2 Cool Blogs to Model

To end off for this weekend, I want to share that I always visit popular and successful blogs.


Because I want to model them. By understanding how they become so successful, I can duplicate the strategies and apply them in my blogs.

It is simply modeling success.

Here are two of my favourite blogs.


skellie wag

from skellie wag

* * *


think simple now

from think simple now

How did I end up in IM?

wedding planning blog romance fire

from my wedding planning blog

I stumbled into IM while building a wedding blog as a wedding gift for my wife. You can read more about how I started my wedding blog.

Then, I met some local friends who had been in IM for the past 1 year and they taught me more. =)

It was later through reading IM physical books as well as ebooks expose me to more about IM.

I must say I am really lucky to have met quite a number of millionaires and 6 figures monthly earners who are willing to show me the rope to marketing online.

It was definitely not a smooth journey. I remembered when I first started out, I was working till 2 to 4am almost everyday.

Now I still do, especially the whole team is working together to push out another product.

No matter what, I just want to say if you want to sustain long in this industry, you have to take good care of yourself. Then we can take good care of our family and our customers.

How To Create a Report?

from squidpickles

I have some questions on how to create a report which can be offer as a freebie for people to opt in.

I should tell you exactly what you need in a report.

  1. A cover
  2. An about me page
  3. A table of content
  4. Content (which is the body)
  5. A final thought
  6. An upsell of your product or service

A cover page can consist of the title of the report.

An about me page can consist of a short description of who you are, how you started in your niche and any credential will be helpful. Some readers will be interested in getting in touch with you. Leave a contact email there too.

A table of content will tell the reader where to find what he wants.

Content is important. You need to make your content scanneable. Have headlines, subheadings and page number for easy readability.

A final thought to round up the content.

An upsell in the promotional page. Tell the readers what other product or service he can get from you and bring them to a download page.

A report can be around 5 to 30 pages. So that is all for now.

Happy writing!