Graves
4. Alvin Huang
5. Andy Fletcher
6. Andy Henry
7. Angela V. Edwards
8. Anthony Hull
9. Asher Aw
10. Benrick Soh
11. Bill McRea
12. Brian Mahaffey
13. Bryan Zimmerman
14. Calvin Woon
15. Chris Willow
16. Daniel Molano
17. Davion Wong
18. Dean Shanin
19. Dee Power
20. Dominic Tay
21. Doug Barger
22. Doug McIsaac
23. Dylan Loh
24. Edmund Loh
25. Fabian Tan
26. Franck Silvestre
27. George Sepich
28. Imran Naseem
29. James Stein
30. Jason Keith
31. Jason Parker
32. Jeremy Kelsall & Donald VanFossen
33. Jit Uppal
34. Joel Chue
35. John Rogers
36. John Yeo
37. Jonathan Teng
38. Joseph Then
39. Justin Mandel
40. Ken Fry
41. Kevin Riley
42. Lance Tamashiro
43. Maria Gudelis
44. Michael Lee
45. Misako Ayuni & Hidman
46. Navneet Rai
47. Nicole Dean
48. Paul Johnson
49. Peggy Brown
50. Ronnie Nijmeh
51. Scott Drake
52. Seree Woradechjamroen
53. Shlomi Khutoretsky
54. Stephen Luc
55. Steve Meade
56. Sylvia Rolfe
57. Tim Shank
58. Tristan Bull
59. Vince Runza
60. Willie Crawford

Thanks so much! I am really very thankful for your help! =)

(updated on 17th June 09)

My Does and Don’ts On Blogging

from paulapcda

As I sit and think about what to include in this article, I find myself going back to when I first started my blog Singapore Kid’s Places, 18 months ago. I was a complete newbie, and I really had to learn everything from scratch. I envied the youngsters in their 20s (or younger) who found their way around a computer so easily. I didn’t even know how to copy and paste, so I had a lot to learn.

But I was determined to start something on-line that I could work on while the kids were at school; something that I enjoyed and that was fulfilling. Little did I know what a journey blogging and Internet Marketing would be.
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Ranked #1 in Joint Venture Giveaway By Reed Floren & Alan Magliocca

As I have always shared with my coaching students, you have to follow these very important 3 factors to succeed online (or offline).

I am very happy that by following these 3 very important factors, my online business has soared to another level.

In a recent Joint Venture Giveaway By Reed Floren & Alan Magliocca, my team (under “John Yeo“) is ranked as Number 1 and we were really excited about it!

Congrats to the other winners such as #2 Scott Drake and #3 Socrates Socratous. =)

“Clap clap clap!

There are a total number of 169 Joint venture partners.

jv giveaway 08june09

List building has always been a very simple business strategy and it is a guarantee source of traffic for any new product launch or promotion as an affiliate or joint venture partner.

And this is how you can easily do it right now!

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Email Interview #11: Ming Chern

Ming Chern

* Start of Interview *

1. Please introduce your name, who you are, which country are you staying in and your area of IM expertise

Hi John and to the rest of your lucky subscribers, a very good day to you all!

My name is Foo Ming Chern and I’m better known as the tofumonkey amongst my friends. I’m a Malaysian by birth but have been living in Singapore ever since very young. I’ve been joking that I’m a fake Malaysian as I know the Singapore roads & places better than Malaysia and stayed in Singapore almost all my life. I have been on internet marketing officially since August 2006.

My expertise in IM is my technical skills in IM and the abilities to impart it to the budding internet entrepreneur. I must admit that I’m not the average all-out Internet Marketer where I peddle all my wares online and earn a full online income. My income basically comes two tracks, online income and offline training. Online being adsense, affiliate marketing and product creation. I also do IM training for individuals and/or groups offline to teach them about Internet Marketing.

2. Share with us your first success in Internet Marketing and how did you do that
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