My 2nd Joint Venture Contest and We are Ranked Number 2!


This is going to be a short post as I want to thank a personal friend and also a Joint Venture Broker Reed Floren, our team was able to participate in a FREE IM Giveaway.

(This is the 2nd Joint Venture contest. Here is the first Joint Venture contest we participated.)

There were a total of 189 JV Partners and our team was ranked Number 2 in terms of sales.

FREE IM Giveaway contest
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I would also like to take this opportunity to thank my fellow team mate, Benrick for making this possible.

Here are the reasons…
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Here Are 6 Ways You Can Own Your Product…Right Now!

Unclutter Your Life
from seantubridy


It has been a fulfilling week for me and my team as we move into another new level of product creation. We are now doing audio and video products.

I have been in internet marketing field for about 1 year now and looking back, it is really amazing how much we have done over this short period of time.

I have managed to speak to some of you and I realised the most common problem that new marketers face is they do not have a product. To be more direct, I think one has a very vague idea of what to create in the first place.

Now, let me show you what you can create one and right now…Yes! Right now!

So don’t blink your eyes! :p

It does not matter what niche you are in. There is always a product to meet your customers’ need.
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Email Interview #5: John Yeo

John Yeo Jhongren

* Start of Interview *

1. Please introduce your name, who you are, which country are you staying in and your area of IM expertise

Hi, I think since I am running a series of interviews on Internet marketers, I think it would be good for me to share something too. =) Hope what I shared can really benefit you in one way or the other…

So here you go…

My name is John Yeo and I am a wedding blogger residing in Singapore. My area of expertise is in blogging, market strategising and coaching.

I am more associated with blogging and well-known for my “no fluff and no bluff ” personal style.

I am a strong believer that anyone can succeed as long as they are willing to do whatever it takes to make it work. You see, each of us, including you, possesses a unique strength and you can leverage on it to become successful. That is why I go into coaching.

In addition, I like to keep things simple and sweet so that my customers can easily understand what I want to say. This goes the same for the products I create. I feel that most info-products are not detailed enough for readers to easily follow and others could be quite long-winded. We already have so many things in our mind and it will definitely be helpful if the info products are simple and sweet.

2. Share with us your first success in Internet Marketing and how did you do that
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A Huge Internet Marketing Event is Happening Soon!

I want to give you a heads up that something *BIG* is
happening real soon. Early next month, Vince Tan,
Edmund Loh and Stephen Luc are launching the Mega Red
Packet event.

Watch this video to get the full details:

=> Access Video Here

You might have heard the names of these dynamic trio.
Vince Tan was the man behind the Biggest Firesale 2008
event that pulled in $170,000 in 10 just 10 days with
no money down.

If you have been using Private Label Rights then Edmund
probably doesn’t need any introduction – he is the
guy responsible for creating more than 260 popular
Private Label Rights titles for thousands of Internet
Marketers and I did an email interview with him recently.

Edmund and Stephen Luc have launched the critically
acclaimed PLRGold: Videos last November and pulled in
$100,000 in 10 days too.

They’ve made a success for themselves and they are
going to duplicate them to the first 1,000 people – in
the forms of:

* 6 brand new, instant membership sites for you to take
full control of! (note: this is not a “100% commission
affiliate program” – they will host for you and you
have full control!)

* Franchise rights to 3 high quality Multimedia
products – everything will be hosted and set up for you
so you don’t have to lift a finger (literally!)

* Traffic Leopard – digital access to their upcoming
home study course on generating traffic to your

* Traffic Networks – they have negotiated a deal with
the Internet’s top traffic site owners to let you pull
in targeted traffic instantly to your site all in one

This is barely scratching the surface but where I’m
leading you up to is this…

I’ve gotten a sneak peak preview at Mega Red Packet and
I seriously think this will be a game changer for many,
and a recession show stopper for many more. This will
solve your product creation and traffic generation
problems PERMANENTLY and there’s nothing else quite
like this anywhere else.

I urge you to sign up to their Advanced Notification
List now and get FREE access to the Mega Red Packet
Video Lounge (valued at $297).

Do it now before you forget:

=> Mega Red Packet

Warm Regards,
John Yeo

P.S. By the way, once you join the Advanced
Notification List you will be entered into a contest
and you could be one of the lucky 3 to win a copy of
Mega Red Packet on launch day!

All the more you should click here and sign up now:

=> Sign Up Here

Email Interview #4: Dominic Tay

dominic tay

Stephen Pierce and Dominic

* Start of Interview *

1. Please introduce your name, who you are, which country are you staying in and your area of IM expertise

Hi John’s readers,

This is Dominic Tay and I’m living in the tropical island of Singapore (just like John, and we’re living just a few miles apart from one another if you really want to know).

My area of expertise is in Article marketing – to date, I’ve written
59 articles and are consistently making a few hundreds every month. (not a lot but it supports my expensive habit to enjoy restaurant meals with my girlfriend every weekend)

* * *

2. Share with us your first success in Internet Marketing and how did you do that
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I Was Interviewed By Strait Times For Twitter

John Yeo Twitter

I must say I had a really good experience last week. After blogging about how I have been using Twitter, I am surprised to be contacted by one of Strait Times (a local newspaper in Singapore) technology editor for an interview on how I am ranked as #5 top Twitterers in Singapore.

John Yeo Twitter
source: Strait Times

It was kinda of good exposure and I have never thought of using Twitter can get me an interview from Strait Times.

It was like free press release for me and I am really thankful for the editor, Weizhen for giving me such an opportunity.
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Email Interview #3: Ivan Ong

ivan ong

* Start of Interview *

1. Please introduce your name, who you are, which country are you staying in and your area of IM expertise

My name is Ivan Ong and i’m 23 years old this year and I reside in a beautiful island call Singapore.

As of now, i’m am still schooling in NTU doing a degree in Business majoring in Marketing. There’s still a year more for me before i finally finish my studies and i could go full time online.

My area of expertise is in PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising particularly in Google Adwords and i use PPC to to drive traffic to various affiliate offers specially in the area of CPA (Cost Per Action) and some on Clickbank. I have been in this area for slightly more then a year now, (Started my first campaign in Dec 07) and am proud to say that this Internet Business have changed my life completely.

2. Share with us your first success in Internet Marketing and how did you do that
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