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from erickeesen

Hi, I am delighted to have another friend of mine, Ivan Georgiev to talk about how to be successful in the article marketing.

To be successful, one of the key factors is how to write a persuasive article.
It is not easy but it is possible only if you know how.

Ivan Georgiev


Hi Warriors,

Today I want to give you some tips that will be usufull for newbies and advanced article
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Not Able To Make Another Sale? You Are Missing This.

from smb_flickr


Many wonder why they can’t make any sale be it article marketing,
setting up sales page or even simply trying to sell an idea to
a friend.

When I just started out, I was absolutely clueless…no idea how to
sell a single thing. Sales is a BIG Fat Zero!

Having bills to pay and mouth to feed, it is no joke to see
zero income coming in.

It was then I talked to one of my marketer’s friend and humbly
asked him for advice.

The truth was exposed! (though it hurts as well to know it)
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Ranked #4 in JV Contest – Alvin Huang and Joel Chue

Alvin Huang and Joel Chue Contest Result

Thanks to Alvin Huang and Joel Chue, I was able to participate in their JV Contest for Presell Secrets X. My partner in this contest is Abhishek and thanks for this partnership. We are ranked #4 in this contest.

There were a total of over 80 JV Partners.

If you want to be a super affiliate or an joint venture who can help other product owners to push for sales, you need these following 3 things:
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Email Interview #28: Dennis Sim

Dennis Sim

* Start of Interview *

1. Please introduce your name, who you are, which country are you staying in and your area of IM expertise

Hey everyone there! My name is Dennis Sim, and I’m proud to be from the sunny side of the world in Penang, Malaysia. I’m a college student cum Internet marketer.

Well, my area of IM expertise would be affiliate marketing. I find affiliate marketing is the easiest way to make money online and require the least capital ($$) to kick-start my online business. I’ve also created a system for myself to capture targeted list and of course, to make unstoppable affiliate income as well. (I hate the PPC way :p)

2. Share with us your first success in Internet Marketing and how did you do that
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I Can Do This Stuff In My Sleep Now

from tuvy

Eric has recently left an interesting post on “Rich! Who Wants To Be Rich?

Here is another post from him.


I’m working on a new salesletter for a mass traffic campaign me and my partners are working on, and something just hit me pretty hard. Here’s what it is:

“I know this **** like the back of my hand.”

I mean, I’ve written so many salesletters, I can do this in my sleep.

My son is running around my house (he’s almost 2 now) and laughing, screaming, breaking things and my wife has the TV on full blast, and my sister-n-law is slamming doors as she goes from one room to the next upstairs (not sure what she is doing)…
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Ranked #1 in JV Contest – Zech Smith & Isaac Parrish

Zech Smith & Isaac Parrish Contest Result

Thanks to Zech Smith & Isaac Parrish, I was able to participate in their JV Contest.

There were a total of 257 JV Partners & Contributors and our team was ranked Number 1.

This year has been pretty smooth for our team, especially when it comes to contest and we are always ranked among the top 10, if not top 3.

Thanks for team mate Benrick who has always been so committed to our online business development.

Rich! Who Wants To Be Rich?

from joanot

Hi, I am delighted to have one of my buddies, Eric Louviere to talk about how to be successful in the internet marketing business. Now he is living in a million dollar house overlooking the georgeous hill country and Lake Austin. “Beautiful place.



This may be of absolute no surprise to you… and most likely this is NOT you… and most likely, will never be you… because you are here, you’re a Warrior, and you’re a go-getting action taker.

However, if this is you I’m referring to here, then consider it “tough-love” and understand that it very well could be the missing link you need to hear.

or read.

You see, I’m convinced now.
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