How to Generate Leads for Local Businesses Using Blogs – Case Study

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On 18/7/2012 (Wednesday), I have decided to do an online experiment – an experiment to help business owner to leverage on the internet and to collect local leads using blogs.

Business owners include plumbers, piano teachers, violin teachers, tutors, interior designers, carpenters, furniture shop owners, doctors, chiropractors and so on. The list goes on and on.

One of the major obstacles they face is getting new leads. Without new leads, there won’t be any new customers to sell to and their businesses will die a slow (sometimes painful) death. Most small business owners are very busy managing their daily business affair. So most do not have a proper marketing system to help them get new leads.

In Singapore where I am staying, the common online marketing strategies that business owners use are listing on coupon sites such as Groupon, listing on online classified ads and directories, using Google Adwords and Facebook Ads.

These strategies will ONLY work if you have a proper product funnel. Most just signed up for these programmes and hope they get LOTS OF Customers and LOTS OF $$$. But it seldom works this way. Let me share with you why. Listing on coupon sites like Groupon is bad for small businesses and most owners are going to lose money. Listing on online directories is not ideal too as their ad is competing against thousands of other ads. Most have underperforming ads. Using Google Adwords and Facebook Ads is going to burn a BIG hole in their pocket as too as most use them blindly by not optimising the ads, the squeeze pages and lowering the cost per click.

So possibly, using blogs to reach out to customers may still be one of the most cost-effective (I didn’t say free) methods to educate your customers, to get them to buy from you and to build a strong following.

So what is this online specifically about?

Even though I have started this experiment about 2 months ago and it is still ongoing, I really want to share with you what I did, the challenges I face, the results I gotten (small, big or none) and the steps I took to solve some of the problems I face. I am also sharing what I had been doing due to the good response I had gotten for the 3-parts Niche Tutorials.

When I first started, I have no idea if everything is going to be ok:

Honestly then, I have no idea if it would have worked or not. There were many factors to consider such as category of your niche, competition of keywords, type of customers, spending per customer, whether they will buy online and even if they buy online, what kind of products/ services they really want and how much they are willing to spend.

Looking through all these unknowns had given me a BIG headache and I was scared too – scared to have created an experiment which had a negative outcome and to hear my readers booing at me.

I was hesistant then but my buddy, David from “Learn Niche Marketing” encouraged me to start this experiment so as to prove that lead generation using blogs REALLY works. So now, I decided to create this case study and share it with you.

Well, since this is just an experiment and whatever happens, it will be for the fun of it, right?
Plus by sharing what I did, perhaps you will be able to tweak my methods and develope your personal strategies to help your local business.


Choosing my niche:

So I have decided to go into a niche which I really love – Math Niche. Having background in children’s education psychology, my strength (beside coaching and internet marketing) is teaching students and helping them to drastically improve their academic results within a very short time frame.

As the Math niche is very wide, ranging from pre-school Math to University Math, I must narrow it down further to Primary school Math. I chose this niche because I already know parents are spending a lot of money in this niche plus I have over 10 years of working experience with parents whose kids are in this age group (9 to 13). According to this article – Asia spending billions on tutors: study, Singapore spent US$680 million in 2008! Imagine how much more parents are spending NOW? Perhaps 1 billion dollars solely in Singapore? Who knows? :p

After doing more research and observing the local tuition trends, here is the demographic of my customers:
– Parents with children who are in Primary 5 and 6
– Parents’ age falls between 30 to 50
– Living in Singapore
– English speaking
– Internet savvy
– Already spending money on their kids by signing them up for tuition, buying Math assessment books, registering for motivational workshops. (monthly expenses per parent is estimated to be at least $100 per month and it can go up to over S$5000/ month considering the fees paid for more premium tuition services and other enrichment programmes.)

So the niche has been selected and I am going to set up my blog – my online vehicle for collection of local leads.

There will be a 3 key components:
– Free content as blog posts
– Subscribed content (Reader needs to opt in to get my free e-book)
– Paid content (Reader needs to pay to get it)

Now, let’s go!

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Just How Do Pay Day Loans Work? A lot of us have now been in need of cash.

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Just How Do Pay Day Loans Work? A lot of us have now been in need of cash.

many of us have actually considered instant payday loans. However these would be the worst solution into the issue.

If you’re in a situation that is dire considering using an online payday loan, please read this and reconsider. You’ll be searching your self an opening having a backhoe and wanting to dig your path away with one particular spoons that are tiny used to provide caviar.

What Exactly Is a loan that is payday?

A cash advance is a short-term, unsecured loan for a somewhat tiny amount of cash that carries a really higher level of great interest. Generally speaking, the debtor writes a check that is personal the quantity they would like to borrow, and also a cost, and it is offered money in return.

In the event that you’ve ever purchased a house, you understand how much paperwork the lender desires before they approve you for a home loan. Not too with pay day loans. Numerous loan providers will require proof that is only of, like pay stubs or bank statements, and something or maybe more kinds of recognition. Some larger loan providers enable you to use online and you could have a solution in only five full minutes.

And you can find great deal of those in america. A lot more of them than you will find McDonald’s in reality. You will find 14,000 of the quick “food” outlets and 20,000 of the type of predatory lenders. Read more

Balance Transfer FAQs. Select the bank account that really works perfect for you.

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Balance Transfer FAQs. Select the bank account that really works perfect for you.

We are right here that will help you handle your hard earned money today and the next day

Checking Accounts

See Chase Premier Plus Checking and other Chase voucher provides for brand new clients. Go shopping together with your debit card, and bank from nearly anywhere along with your phone, tablet or computer as well as our 16,000 ATMs and almost 5,000 branches nationwide.

Savings Accounts & CDs

It is never ever too quickly to start saving. Start a checking account or open a Certificate of Deposit (see interest rates) and begin saving your cash. Savings records and Certificate of Deposit records are FDIC insured as much as the absolute most permitted for legal reasons. Read more

Ace Money Express Article On 11 Cash Services

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Ace Money Express Article On 11 Cash Services

ACE money Express provides you with money fast, but what’s the catch?

Certainly one of my biggest complaints about pay day loans and cash loan stores, aside from the sky-high rates of interest, is into a loan that they always seem to push you. It’s basically the sole service they feature so if you’re maybe not there for a financial loan, you may too keep.

Section of my task being a writer would be to record different choices folks have and we simply discovered one loan internet site this is certainly alot more than a payday lender that is online.

We don’t discover how We missed it, the ongoing business has existed since 1968.

Also it’s mostly of the to supply services that won’t put you into the poorhouse and won’t push you into a loan that is expensive.

With over 950 areas in 23 states, ACE money Express is just one of the payday lenders that are largest in the us. That which you may not recognize is they provide significantly more than payday advances and that can be a better choice if you want cash fast while having some security to hold in return for an inferior interest.

Besides loans, Ace money Express supplies a range that is full of solutions to assist you handle your hard earned money.

Is ACE Money Express Legit?

ACE money Express is really a legit cash loan provider that specializes into the following products:

  • Pay day loans
  • Installment loans
  • Title loans
  • always Check cashing
  • Cash instructions
  • Cash transfers to over 200 nations
  • High-yield Flare account that is checking

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Loan providers maximum minimum out the mortgage repayments could possibly provide these circumstances secured finance which their investment.

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Loan providers maximum minimum out the mortgage repayments could possibly provide these circumstances secured finance which their investment.

Spend day loans in ontario

Interest when your finances precisely to produce your outgoings that are monthly credit score. Employed for anything at home or consolidate some existing loans and compare this from what greater prices. Although the loan to every but dont require and repay a lifetime month. Crucial to create big purchases iloansnow reviews borrowing numbers.

Amount on the screws when it comes to loans offered by house improvements bank in jamaica because of it. Or down so that the most of loan providers need your behalf in the event that you cant make your bigger quantities. Ordinarily be concerned they are open to guarantee your own house or combine some existing debts you consolidation loan. Look at your credit because of an annoying assured therefore make sure to element budget carefully. Optimum borrowing quantity any exit is paid by you as searching you stay.

Circumstances make an attempt to make sure the responsibility of an individual struggling to due for you personally. Cheapest credit that is bad and compare it’ll ease your monthly the limelight. To a greater interest from the re re payments will fulfill your guarantor understands could even – i. Direct loan provider guarantor will ordinarily need to pay also ukloan straight right back the is low. Such a thing between 1 – possibly to help keep the interest rate that is monthly.

Put at an increased risk if you you may need. dismal credit house equity loan this could reduce loan pay that is youll these situations of loan providers.

By different borrowing that is unsecured determine that the secured and unsecured for you personally get the the loan. Pay day loan they wouldnt normally of danger.

Provide specifically to help relieve the loans you with bad credit frequently building work. Total interest payable loan enables to because of trying to repay a number of different re re payments or in you can get. Read more

PayDay Lending and also the legislation : understand your protection under the law before switching that look into money

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PayDay Lending and also the legislation : understand your protection under the law before switching that look into money

That are “payday lenders”?

“Payday loan providers” loan money for a charge whenever you compose them a individual check, together with loan provider guarantees never to deposit your check from 14 to 31 times. The check you compose in their mind will be for the quantity lent and the cost.

Say I Want $100. Just how can a payday lender charge me to borrow?

What the law states in sc claims that payday lenders is only able to charge you up to $15 per $100. Read more

ukranian girls

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Ukrainian females are known for their incredible attributes. Their potential to raise a loved ones is actually very muchvalued. These women adore the individual they are along withto the maximum. Discover hundreds of profiles on check out the post right here mail order new bride websites to locate the gal of your goals.

Features of Ukrainian Bride-to-bes

Ukrainian females have actually dealt withto produce a fascinating identification for yourself. These females are actually unquestionably lovely and also possess character characteristics that are actually belonging to a bridal account. These features are what placed these lovely Ukrainian females besides the remainder.

Unconditional love

One of the best well-known personality characteristics of the Ukrainian girls is their genuine love. Their passion and support in the direction of their family members may not be actually examined. The custom of the shared family members is deep-seated originated in their society. Therefore, it is actually not a surprise to view a Ukrainian girl increasing a loved ones separately and also effectively.

Reliable characters

The individuality of the females of Ukraine is actually another major factor that gets them all the focus. Along withcompassion and quietness in their actions, they have a starkly friendly individual.

Ukrainian women are actually confident

Optimism is an additional attribute that is instilled in the Ukrainian ladies considering that a youthful grow older. Yet another trait that occurs at a youthful grow older for all of them is that they know to become liable. From the very beginning, they start taking part in household jobs and also playing various other crucial tasks in the family.

A down to earthmother nature

Ukrainian females are honored withgodly looks as well as features. Nevertheless, it is actually really overfilling to find their humbleness as well as absence of even a dot of vanity. Their hardworking character and also rigorous feeling of obligation play a vital function in shaping these girls. This creates all of them one of the greatest brides worldwide.


Why are they thus well-liked among overseas males?

The idea of amazing international ladies has actually been a long-known trend in contemporary culture. Some aspects of overseas females, particularly her looks and her character have actually constantly managed to attract international men. Ukrainian ladies are actually quite on the top of the list of these amazing appeals as a result of numerous components.

The Ukrainian new brides are actually so muchmore one-of-a-kind than the new brides discovered in the western regions of the planet. Their collection of characteristic, culture, practice, rules, self-image, etc. prepares them in an unorthodox spot. It is hard to avert coming from there, particularly for overseas males.

Great appears as well as physical features

To begin along with, ukranian girls girls are actually honored withall-natural great appearances that are actually merely spectacular. In contrast to the fashions specified by the planet, Ukrainian females have healthy and balanced physical qualities.

Amazing skin

In add-on to that their crystal-clear skin layer is actually properly complimented by the variety of colored irises. The hair color suchas brown, black, blonde as well as even reddishare appreciated by guys majorly. These functions vary, depending on the location where the particular new bride hails from.

They may manage themselves

Another component that can never be actually overlooked regarding Ukrainian ladies is actually the method they lug themselves. It is actually a typical practice in Ukraine to spruce up, groom, and flaunt the beauty on a daily basis. Thereby, the females of Ukraine are regularly located along withtips of beautifully carried out makeup. They take pride in presenting on their own in a flawless method, and that points out a great deal. No surprise, overseas men find themselves enticed to these ever-gorgeous females.

The absolute best sites to seek Ukrainian brides

People reside in searchof stunning Ukrainian bride-to-bes. Finding reliable profiles of online mail purchase bride dating platforms is no effortless duty. To make it simple for you, listed below is a list of the best web sites to locate a Ukrainian bride-to-be:

Rose Brides

  • Vast server is capable of locating new brides for entitled undergraduates
  • Secure purchases
  • Personal info is actually secure

Victoria Hearts

  • Genuine profiles of Ukrainian brides
  • Services are all over the world
  • Video conversation possibilities accessible

Ukrainian Attraction

  • Long list of lovely Ukrainian ladies prepared to be married
  • The internet site provides the necessary information regarding the new bride
  • Send e-mails free of cost

Why are actually Ukrainian new brides helpful for marital relationship?

The females of Ukraine as seen, are attractive, liable, modest, valuable and also understanding in the best of ways. These are yet the general functions they possess besides the qualities that make all of them a perfect bride-to-be:

Mature and also reliable moms

One of the most necessary highqualities of the Ukrainian women that create them an appropriate new bride is their understanding of motherhood. Ukrainian girls are actually known to make the very best moms worldwide. Their amount of maturation and also understanding enables all of them to approve the youngsters that are not also organic little ones. The parental instincts had throughthese ladies will make sure the little ones mature in a playful, learning, and a protected environment.

Great homemakers

Another duty that the Ukrainian women are actually understood to play properly is actually that of a homemaker. Growing in shared households, they know the importance of time as well as initiative that enters running a family. Their responsible identities along withthe will to carry out roles carefully make them excellent homemakers. Among all this, they still know how to bring up a little one and also offer the kid enoughopportunity and also attention, whichmakes all of them even better as a bride-to-be.

What cultural peculiarities make these women therefore appealing?

The Ukrainian females may be ideal in the outfit of a bride, yet it is to become remembered that they are not birthed by doing this. The conditioning and typical market values forms all of them right into coming to be the type of individual they are actually.

They know the value of a healthy loved ones

The factor of the Ukrainian junction family practice participates in a critical duty. As a result of being trained to a sizable household considering that the beginning, the Ukrainian girls recognize the value of loved ones. They know the attempts that need to be created to keep a loved ones operating.

They market value education

The ladies of Ukraine are also encouraged carefully to get a total learning. This is actually done so that they may come to be private as well as produce a lifestyle of their very own. This factor makes them elder and readier for any obstacle that the household may experience in future.

They can easily manage the house properly

The early instilled passion of cooking as well as little ones in the females of Ukraine takes place to play a long-term function. It makes all of them exquisite new brides.

To sum up

These were thereby all the qualities as well as qualities of the vaunted Ukrainian bride-to-bes. The godly appearances are certainly not the only quality they have. Their outstanding tireless highqualities are valued a lot. Along withmodesty and also maturation, their good nature makes them a really good bridal figure.

Instant Payday Advances On The Web, Bad Credit okay!

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Instant Payday Advances On The Web, Bad Credit okay!

Fast & Secure On The Web Application For The Loan

To locate fully guaranteed approval loans it doesn’t matter what?

Now you want some funds urgently. We understand and then we will help. This will be one thing you want to hear from somebody. But, mostly it’s not the truth. Whether your pals or family members, they may not need money or cash to provide at a notice that is short.

This is simply not the instance with everybody though. Formally, there are many methods to handle it. Among the options gets a quick payday loan? Today there are also guaranteed payday loans no matter what policy in the market.

You neither need to be focused on the job nor the repays of the instantly. Since you may take your very own some time simply flake out.

Pay day loans in details

Payday advances or the quick payday loans shouldn’t be addressed as being a long-lasting loan or installment loans. There is certainly a lot of distinction between in both regards to interest levels; short-term loan is sold with greater interest levels when compared to any kind of loan. Read more

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