She Sold Her 1st iPhone Blog For $357!

Congratulations! Irish, a student in my blog flipping coaching program has sold her first iPhone blog for US$357!

It was supposed to be a 5 days’ listing but she managed to sell it within 2 days.

I am really excited for her as she is well on her way to building a successful blog flipping home business.

Congratulations again!

She Sold Her 1st Blog For US$347


Today, one of my students flipped her First blog for US$347!

It is a 3 day’s listing and she sold it 8 hours before the listing ends.

And she took up my site flipping coaching for around 1 month.

I am really impressed with her and she is on her way to sell more blogs.

Congratulations, Fiona!

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Email Interview #27: Patricia Lin

Patricia Lin

* Start of Interview *

1. Please introduce your name, who you are, which country are you staying in and your area of IM expertise

This is Patricia Lin from and I am an internet marketer from Singapore. I started my internet marketing career back in 2006 when I was in University and went full-time into it after graduation just last year. I must say that my internet marketing journey has been very fulfilling because it has got me featured in the local newspaper for affiliate marketing, on a local TV primetime talkshow for making money through my blog and basically started a whole new life after graduation for me. You can find out more about me at my personal site,

Now, 3 years into internet marketing, I have established my IM expertise in the area of website flipping. Because the demand for services by internet marketers has always been high, I decided to go into website flipping to meet the demands of internet marketers who are looking to get websites created for their businesses, personal use and for investment purposes.

2. Share with us your first success in Internet Marketing and how did you do that
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