How to Generate Leads for Local Businesses Using Blogs – Case Study

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On 18/7/2012 (Wednesday), I have decided to do an online experiment – an experiment to help business owner to leverage on the internet and to collect local leads using blogs.

Business owners include plumbers, piano teachers, violin teachers, tutors, interior designers, carpenters, furniture shop owners, doctors, chiropractors and so on. The list goes on and on.

One of the major obstacles they face is getting new leads. Without new leads, there won’t be any new customers to sell to and their businesses will die a slow (sometimes painful) death. Most small business owners are very busy managing their daily business affair. So most do not have a proper marketing system to help them get new leads.

In Singapore where I am staying, the common online marketing strategies that business owners use are listing on coupon sites such as Groupon, listing on online classified ads and directories, using Google Adwords and Facebook Ads.

These strategies will ONLY work if you have a proper product funnel. Most just signed up for these programmes and hope they get LOTS OF Customers and LOTS OF $$$. But it seldom works this way. Let me share with you why. Listing on coupon sites like Groupon is bad for small businesses and most owners are going to lose money. Listing on online directories is not ideal too as their ad is competing against thousands of other ads. Most have underperforming ads. Using Google Adwords and Facebook Ads is going to burn a BIG hole in their pocket as too as most use them blindly by not optimising the ads, the squeeze pages and lowering the cost per click.

So possibly, using blogs to reach out to customers may still be one of the most cost-effective (I didn’t say free) methods to educate your customers, to get them to buy from you and to build a strong following.

So what is this online specifically about?

Even though I have started this experiment about 2 months ago and it is still ongoing, I really want to share with you what I did, the challenges I face, the results I gotten (small, big or none) and the steps I took to solve some of the problems I face. I am also sharing what I had been doing due to the good response I had gotten for the 3-parts Niche Tutorials.

When I first started, I have no idea if everything is going to be ok:

Honestly then, I have no idea if it would have worked or not. There were many factors to consider such as category of your niche, competition of keywords, type of customers, spending per customer, whether they will buy online and even if they buy online, what kind of products/ services they really want and how much they are willing to spend.

Looking through all these unknowns had given me a BIG headache and I was scared too – scared to have created an experiment which had a negative outcome and to hear my readers booing at me.

I was hesistant then but my buddy, David from “Learn Niche Marketing” encouraged me to start this experiment so as to prove that lead generation using blogs REALLY works. So now, I decided to create this case study and share it with you.

Well, since this is just an experiment and whatever happens, it will be for the fun of it, right?
Plus by sharing what I did, perhaps you will be able to tweak my methods and develope your personal strategies to help your local business.


Choosing my niche:

So I have decided to go into a niche which I really love – Math Niche. Having background in children’s education psychology, my strength (beside coaching and internet marketing) is teaching students and helping them to drastically improve their academic results within a very short time frame.

As the Math niche is very wide, ranging from pre-school Math to University Math, I must narrow it down further to Primary school Math. I chose this niche because I already know parents are spending a lot of money in this niche plus I have over 10 years of working experience with parents whose kids are in this age group (9 to 13). According to this article – Asia spending billions on tutors: study, Singapore spent US$680 million in 2008! Imagine how much more parents are spending NOW? Perhaps 1 billion dollars solely in Singapore? Who knows? :p

After doing more research and observing the local tuition trends, here is the demographic of my customers:
– Parents with children who are in Primary 5 and 6
– Parents’ age falls between 30 to 50
– Living in Singapore
– English speaking
– Internet savvy
– Already spending money on their kids by signing them up for tuition, buying Math assessment books, registering for motivational workshops. (monthly expenses per parent is estimated to be at least $100 per month and it can go up to over S$5000/ month considering the fees paid for more premium tuition services and other enrichment programmes.)

So the niche has been selected and I am going to set up my blog – my online vehicle for collection of local leads.

There will be a 3 key components:
– Free content as blog posts
– Subscribed content (Reader needs to opt in to get my free e-book)
– Paid content (Reader needs to pay to get it)

Now, let’s go!

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master di primo livello corso annuale in marketing e comunicazione internazionale mca

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All those 3 things possess a large regarding importance within your life. We cannot just jettison money, despite the undeniable news that we ensure it is or even not. So pay several merit to the internet. Stop shopping at the outlets should you want good discounts and voyage through the internet to have the best stuff for the very best quality price.

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carolyn bessette kennedy and fashion

However, it is essential for the user to determine the right size and shape of the product so that it fits properly with his body. In most of the cases the products are cut in such a way that they offer a tight fit, thus adding a dashing look to the wearer. While purchasing these products users have to be extra careful about the quality of the materials used in order to obtain the best product at the best price..

This is a kennel that utilizes a plastic latch to maintain your parts together but often fails. This kind of trend has become more and more widely around people life. In actual, the making process for pet costumes such as dog apparel does not have much more difference comparing with the people ordinary.

Those who supply the wholesale garments are mostly online, which means that they could offer consumers much less in terms of price. The trick to finding T shirts wholesale online is to search for a company that offers the highest quality at the lowest price. Mar 24th 2015 India leads the world in economic confidence and plans biggest increase for investment and spending,ralph lauren sale uk, as reported by Indian finance leaders, in the eighth annual Global Business and Spending Monitor a survey of global finance leaders by American Express,ralph lauren polo sport, carried out in partnership .

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After fashion has primarily looked back in the past few seasons with its focus on tradition and authenticity, time has now finally come to show our true colors and look ahead. Real statements are needed here, and self staging is allowed again. This young fashion looks are modern, cool and uncompromising, and the greatest renewal is provided by expressive colors: grass green, bright pink, bright yellow, pool blue and online casino red.

Cotton helps in absorbing the specialized inks faster. Theres also a pre treatment step that is particularly followed in T shirt printing. Its as same as one does before painting the walls. Take note that whenever you get on the bike, keep in mind, right is wrong. You need to mount the bike from the left side, as this is good etiquette. Feel the handlebars, feel the weight and body from the bike beneath you.

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for me the easiest to get was galvanized steel

Broadcloth dress shirts are basically useful in the areas where temperature is comparatively cool. The shirts are comfortable and luxurious. A large collection of the custom broadcloth shirts are available with us. Try the clearance racks at Target too. I feel like something new is put on clearance almost every week lately. If you just go with simple maternity shirts, you can accessorize to make the outfit cute.

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Make sure that the shirts you’re using are cotton jersey (preferably 95% or more!) and not any crazy blend of fabrics. Lycra makes horrible t shirt yarn, as does modal. Polyester and cotton blends seems to work fine though! I had one of those in my stack and it worked just as well as cotton not sure why.

Ummm NO to sexy clothing! There is absolutely no reason for a teacher to dress sexy at school! I have no problem with jeans, sneakers,ralph lauren shoes sale, flip flops, business casual or casual. I do have a problem with low cut, see thru and short skirts you can bend down in without showing the color of your panties! Whos attention are they trying to attract? The students? The dads? And I do hate to admit but I would question the quality of teaching,ralph lauren polo sport, I mean if your not smart enough to know your outfit is completely inappropriate to be wearing while teaching children then what other inappropriate decisions will you make in front of those children? I want me son paying attention to what the teacher is saying not her cleavage or her panties peeking out. They can wear those same clothes AFTER work and that I would not have a problem with..

Casual pants worn with shirts scarves and jewelry look gorgeous. Most of them contain bible verses and other encouraging messages that draw the people who see them closer to Christ,ralph lauren polo sale. There is a wide range of Christian clothing available in trendy and fashionable designs for the discerning believer..

Most of the people are now a daysare preferring to buy tshirts online since many branded t shirts are showcased on the ecommerce sites from which you can choose and select the color and brand of your choice easily. If you go to shops you might find difficult to get all the brands in one shop. But in case of ecommerce sites you can buy t shirts online with less cost and free delivery sometimes..

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