Email Interview #1: Edmund Loh

Edmund Loh

* Start of Interview *

1. Please introduce your name, who you are, which country are you staying in and your area of Internet Marketing (IM) expertise

Hi Jhong Ren,

My name is Edmund Loh. We have met before in person last year at one of Stuart Tan’s seminars. I am from Malaysia, currently just staying across the causeway.

While I do various activities for my business, and I see a lot of importance to major in areas such as list building, product creation and membership site building, I am often associated with Private Label Rights. It’s not a surprise since I’ve created easily more than 250+ different Private Label Rights titles to date – mostly under the PLRGold brand.

2. Share with us your first success in Internet Marketing and how did you do that
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Another $1000 To 5 Figure Mark!

goal setting
from haphotography

Earlier this year, I have set a goal for myself to reach a 5 figure monthly income by 31st March. I am glad to say that I am just another $1000 to the 5 figure mark.

What I want to share here is not so much of how I am going to reach the target. More importantly, I am going to share about goal setting.
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How To Keep Your Greatest Wealth

How To Keep Your Greatest Wealth
from luismontemayor

Looks like in the world of internet marketing, we are always swarmed with info on how to make money.

Yes, you should start affiliate marketing…yes work hard…write more articles…post more blogs…find more partners….create products… (the list seems to be endless…)

One think I realise that most internet marketers do not teach is how to take care of the greatest wealth you have right now…

And here is to how you should be aware of the wealth you have now in the first place.

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The Power of A Simple One

from arkworld

How often do we try to multitask and end up not doing a single thing well?

It is not easy to multitask, trying really hard to do every task well at the same time.

In the past, I used to do that and it could be really stressful since the day I started my internet marketing.

Trying hard to manage 5 projects within a single month, waking up early in the morning writing a 5 pages report while checking my emails at the same time…and expectedly, the quality of the report is not there.

Ever since I had been experiencing a certain tension in my chest, I stopped multi-tasking. I do one thing at a time and so should you.
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Your Money Is In Your List

blog carnival submitter contest

Many have heard of this saying “money is in your list.”

If you asked me a year ago, I might not believe this. But when you ask me right now, I can tell you a definite “Yes!”

Lately, thanks to Calvin Woon, a great friend of mine, who gave me an opportunity to join a Joint venture contest organised by him for his blog submitter software.

It is a great software on how you can submit your blog post link to a blog carnival and get backlinks with more traffic back to your own blog.

This is my first time joining such a contest.

Initially I did it with the attitude of gaining experience.

The result for such a contest was terrific for me.
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Niche Slicing & Building Your Empire

build empire
from jpn

Today I want to share with you on how you should slice your way through the many niches out there.

Many could have wondered that there seemed to be so many experts out there and a new player couldn’t possibly make a name for himself within a really short time.

It is possible and I am going to show you how you can be an expert in your niche within a period of few months.

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Get More Traffic By Setting The Keywords Right

build traffic
from gbenz

On last Friday, I have sent you an email with a step-by-step
guide on how to effectively use article marketing.

I have received many emails from some of you asking how
exactly do we know if we are focusing on the right keywords.

* * *

Keyword research:

Find a profitable topic…one good resources is
and also

Your keyword research should have these 2 basic criteria:

1. more than 300 searches per month


2. less than 20,000 competing sites when you do a google search in quotes.

=> use and remember to put in quotes eg: “keyword”

Choose a long tail keyword and use it for your domain name.,,
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