Boost Affiliate Income 5: Increase Traffic – Your Way

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nicole-dean-internet-marketing-expertHi. I”m Nicole Dean, and I”m a Guest Expert here this week, chatting about How to Boost your Affiliate Commissions. I know from experience that getting a few affiliate checks is fun. But, I also know that getting bigger and bigger affiliate checks gets to be nearly addicting.

So far this week, during this series, I”ve written about:

Today we”ll wrap up our series. I could go in any of a number of directions here, honestly, as there are more than five ways to boost your affiliate commissions. I recommend that you check out check out Affiliate Payraise™:27 Ways To Increase Your Affiliate Commissions by Jimmy D. Brown for more ideas.

But, we”ll talk today about traffic. Without traffic, you can”t get any affiliate sales. You need eyeballs – and lots of them looking at your sales messages in your ezine and on your site. Yes, it all comes down to people. People are the ones with the money to spend.

So, you”ll want to get your message in front of as many people as you possibly can.

But, what”s the best way to generate traffic?

Is it …

  • Blogging?
  • Podcasting?
  • Video marketing?
  • Article marketing?
  • Pay per click?
  • Writing and distributing free reports?
  • Social marketing?

The answer is … Yes. They all work. Those and about 200 other methods of online pokies traffic generating that I can name off the top of my head.

They all work. BUT…

Here”s the big disclaimer. They only work casino online if you DO them.

So, rather than trying to learn the ins and outs of all of the traffic strategies above, just mobile casino focus on doing one or two of them really really well.

Create and distribute one video daily for a month – if you”ll actually commit to doing it.


Learn the ins and outs of Pay Per Click, set up your testing, and focus on getting your ads to convert the best you can.


Devote the next month to writing one blog post daily, and repurposing those posts into a report that you can distribute as a freebie to Joint Venture partners.

My point is that you don”t have to know how to do everything perfectly. Just choose a few tactics that work, and commit to doing that one thing for a solid month. After that month is up, evaluate the results and determine whether to continue or to focus on another strategy for the next month. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

Heck, if I can guest blog for three months straight – anything is possible. 😉

On that note, it was a pleasure to be here. I”d like to thank John for inviting me, and I”d like to thank those of you who commented. (It makes the week fly by.)

I hope that you”ve enjoyed this series of posts about boosting your affiliate income, and I look forward to contacting several of you who commented with your prizes.

Nicole Dean
Nicole’s Onine Success Blog & Podcast

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PS. for more ways to increase your affiliate commission, don”t miss Affiliate Payraise™:27 Ways To Increase Your Affiliate Commissions by Jimmy D. Brown.

Updated to say: Loretta Oliver is the winner for the prize this week! Loretta – I”ll email you with details. 🙂


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