SHOCKING! He Sold Another Blog for US$588 within 2 Days!


A student, Brian who attended our blog flipping coaching on 13th and 14th November has broken his $1000 mark yesterday, having sold his 2nd blog for US$588 (S$793)

Congrats to him!

And he is going to make more sales like this within the next few days!

Here is another guy who made US$397 while having his lunch!

7 Days Contest – FREE Cash! – 3 Winners

from 28416483@N02

Hi all,

Christmas is coming and everyone is busy preparing for this important day.

While most of us are in the festive mood, I know there are still many readers – like yourself still working really hard to meet the goals they have set for themselves.

So what is this contest about?

So for this contest, what you need to do is to share with me your greatest achievement for this year.

It can be in terms of your self-development, your family, your business etc. You decide what you want to share with me. =)

You may share about the before and after.
– What was it like before for you?
– What was your achievement like?

There will be 3 winners who will each get US$20 sent to their paypal account.

This contest will last for 7 days. You can submit your answer to the comment box below.

On the 8th day, I will randomly choose 10 people from those who commented to choose the top 3 winners.

So meaning if you have commented, you may be chosen to be one of the 10 people to vote. 3 votes per person.

So now submit your comment below to stand a chance to win the Cash Prize!

He made US$397 while having his lunch

Hi, 2 days ago I posted about how these 2 methods are the easiest ways to make money from blogging and how this guy who sold his first blog for $397. Yesterday. he sold another one for the same price.

What is interesting is he made the sale while having his lunch and he was out relaxing and he was going to catch the movie – Megamind.

Here are his earnings report:

His revenue for this week is US$794! (about S$1,070)

His profit is going to cross $1000! (not forgetting he can sell more service to his customers)

Not bad for a 2 days’ effort and having freelancers to do your work and you just collect money.

Here is how he describer his overall experience:

“Yeah man! That’s the best part… Collecting all my “winnings” all sitting in front of my computer, with the fan blowing at me! LOL!”


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2011 is going to be a Profitable year for YOU!

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