How to Generate Leads for Local Businesses Using Blogs – Case Study

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On 18/7/2012 (Wednesday), I have decided to do an online experiment – an experiment to help business owner to leverage on the internet and to collect local leads using blogs.

Business owners include plumbers, piano teachers, violin teachers, tutors, interior designers, carpenters, furniture shop owners, doctors, chiropractors and so on. The list goes on and on.

One of the major obstacles they face is getting new leads. Without new leads, there won’t be any new customers to sell to and their businesses will die a slow (sometimes painful) death. Most small business owners are very busy managing their daily business affair. So most do not have a proper marketing system to help them get new leads.

In Singapore where I am staying, the common online marketing strategies that business owners use are listing on coupon sites such as Groupon, listing on online classified ads and directories, using Google Adwords and Facebook Ads.

These strategies will ONLY work if you have a proper product funnel. Most just signed up for these programmes and hope they get LOTS OF Customers and LOTS OF $$$. But it seldom works this way. Let me share with you why. Listing on coupon sites like Groupon is bad for small businesses and most owners are going to lose money. Listing on online directories is not ideal too as their ad is competing against thousands of other ads. Most have underperforming ads. Using Google Adwords and Facebook Ads is going to burn a BIG hole in their pocket as too as most use them blindly by not optimising the ads, the squeeze pages and lowering the cost per click.

So possibly, using blogs to reach out to customers may still be one of the most cost-effective (I didn’t say free) methods to educate your customers, to get them to buy from you and to build a strong following.

So what is this online specifically about?

Even though I have started this experiment about 2 months ago and it is still ongoing, I really want to share with you what I did, the challenges I face, the results I gotten (small, big or none) and the steps I took to solve some of the problems I face. I am also sharing what I had been doing due to the good response I had gotten for the 3-parts Niche Tutorials.

When I first started, I have no idea if everything is going to be ok:

Honestly then, I have no idea if it would have worked or not. There were many factors to consider such as category of your niche, competition of keywords, type of customers, spending per customer, whether they will buy online and even if they buy online, what kind of products/ services they really want and how much they are willing to spend.

Looking through all these unknowns had given me a BIG headache and I was scared too – scared to have created an experiment which had a negative outcome and to hear my readers booing at me.

I was hesistant then but my buddy, David from “Learn Niche Marketing” encouraged me to start this experiment so as to prove that lead generation using blogs REALLY works. So now, I decided to create this case study and share it with you.

Well, since this is just an experiment and whatever happens, it will be for the fun of it, right?
Plus by sharing what I did, perhaps you will be able to tweak my methods and develope your personal strategies to help your local business.


Choosing my niche:

So I have decided to go into a niche which I really love – Math Niche. Having background in children’s education psychology, my strength (beside coaching and internet marketing) is teaching students and helping them to drastically improve their academic results within a very short time frame.

As the Math niche is very wide, ranging from pre-school Math to University Math, I must narrow it down further to Primary school Math. I chose this niche because I already know parents are spending a lot of money in this niche plus I have over 10 years of working experience with parents whose kids are in this age group (9 to 13). According to this article – Asia spending billions on tutors: study, Singapore spent US$680 million in 2008! Imagine how much more parents are spending NOW? Perhaps 1 billion dollars solely in Singapore? Who knows? :p

After doing more research and observing the local tuition trends, here is the demographic of my customers:
– Parents with children who are in Primary 5 and 6
– Parents’ age falls between 30 to 50
– Living in Singapore
– English speaking
– Internet savvy
– Already spending money on their kids by signing them up for tuition, buying Math assessment books, registering for motivational workshops. (monthly expenses per parent is estimated to be at least $100 per month and it can go up to over S$5000/ month considering the fees paid for more premium tuition services and other enrichment programmes.)

So the niche has been selected and I am going to set up my blog – my online vehicle for collection of local leads.

There will be a 3 key components:
– Free content as blog posts
– Subscribed content (Reader needs to opt in to get my free e-book)
– Paid content (Reader needs to pay to get it)

Now, let’s go!

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Assess review earlier than make payments towards essay writing service

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Point 1, “using engineering,” is supported with the basic but relevant idea that technologies makes it possible for us accessibility to data and abilities to which we would not commonly have accessibility. Likewise, point two, the “golden age,” is supported by the primary description of our technologically saturated social affliction.

Though the all round advancement and corporation of the essay does put up with from an occasional misdirection (see paragraph 3’s abrupt progression from coffee pots to the advantages of technological know-how to cars), the essay as a complete flows smoothly and logically from a person concept to the upcoming. It is helpful to review this essay to the degree-3 essay introduced upcoming.

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While both of those essays entail some surface area-amount discussion and normally fall short to probe deeply into the conce, this author does get the assessment a phase more. In paragraph 2, the difference among this essay and the up coming one (the level-3 reaction) can most evidently be seen. To support the notion that advancements in technological know-how actually help enhance imagining potential, the author attracts a clever parallel among the promise of mode, innovative technologies (computer system) and the precise “effect” of similarly “promising” and pervasive technologies of the previous (printing push). Like the assessment, the language in this essay evidently satisfies the specifications for a score of 4.

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The author shows ample regulate of language and the conventions of normal published English. The preponderance of problems are of a cosmetic character “attempting to address additional complicating issues. “. In normal, these problems are minor and do not interfere with the clarity of the suggestions getting offered.

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Essay Response – Rating three There is no current proof that advancing engineering will deteriorate the potential of human beings to think. On the opposite, advancements in technology had sophisticated our extensive understanding in many fields, opening options for even more comprehension and achievement. For example, the problem of dibilitating illnesses and conditions this sort of as alzheimer’s sickness you will discover several writemyessay4me essay writing services which often presume there’re on top-rated extraordinary writemyessay4me essay writing service because of diminished bargains is slowing becoming solved by the technological progress in stem cell investigate.

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The foreseeable future capacity of escalating new mind cells and the possibility to reverse the onset of alzheimer’s is now becoming a truth. This displays our initiative as people to superior our health demonstrates better ability of human beings to believe.

One factor in which the skill of people could to begin with be viewed as an case in point of deteriorating minds is the use of inteet and cell telephones. In the previous people experienced to find out details in quite a few distinctive enviroments and aspects of existence. Now human beings can sit in a chair and variety anything at all into a personal computer and get an answer. Our reliance on this kind of technological know-how can be detrimental if not controlled and regularily substituted for other information resources these types of as human interactions and fingers on understanding. I imagine if people realize that we must not have these a reliance on pc technological know-how, that we as a species will progress even further by making use of the possibility of laptop engineering as properly as the other resources of details outdoors of a laptop. Supplementing our knowledge with inteet accessibility is surely a way for technology to resolve issues whilst continuously advancing the human race.

Rater Commentary for Essay Response – Rating three

This essay under no circumstances moves outside of a superficial discussion of the issue. Ultius Reviews – read all clients admit

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My brother, Matt, is visually impaired and has autism. We had been bo in May well as an alteative of August, sixteen weeks early, all through spring instead of summertime. Of all the seasons, probably we should have been bo in winter season.

Matt and I clung jointly on the icy professional medical tables. Winter season small children, at property in the frost, attempting to get air into translucent lungs. The specifics of our story are simple to notify.

I can explain to about the identical scars that operate from our shoulder blades to our chests. How our doctors several ultius essay writing services this ponder they might on the very best premium ultius essay writing service while having modest values and dad and mom seemed at us, in our isolettes, with weighty eyes. About the five percent possibility of survival that we conquer, or the likelihood that Matt would in no way be in a position to see and I would never speak.

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I can tell other folks that I would not transform our tale-that I want to convey to it through my lifetime, since it has a intent. I can say that the desire of us clinging alongside one another on the aircraft wing in the middle of the Atlantic is a continuation of how I truly feel and who I am. It’s tougher, nevertheless, to convey to of the delight I experience each time my voice carries throughout the room. Nine a long time of voice therapy, nine years of leaing how to project and nurture my just one working vocal twine-I am afraid individuals will never recognize.

They may well just assume of it as a tale with a nice ending. But my aim is not to tell a pleasant tale-it is to make others experience anything deep in their chests, like I do. It’s even tougher to share the incredibly core of who I am the actuality that Matt and I are without end tied with each other with the story of how we were being bo.

We are here for distinct good reasons-mine to publish and be his information his to make many others satisfied, like he makes me. Wherever we arrive from and how we got right here makes us who we are in this second.

That is the goal of our tale which is what I want other folks to know. My fifty percent of our story makes it possible for me to exist in a earth that is parallel to Matt’s. Few other individuals suit in his earth-but I should.

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And my capacity to match into his world drives… everything. It can make me try to see him smile, even if it can be a hint of just one that appears when I inform him his socks are completely neat. It provides my dreams of plane crashes alive, so I can release all those emotions into my writing, and genuinely be section of his environment. I have to healthy into Matt’s world for good, and so I have to be a very good plenty of sister to tell his story.

My backstory tends to make me who I am-a writer, a tutorial, a sister. I am a woman standing on the wing of a aircraft, keen for my words and phrases to extend to every single continent. Eager for absolutely everyone to know my tale. “I usually study essays in which the student writes about an individual who has motivated their everyday living. Admissions officers want to get a greater being familiar with of YOU. These essays can be tough mainly because there is a tendency to target on the particular person who has motivated you, as an alteative of concentrating on how you have been altered. Jacqueline did a amazing job of focusing on how her brother has shaped HER life.

Her producing fashion is personable with vivid parallels and divergences amongst herself and her twin. The reader feels like they are on a jouey as a result of Jacqueline’s life in just a few hundred words and phrases. This essay captivated me with information that would not have shown up at any other level in the application. We get a sense of passion and reason about her that reminds us of the electricity Hopkins leaers bring to campus. ” – Johns Hopkins Undergraduate Admissions Committee2018 Freshman producing area A. Essay (Needed) At the University of Washington, we contemplate the university essay as our opportunity to see the human being driving the transcripts and the numbers. review and various other helpfull particulars

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Though inhabitants may perhaps initially resist the prerequisite, they will before long see that the benefits of mandatory pet owner schooling far outweigh the fees. ” Conclude your essay .

Summarize your factors and suggest ways in which your summary can be believed of in a larger sense. Answer thoughts like, “What are the implications of your thesis assertion currently being correct?” “What is actually the next action?” “What conces continue to be unanswered?” Your arguments really should attract your reader to a purely natural, rational summary. In a feeling, you are repackaging your thesis statement in your concluding paragraph by helping the reader to keep in mind the jouey as a result of your essay. Nail the previous sentence.

If your title and initially paragraph make the reader want to read your essay, then your very last sentence would make the reader recall you. If a gymnast does a wonderful stability beam regimen but falls on the landing, then people neglect the routine. Gymnasts want to “stick the landing,” and so do essay writers.

Choose a subject for your essay. You will be investigating a topic and presenting an argument about the subject matter primarily based on evidence. For example, you could write an expository essay arguing that embryonic stem mobile analysis can direct to cures for spinal twine accidents and health problems like Parkinson’s or diabetes.

Expository essays differ from persuasive essays for the reason that you aren’t stating an impression. You are stating specifics that you can back again up with exploration. Select your technique and composition . Some prevalent strategies and constructions for expository creating consist of: Definitions .

Definition there are certain essay writing services through which imagine these are definitely on first rate bestessays confidential bestessays essay writing service with the low the price essays clarify the indicating of terms or ideas.

Classification . Classification essays organize a matter into groups commencing with the most normal group and narrowing down to extra certain teams. Compare and distinction . In this kind of essay, you’ll describe possibly the similarities and dissimilarities (or each) between ideas or ideas. Cause and effect .

These essays make clear how subject areas have an effect on each individual other and how they are interdependent. How-to . How-to essays explain the measures required for completing a undertaking or a treatment with the goal of instructing the reader. Keep your sights unbiased.

Expository essays usually are not about viewpoints. They are about drawing a summary dependent on verifiable evidence. [2] This implies retaining your perspective balanced and focusing on what the points notify you. You could even locate that, with new data, you’ll have to revise your essay. If you started out creating about the scarcity of info regarding inteational warming, but came across a bunch of scientific evidence supporting worldwide warming, you at the very least have to take into account revising what your essay is about.

Use the info to explain to the tale. The information will convey to the story alone if you allow them. Consider like a joualist when producing an expository essay. If you set down all the details like a reporter, the tale must inform itself. Don’t mess with composition in expository essays.

In narrative essays, you can twist and change the framework to make the essay additional appealing. Be absolutely sure that your construction in expository essays is pretty linear, building it a lot easier to join the dots. essay Acceptance of the prize constitutes authorization for Sponsor and its companies to use Winner’s name and/or likeness, biographical information, [and/or essay . review my swift and craftsmanship unique essay writing service

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Before long after instructing us to do the same in the other pieces of the piece, everyone’s sheet songs was loaded with our lives in the kind of small scribbles between the lines of melodies. When we played the piece all over again, we were at last capable to “sing our everyday living stories,” as Mr.

Hazo would phone it. Every musical phrase became a vessel for retelling our most cherished memories: stories of initially loves and recollections of childhood memories.

No a single had to say a solitary phrase. There in the audio, I finally spoke to my grandparents. As I played measure thirty-a few, I pictured them sitting down there on that boat in the middle of the ocean, keeping on to a faint glimmer of hope for a new lifestyle in The usa, on the lookout for their individual new “hometown. ” I said “thank you” for their courage to come to the odd and mysterious The us and “sorry” for being unable to discuss Vietnamese.

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Immediately after the concert that night time, I been given a larger hug than typical from them and I realized that they experienced listened to and recognized me. Currently being a aspect of a family members and lifestyle is additional than just realizing the language. Thoughts are sufficient to make text unwanted. In my family members, we speak a few various languages: Vietnamese, the language of our origin, English, the language of our new property, and tunes to join all the things alongside one another. “I like that Quan shares a piece of his lifestyle and a single of his passions that we could not have recognised or else with us in the essay: tunes.

He ties his innate love of audio again to his loved ones and will make a seriously powerful relationship involving songs you’ll find essay writing services which often have reason to believe may possibly be on top-rated particular essay writing service equipped with decreased expenditures and language. He captures the reader’s attention from the to start with several sentences by weaving the tale of his family into an expansion on just one of his favorite functions. You genuinely get a flavor of how passionate he is about songs and that it is a thing he would share with our JHU neighborhood.

Quan supplies us with a window into some of what he values most in lifestyle-family, his cultural heritage, and tunes- and what he would bring to our college student physique. ” – Johns Hopkins Undergraduate Admissions Committee Content-Noah I have a Kafka quotation that is pretty shut to my coronary heart. I like it most effective edited, the way I to start with observed it, with the center section (which is not convenient for this essay) cut out: “It is not essential that you go away the property. Continue being at your table and listen… The planet will existing itself to you for its unmasking. ” In a way, I comply with Kafka’s suggestions each early moing.

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Just after feeding on breakfast, I continue to be at the kitchen area desk and hear to tunes for 15 minutes or so-most generally Bach or Mozart, Beethoven becoming a bit tough to digest at that hour. I don’t browse, I you should not puzzle more than a math issue, I don’t wonder what we are going to do in physics that day.

It truly is difficult, but generally I take care of to do very little but listen. And I am rather information. This is bizarre for the reason that discovering has constantly been the chief pleasure of my everyday living. I have my nonintellectual pleasures-running and yogurt come to intellect-but offered the option, I generally dedicate my time to thinking.

I have continuously refused to choose up a activity since I felt I necessary the time for math.

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